Suppressing Mythic Blood in an Apprentice?

Apologies, I don't have access to the Apprentices book at the moment.
Does it, or any other canon book, say that a parens can suppress an unwanted Virtue from appearing in their apprentice?

I keep wandering what happens if a Tremere parens finds an otherwise perfect apprentice, then discovers that the apprentice is showing signs of manifesting Mythic Blood, while the Tremere parens is trying to teach Minor Magical Focus in Certamen.
Does not the example Tremere in the 5th Ed main book have Latent Magical Ability? Now I am wondering if this could represent a Virtue that the Parens suppressed because it was unwanted. But if so, what happens if Mythic Blood manifests later - would the now mature magus have two different Minor Magical Foci? Which seems to be against the rules...

There is nothing in any canon book I have seen for 5th edition saying you can suppress an unwanted Virtue from appearing in your apprentice. Hence all the arguments about how high an InVi total you need to get your super-apprentice's arts opened, how do Tremere avoid recruiting magi with terrible flaws, and how do you find a worthwhile apprentice to begin with.

Er... Someone needs to re-read the section on ArM5, p. 107.

Which would seem to suffice for supression?

... but Mythic Blood is already a Hermetic Virtue, so that shouldn't even factor into that InVi labtotal...

[sup]1[/sup] Should have been 'virtue'/'virtues'?

Some Supernatural Virtues (ie Dhampir Blood) cannot be lost due to training in the Hermetic Arts (HoH:TL, page 142).

Oh I know! I had to build an entire character around that. What a pain that was!