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Quick note:

What about this damage die?
I think when you attack, you roll a die for attack, then for damage, you only use: attack advantage + base damage - soak.
The roll (attack and defend) are only done to calculate if touching and attack advantage.

I posted that here, because there is no real deal, but i think it's good either you take note of it, either you provide me a rule link, because i'm not aware of such rule ^^.

Otherwise, with this die, that means attacking is lethal in much case...

I checked my books and you are slap bang on the money (again). 'Scuse me while I edit my post.

No big deal :wink:.


Exar, I'm going to split Vance's magic working up over two rounds, if that's okay. Freezing water = fine. Moving ice = fine too, but they're two different tasks, as far as I'm concerned.

No problem.

Exar, would you like to take over one or more of the grogs for a while? If you don' tthink Vance has much left to add, they'll let you stay involved. Their stats are here.

I've NPC-ed Wodin temporarily, just to keep things moving at the beach. JeanMichelle, jump in and run him whenever you like!

Eclecticon: it's nice to keep grogs for my use, but as they act as a trained unit, i think it's unappropriate :wink:.

Just a quick note to say that i'm in GMT+1 (or +2 in summer time) time zone, so do not expect messages during my night ^^(cf the two last messages from (my time zone) 2h52 and 5h17).

Not sure if you want(ed) that i go on to play Padget. And i don't recall what we planned with the barn :smiley:

Nah, you weren't that interested in Padget to begin with, so now that you've got your own companion, you can be free of him. Do take Old Sean, though. The way his stats worked out, he can't fight in a group with the rest of them in any case, so he may as well be Vance's shield grog for a while. By the way, where exactly was Vance heading when he left the beach?

The barns are full of cattle, which can be stampeded towards the raiders if you spook them enough.

Vance was heading toward the village. I had the idea to set him on a top hill so that he could summon water to drown all the men under his height. (I do thinkg there was "hills" and "dunes" so when i'm on a top hill, with a single way pass, i'd call the grogs for retreat (and Morphiste?) so that i can try to summon a huge flood of water !

Okay, sweet plan. Don't forget that there's a villages worth of people huddling in the church, though.

For clarification, the Olladh Stiom Paidh (Great Circle of Justice) is an artificial hillock, perhaps 20 feet high and 40-50 feet broad at its base, upon which the Earl of Carrick and the people of Girvan gather to judge court cases. There's a ring of roundish stones, each slightly shorter than a man, about the base, with plenty of space between them. It's entirely possible that the site has a magical aura that trumps the surrounding Dominion. :neutral:

Question: where is the aura of Alerock? i read : but can't find it...

Er... yeah. I never put it in the wiki page. It's 4 - we agreed as much in the Covenant thread.

Just a quick aside - Exar, as cool as it is that you're getting really into this, do you think you could maybe go one round at a time for a bit? That's about all I have time to do in a day (I write my posts during quiet periods at work), and it gets confusing if I have to try and work out which of the 5-6 actions you've written up actually have time to happen. I'm assuming that Keythleen has had plenty of time to get her wards ready before she arrived, but the teleporting in his her action for the round - everything else you've posted will either happen later or it'll get ignored as plans change.

Plus, posting one action at a time makes the story flow better when I read back over it. :wink:

Also, while I'm bothering you, I've sent a PM to JeanMichelle asking what he'd like to do with his (now wounded) maga. I'll wait a day or two before doing any more updates, in case he wants to do something I wouldn't think of.

ok no problem : i just had thought about Keythleen yesterday and said to myself "heeey your maga is working alone, why can't she just come to help ^^". I'll try to do what you say :wink:

Edit -> Eclecticon some interesting points :

  1. soak 4 for Sean(and for other grogs in fact!) ? Does that mean he has no armor?? (because he is tough, he has a base 4 soak).
    I have to say it's unrealistic to claim you a warrior without any armor... even a fur armor is better than nothing.
    And i must say, it's very disappointing for a rich covenant to have no armored grogs... speak about uselessness.
  2. A warded thing against vim creature with good realms mean the creature can't act directly or indirectly against the warded thing. I assume indirectly cover "with weapon" that are not made of glamour/coagulation power or other natural magical claw).

Sorry - I didn't mean to jump down your throat. It just makes things easier for me this way.

In this, I'm actually following history. The gaels didn't wear much armour - none ofthe celtic cultures really went in for it until quite late in their history. Plus, most of your grogs are/were pirates, and at sea, armour = drowning even if you know how to swim. I assume that there hasn't been much armed conflict in Alerock's past, so it just hasn't been an issue up until now. Feel free to armour them up after this, if you want. They'll probably have learned a lesson or two about its usefulness after trying to bash their way through norse mail!

Sounds good to me.

I like Keythleen and her "i'm a theorician, you enemy, STOP !
And llet me think how i could defeat you before you cut my head" mind :wink:.

All in the head and all is theory... when it comes to practice, she understand only now (or not! she could be "too much" to just understand the danger!) she has many flaws in her magic.

Sorry to disturb, but i have been wondering a little detail about Keythleen call to slumber casting score, and it seems i made a mistake when i finished the sheet on the wiki.

I state: Call to slumber: casting score +41.
This +41 bothered me because i have 0 in mentem.
And with a little reverse engineering : it seems i have done a mistake: doubling rego (19x2) + stamina (3) make 41.... so i counted twice the technique, i must have been discrated and took rego for mentem when i made the maths ...
Or i could have been taking my focus in account (which is really weird because i know it and i know it's not for the call to slumber spell ^^) but this seems unreasonable as i didn't take the vim form in account (which is weird if focus would be applyable).

Anyway, i'll correct it. For the current spell, casting score was so 22 (so basically penetration was 28 rather than 47, i hop this doesn't change anything (i don't think so, but i prefer to be honnest).

Sorry... i'll check other casting scores on the wiki for keythleen!

Edit: OTOH, i can't find other magi stats on the wiki (Annaeus has a background description, and Morphiste seems not to be there), where are there? can't we gather all informations on the wiki rather in a post here? Besides, who is Paracleus?

Edit2: we really lack fire power :smiley: : IRL, i never had any problem with might 20 creatures :smiley:. This is very fun :stuck_out_tongue: