Table Talk - Development

I love the story/musical background of Buttercup. After reading the first lines, I got my CDs of les Miserables and The Scarlet Pimpernel of the shelf and used the latter as background-music to reading about her. It fits so perfectly:

Butter walked into the valley,
with a bird upon her hand
she was only a girl but she knew
someone must take a stand!

There will always be a valley
always mountains you muest scale,
there are always perilous waters
that someone must sail.

Antonio, the old Flambeau sings :smiling_imp: (music is powerful, proud, morivating, with trumpets)

Into darkness, into danger,
into storms that rip the night
Don't give in, don't give up,
but give thanks for the glorious fight.

You can tremble, you can fear it,
but keep your fairie spirit alive, girl!
Let the shiver of it sting you,
Fling into battle! spring to
your feet, girl!

All magi sing:
Never hold back your step for a moment,
Never doubt that your courage will grow,
hold your head even higher and into the fire we go!

Err, when exactly did this become Flambeau: the Musical?

When a bunch of merinita and druids showed up to the party instead....

Decimus Scribonious Lepidus Ex Mercere
Int +2 Per 0 Pre 0 Com +1
Str 0 Sta +2 Dex -1 Qui +1

Age: 27

Hemetic magus, The gift, Flawless magic, Cyclic magic (bonus during the day), Mastered spells, Method caster (loud voice and exaggerated gestures), Educated, Puissant Artes liberates, Puissant Philosophiae, Puissant finesse, Special circumstances (ceremonial magic)

Virtues gained through development
Mercurian magic

Necessary condition (must wear a toga during rituals), Pagan, Humble, Temperate, Cyclic magic (negative bonus during night), Susceptible to the divine

Flaws gained through development

Vow- loyalty and obedience to the Cult of Mercury

Artes liberates/3/ Ceremonial magic
Awarness/1/Lab accidents
Brawl/1/ Dodge
Charm/1/ Women
Code of hermes/1/ Iberian tribunal
Concentration/1/ Spell concentration
Faerie lore/1/ Faerie magic
Finesse/2+2/ Craft magic
Folk ken/2/ Magi
Guile/1/ Lying to underlings
Infernal lore/1/ Daemons
Intrigue/1/ Conspiracies
Latin/ 4 / Hermetic use
Leadership/1/ Rituals
Magic lore/1/ Cult of Mercury
Magic theory/ 5/ Inventing spells
Medicine / 3 / diagnostics
Order of Hermes lore/1/ Magi
Parma magica/1/ Ignem
Pentration/2/ Mentem
Philosophiae/3+2/ Ceremonial magic
Iberian tribunal lore/1/ Covenants
Provencal tribunal lore/1/ Covenants
Speak Occitan /5/ Catalan
Speak Provencal /1/ Travellers use
Stealth/1/ Moving silent
Survival/1/ Woodlands
Swim/1/ Long distances
Teaching/1/ Hermetic magic

Cr 5 In 5 Mu 5 Pe 5 Re 5
An 0 Au 1 Aq 0 Co 2 He 0
Ig 1 Im 5 Me 5 Te 0 Vi 5

Spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus / Mastery / Mastery score
The wizard’s leap / ReCo / 15 / +9 / 1 / Fast cast
Aura of beguiling appearance / MuIm / 10 / +12 / 1 / Quiet casting
Aura of childlike innocence / MuIm / 10 / +12 / 1 / Quiet casting
Aura of Ennobled presence / MuIm / 10 / +12 / 1 / Quiet casting
Sap the Griffin's Strength /PeVi / 5/ +12 / 2 / Adaptive casting, multiple castings
Dreadful Bane of the Fae /PeVi / 5/ +12 / 2 / Adaptive casting, multiple castings
Demon's Eternal Oblivion /PeVi / 5/ +12 / 2 / Adaptive casting, multiple castings
The Cthonic Invocation /PeVi/ 5 / +12 / 2 / Adaptive casting, multiple castings
Opening the intangible tunnel / ReVi / 20 / +12 / 1 / Ceremonial
The call to slumber /ReMe / 10 / +12 / 1 / Penetration
Bind wound / CrCo / 10 / +9 / 1 / Fast cast
The wizards sidestep / ReIm / 10 / +12 / 1 / Fast cast
Eyes of the Cat / MuCo(An) / 5 / +7 / 1 / Quiet casting

Bonus does not include bonuses from anything other than Te+Fo+Sta.


Wizardly robes of a modest quality.


A tall man with egg shaped head and broad shoulders. His body is fit though he is not exceptionally strong. He has black hair and keeps a well kept beard but his hair always seems to be in disorder.


Decimus where raised by redcaps of the Andorra covenant, no one ever knew where he came from. He where raised by a childless redcap Acantha, she raised Decimus as her own. Through faithful service to the covenant she where able to provide her found son with a education and a chance to live a better life.

At the age of twelve Decimus gift where apparent and he where soon apprenticed by Maga Honoria Ex Mercere. From the start of his apprentice ship she noticed the skill that Decimus handled the magic with and saw him as potential asset to fight for the Cult of Mercury against the Neo-Mercurians.

All and all his studies where not that remarkable and right after his initiation he where initiated into the occult mysteries of Mercurian magic.


Advancement after gauntlet

I’ll assume that Decimus gains an average of 10 levels of spells or xp per season unless he does some lab activity.

Anno Domini 1199

Learns the virtue of Mercurian magic, gains the flaw vow- loyalty and obedience to the Cult of Mercury

Anno Domini 1200

Spring and summer – sets up lab
Autumn and winter – Study mastery of Opening the intangible tunnel (1022=40xp), mastery score of 3(15), new skill penetration and disguised casting

Anno Domini 1201

Spring - Adventure, aids in a plot that puts a member of the Neo-Mercurian cult in conflict with his soldaes of the cult, 52 xp in mastery of Opening the intangible tunnel, mastery score 4, new skill magic resistance, 5xp in legerdemain, thus he gains the ability Legerdemain 1 Steal arcane connections
Summer, autumn and winter – studies vim 10
3 xp, new vim score 9

Anno Domini 1202

Spring, summer and autumn – studies rego 10 * 3 xp, new rego score 9
Winter – studies terram 10xp, new score 4

Anno Domini 1203

Spring and summer – reconstructs a chamber next to his laboratory so that it is especially designed for ceremonial magic (thus only demands a minute per magnitude and gives a + 5 bonus to ceremonial magic).

Autumn and winter – reinvents Maintain the demanding spell lv 20, mastery 1, imperturbable casting

Anno Domini 1204

Adventures the whole year, new missions for the Cult of Mercury, thus 10xp in intrigue, legerdemain, charm and parma magica. A score of 2 in each ability is gained.

Anno Domini 1205

Spring and Summer – performs two seasons of service for another magus to get a really strong longevity ritual, during his adventures he gains 5*2 xp in mastery of The call to slumber, thus he gains a mastery score of 2 and a new skill multiple castings.
Autumn and winter – studies mastery of the Daemons eternal oblivion and Sap the griffins might so that each gets a mastery score of 3 and a new skill, penetration

Anno Domini 1206

Spring and summer, studies mastery of the Dreadful Bane of the fae and The Cthonic Invocation so that each gains a mastery score of 3 and a new skill penetration
Autumn – studies creo, 13 xp, new score 7
Winter – Studies Corpus, 12 xp, new score 5

Anno Domini 1207

Spring, summer and autumn, Studies Mentem, 10 * 3 xp, new score 9
Winter – Studies Intellego, 10xp, new score 6 (4)

Anno Domini 1208

Spring and summer – studies Intellego, 10 * 2, new score 9
Autumn – Invents Brief invisibility of the traversing Wizard Lv 10 (As Veil of Invisibility but R: Per, D: Diam,), mastery 1, fast cast
Winter – Studies Perdo, 10xp, new score 6(4)

Anno Domini 1209

Spring and summer – studies Perdo, 2*10xp, new score 9
Autumn – studies Ignem, 14xp, new score 5
Winter – studies Aquam, 6xp, new score 3

Anno Domini 1210

Studies Ignem for the entire year 4*10xp, new score 10

Anno Domini 1211

Spring, invents Dart of Fiery conflagration (as Pillum of fire but base lv 5, thus damage +10), lv 15, mastery score 1, penetration
Summer, autumn and winter, Studies mastery of Dart of Fiery conflagration, 25*2xp, new score 4 (5), new mastery abilities multiple castings, magic resistance and fast casting.

Anno Domini 1212

Spring, Studies mastery of Dart of Fiery conflagration, 10*2xp, new score 5, new mastery abilitiy obfuscated casting
Summer, Reinvent The key of Theodorus lv. 10, mastery 1, quiet casting
Autumn and winter, Reinvent the invisible eyed revealed lv. 20, mastery 1, imperturbable casting

Anno Domini 1213

Spring and summer – study herbam 10xp, new score 4
Autumn – Reinvent Shriek of the impending shaft lv. 15, mastery 1, fast cast
Winter – Reinvent Howl of the steel blade lv. 15 (as Shriek of the impending shaft but for metal weapon), mastery 1, fast cast

Anno Domini 1214

Spring – Invent Ease the suffering of the wounded magus, CrCo 5 (Base 1, treat the wounds as one category less serious for the purposes of activity, R: Touch, Dur: Moon, T: Ind.) and Ease the suffering of the wounded battle brother, CrCo 5 (same as Ease the suffering of the wounded magus but with R: Voice and Dur: Sun) , both with mastery 1, fast cast
Summer – Study Mentem, 10xp, new score 10
Autumn – Intellego, 10xp, new score 10
Winter – Study Terram, 10xp, new score 4

Anno Domini 1215
Spring, and summer, Learn Borrow the eyes of Another, mastery score 1, ceremonial casting
Autumn – Practice mastery of Borrow the eyes of Another5*2xp, new score 2, new mastery ability Lab mastery
Winter – Refine laboratory

Anno Domini 1216
Spring – Refine laboratory
Summer and autumn – Remove equipment for Longevity rituals and teaching and install a greater feature Astronomical device (-1 upkeep, +3 intellego, +2 aesthetics)
Winter – Invent astrological inception, Has N told the truth?

Anno Domini 1217

Spring and summer – Invent the silent conspiracy CrMe 20 (as word of unbroken silence but with a base level 4 that allows more complex thoughts to pass through and duration of concentration), mastery 1, quiet casting
Autumn – Reinvent The Genethlialogical investigation InCo 15, mastery score 1, ceremonial casting
Winter - practice mastery of The Genethlialogical investigation, 5*2xp, new score 2, new ability penetration

Anno Domini 1218

Spring, summer and autumn –Adventures, new mission for the Cult of Mercury, 15xp each in charm and legerdemain, new score 3 in both abilities.
Winter – Studies Parma magica, 10xp, new score 2 (10)

Anno Domini 1219
Spring – studies Parma magica, 10xp, new score 3(5)
Summer – studies Parma magica, 10xp, new score 3(15)
Autumn – practice Parma magica, 5xp, new score 4
Winter – Study mastery of The Genethlialogical investigation, 15*2xp, new score 3(15), new mastery ability disguised casting

Decimus Scribonious Lepidus Ex Mercere
Int +2 Per 0 Pre 0 Com +1
Str 0 Sta +2 Dex -1 Qui +1

Age: 38 (47)
Warping: 3(10) ?

Hemetic magus, The gift, Flawless magic, Cyclic magic (bonus during the day), Mastered spells, Method caster (loud voice and exaggerated gestures), Educated, Puissant Artes liberates, Puissant Philosophiae, Puissant finesse, Special circumstances (ceremonial magic)

Virtues gained through development
Mercurian magic

Necessary condition (must wear a toga during rituals), Pagan, Humble, Temperate, Cyclic magic (negative bonus during night), Susceptible to the divine

Flaws gained through development

Vow- loyalty and obedience to the Cult of Mercury

Artes liberates/3/ Ceremonial magic
Awarness/1/Lab accidents
Brawl/1/ Dodge
Charm/3/ Women
Code of hermes/1/ Iberian tribunal
Concentration/1/ Spell concentration
Faerie lore/1/ Faerie magic
Finesse/2+2/ Craft magic
Folk ken/2/ Magi
Guile/1/ Lying to underlings
Infernal lore/1/ Daemons
Intrigue/3/ Conspiracies
Latin/ 4 / Hermetic use
Leadership/1/ Rituals
Legerdemain/ 3 / Steal arcane connections
Magic lore/1/ Cult of Mercury
Magic theory/ 5/ Inventing spells
Medicine / 3 / diagnostics
Order of Hermes lore/1/ Magi
Parma magica/4/ Ignem
Pentration/2/ Mentem
Philosophiae/3+2/ Ceremonial magic
Iberian tribunal lore/1/ Covenants
Provencal tribunal lore/1/ Covenants
Speak Occitan /5/ Catalan
Speak Provencal /1/ Travellers use
Stealth/1/ Moving silent
Survival/1/ Woodlands
Swim/1/ Long distances
Teaching/1/ Hermetic magic

Cr 7 In 10 Mu 5 Pe 9 Re 9
An 0 Au 1 Aq 3 Co 5 He 5
Ig 10 Im 5 Me 10 Te 4 Vi 9

Spells / TeFo/ Level / Bonus / Mastery / Mastery score
The wizard’s leap / ReCo / 15 / +16 / 1 / Fast cast
Aura of beguiling appearance / MuIm / 10 / +12 / 1 / Quiet casting
Aura of childlike innocence / MuIm / 10 / +12 / 1 / Quiet casting
Aura of Ennobled presence / MuIm / 10 / +12 / 1 / Quiet casting
Sap the Griffin's Strength /PeVi / 5/ +20 / 3 / Adaptive casting, multiple castings, penetration
Dreadful Bane of the Fae /PeVi / 5/ +20 / 3 / Adaptive casting, multiple castings, penetration
Demon's Eternal Oblivion /PeVi / 5/ +20 / 3 / Adaptive casting, multiple castings, penetration
The Cthonic Invocation /PeVi/ 5 / +20 / 3 / Adaptive casting, multiple castings, penetration
Opening the intangible tunnel / ReVi / 20 / +20 / 4 / Ceremonial casting, penetration, disguised casting, magic resistance
The call to slumber /ReMe / 10 / +21 / 2 / Penetration, multiple castings
Bind wound / CrCo / 10 / +14 / 1 / Fast cast
The wizards sidestep / ReIm / 10 / +16 / 1 / Fast cast
Eyes of the Cat / MuCo(An) / 5 / +7 / 1 / Quiet casting
The Genethlialogical investigation / InCo / +17 / 3 (15) / ceremonial casting, penetration, disguised casting
Invent the silent conspiracy / CrMe / 20 / +19 / 1 / Quiet casting
Learn Borrow the eyes of Another / InMe / 30 / +19 / 2 / ceremonial casting, lab mastery
Ease the suffering of the wounded magus / CrCo / 5 / +14 / 1 / fast cast
Ease the suffering of the wounded battle brother/ CrCo / 5 / +14 / 1 / fast cast
Shriek of the impending shaft / InHe / 15 / +17 / 1 / fast cast
Howl of the steel blade / InTe / 15 /+16 / 1 / fast cast
The key of Theodorus / ReTe / 10 / 1 / quiet casting
The invisible eyed revealed / InVi / 20 / +21 / 1 / imperturbable casting
Dart of Fiery conflagration / CrIg / 15 / +19 / 5 / penetration, multiple castings, magic resistance fast casting, obfuscated casting
Brief invisibility of the traversing Wizard / PeIm / 10 / +16 /1 / fast cast
Maintain the demanding / ReVi / 20 / +20 / 1 / imperturbable casting

Bonus does not include bonuses from anything other than Te+Fo+Sta.

Astrological inceptions
Has N told the truth?

Finally back home, barely eat since 7am, I'm dead :laughing:

Yup, exactly, these are the kind of defensive spells I like, instead of "total invulnerability to metal". Then again, that's why I asked for a variant of Xavi's Wards rule to be used :wink:
You'll notice I also took such spells :wink:

I dunno if you're right, but I think you are. Anyway, I much prefer this :wink:

That a GREAT focus!

Going back over the numbers, I did the revisions necessary.

Firstly, I had taken 5 pts of skill too many from later life. I reduced Guile from 1 to 0 for this. I also reviewed spell selection to reach the full 120 levels.

I looked over the values for the post-apprenticeship progression. I accidentally forgot to count a season of intellego study for 10 xp, and counted a gain of code of hermes twice so I adjusted that. For the remaining XP I was short, I spent it on 25 levels of spells and 1 xp of magic theory as Octavian spent a season personalizing his lab (didn't have the xp leftover for 2 exposure xp, heh).

I also took the opportunity to make some slight aesthetic changes and changed some ability specialties. I can post a narrative if requested but I think the progression section does cover the points succintly enough. Here's the third and hopefully final draft:

[size=150]Octavian of Tremere [/size]

Characteristics: Int +2, Per +2, Str +1, Sta +1, Com -1, Prs +1(+2), Dex +1, Qik +1.
Size: 0
Age: 38 (Apparent Age 24)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Confidence Score: 1 (3)

Virtues and Flaws: The Gift (Special), Hermetic Magus (Free Social Status), Minor Magical Focus [Certamen] (Free Hermetic), Entrancement (Major Supernatural), Fast Caster (Minor Hermetic), Improved Characteristics (Minor General), Keen Vision (Minor General), Piercing Gaze (Minor General), Strong Faerie Blood [Sidhe] (Major Supernatural) - Second Sight (Free Supernatural), Continence (Minor Personality), Favors [Terrace of Jerbiton] (Major Story), Judged Unfairly (Minor Personality), Study Requirement (Major Hermetic), Susceptibility to Divine Power (Minor Hermetic), Visions (Minor Supernatural). Obtained post-gauntlet: Hermetic Prestige [Quaesitor in Good Standing] (Minor Hermetic), Mentor [Tacitus of Guernicus] (Minor Story), Great Talisman (Minor Hermetic).

Personality Traits: Distant +3, Pragmatic +3, Polite +3.
Reputations: Quaesitor in Good Standing +3 (Hermetic Magi)

Gauntlet: Init +1, Attack +4, Defense +5, Damage +3, Load 0.
Kick: Init +0, Attack +4, Defense +3, Damage +4, Load 0.
Dagger: Init +1, Attack +6, Defense +4, Damage +4, Load 0.

Soak: +3
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious.
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20).

Abilities: Artes Liberales 1 (Ritual Magic), Athletics 2 (Running), Awareness 2 (Alertness), Brawl 3 (Grapples), Code of Hermes 3 / 5 (Tribunal Procedures), Entrancement 3 (Magi), Etiquette 4 (Court), Folk Ken 2 / 10 (Magi), French 5 (Occitan dialect), Guile 1 (Concealing Emotions), Hunt 1 (Tracking), Iberia Lore 2 (Geography), Intrigue 3 / 10 (Information Gathering), Latin 4 (Hermetic Usage), Leadership 2 (Intimidation), Magic Theory 4 / 1(Inventing Spells), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (Personalities), Order of Seneca Lore 1 (History), Parma Magica 3 (Mentem), Penetration 3 (Rego), Philosophiae 1 / 5 (Ritual Magic), Second Sight 3 (Illusory Disguises), Spanish 3 / 10 (Castillian Dialect), Stealth 2 (Sneak), Survival 1 (Pyrenees).

Hermetic Arts: Cr 11 / 5, In 8 / 7, Mu 7, Pe 4, Re 7, An 0, Aq 0, Au 0,
Co 0, He 0, Ig 0, Im 10 / 3, Me 7, Te 0, Vi 5 / 1.

Twilight Scars: None
Equipment: Partial Metal Reinforced Leather Armor, gauntlets, dagger x2, grimoire, Quaesitor cum auctoritate documentation, traveling clothing, ceremonial Tremere robes, Talisman ring, 5 pawns of Vim vis, 10 pawns of Corpus vis, 5 pawns of Rego vis, 5 pawns of Intellego vis, 5 pawns of Creo vis, 4 pawns of imaginem vis.
Encumbrance: 0

SPELLS KNOWN: (without Talisman bonuses)

Endurance of the Berserkers (ReCo 15/+8 )
Spellbinding Gaze of the Sorceror (ReCo 15/+8 )
Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10/+19) Mastery 1 / 5 (Fast Casting)
Pains of the Perpetual Worry (CrMe 20/+20) Mastery 1 (Still Casting)
Scent of Peaceful Slumber (ReMe 20/+15)
The Unseen Porter (ReTe 10/+8 )
Wizard's Communion (MuVi 15/+13)
Wizard’s Leap (ReCo 15/+8 )
Sight of the True Form (InCo 15/+9)*
Demon’s Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 10/+10)*

*Learned during post-apprenticeship progression.


The raven haired magus appears to be in his early to mid twenties; much younger than his real age of 38 would suggest. For most of the year his skin is a pale color, contrasting with dark wisps of hair that frame his aquiline features. In the summer, he tans easily to a dark coppery tone that emphasizes his sinister ancestry. He carries himself with a serene albeit distant manner that is easy to overlook were it not for his terrible eyes. Eerie pupil less green orbs that hungrily flicker in the darkness or when he invokes spells leave all but the most stalwart of magi or pious of crusaders with a feeling of unease.

Octavian’s soft-spoken speech and non-confrontational tone are uncharacteristic with his vocation as a quaesitor and his involvement in the recent troubles in the Iberian Tribunal. He is unfailingly polite regardless of the circumstance but there is always a nagging distrust impressed upon others despite the sincerity of his words.

He commonly wears a customized version of the Tremere ceremonial robes as a knee-long jacket over trousers tucked into knee high boots, and a black leather tunic. When he expects trouble, he wears a metal reinforced jerkin beneath his jacket as well as matching gauntlets hidden by long billowing sleeves.


Octavian’s sigil manifests as a set of sinister glowing green pupils, a few shades darker than his own eyes, which briefly hypnotizes viewers into seeing a murder of crows.


The magus that would become known as Octavian of Tremere was born in the year 1181 of our Lord in the city of Marseilles, France. The midwife of the birth, a hag embroiled in a feud with an unseelie court sidhe, switched the child with that of the sidhe offspring. The mortal parents were troubled by the faerie infant’s unnaturally malevolent green eyes. Fearful of demonic influence but unable to put the babe to death, they abandoned the child at the doorstep of one of the city’s orphanages. The caretakers reluctantly took the boy in after a particularly thorough and effective baptism and exorcism whose effects still linger on the soul. They named the child Marcel, a common name for orphans in Marseilles.

At the orphanage the young Marcel endured a difficult childhood. He did not age as quickly as the other boys and the nature of his eyes encouraged the others to ostracize or pick on him. The orphanage caretakers weren’t much better, often siding with the bullies. When Marcel began experiencing visions of things unseen, he quickly learned to keep quiet less he draw more disciplinary actions from the adults. Marcel withdrew within himself under the weight of constant loathing and mistrust.

By the time of his 9th birthday, the caretakers were seriously considering kicking the boy out. Fortunately for him, a mysterious man appeared at their doorstep inquiring about the children. To their shock and relief, the man chose to adopt Marcel. They made little fuss and quickly sent the boy off. For the very first time in his life, he felt a feeling of joy for being wanted. This was short-lived.

His master was an up and coming magus named Tiberius of Tremere. Tiberius laid out the rules of the parens-filius relationship: the child was not to expect any succor or fatherly love, but was expected to obey. He began by renaming his apprentice Garçon, or boy in French, declaring he had to prove himself worthy of a name.

The first ten years of his apprenticeship, Garçon traveled southern France with his master pursuing research, vis or the occasional adventure. He learned to rely only on himself as his master gave him increasingly difficult and arduous tasks. Many of the errands purposefully forced him to interact with non-magi as Tiberius felt dealing with mundanes to be beneath him. The boy coped by erecting emotional barriers to shield himself from others.

As Tiberius’ stock rose in the Tremere ranks, the pair traveled back to Ceoris in the Transylvanian Tribunal to complete Garçon’s apprenticeship. Despite the more welcoming atmosphere at the Domus Magna for those with unique talents, Garçon never truly settled in. Years of rejection and trauma still lingered.

Finally, on the Winter Solstice of 1205, Marcel met his master in ritual certamen. While he predictably lost, he was fully accepted as a newly gauntleted member of House Tremere. After years of denigration, he took the most impressive name he could think of, that of the Emperor Octavian. Octavian’s first assignment as a member of House Tremere was to accompany his parens from Ceoris to Jaferiya.


1206 – Apparent age remains 15 – 36 XP.
Winter: Octavian remains at Ceoris with his teacher. When it is decided the two will travel to join an Iberian covenant. His pater, decides it wise to brush up on his filius’ parma magica as the high population of Flambeau in the Tribunal might try to take advantage. +10 XP Parma Magica.
Spring: Tiberius and Octavian travel to Greece to procure passage to Iberia. Octavian finds a trading ship that is set to land in Castile in a month’s time. They travel the remainder of the way to Jaferiya covenant on foot after hiring a guide that spoke enough French to understand the magi. Octavian and his pater spend most of the trip working on learning the Spanish tongue from the sailors and their guide as well as the villages they pass through. +8 XP Spanish.
[u[Summer[/u]: At their arrival, Tiberius is welcomed as a full member to the covenant while his former apprentice is allowed on a trial basis. Jaferiya’s leadership tasks Octavian to watch over the grogs’ duties to pick up more of the Spanish language as well as become familiarized with them. +8 XP Spanish.
Autumn: Octavian is allowed to study the art of Perdo this season from the covenant’s library. He takes his studies to a nearby orchard as the Fall takes root. +10 XP Perdo.

1207 – Apparent age +1 (16) – 40 XP
Winter: One of the Tremere at Jaferiya covenant is missing on a routine vis gathering during the Fall. The Flambeau magi attempt to downplay the disappearance to the remaining Tremere. Tiberius is suspicious and decides it prudent to further his filius’ parma magica. +10 XP Parma Magica
Spring: The missing Tremere has yet to return. Tiberius orders Octavian to covertly investigate. Venturing out in the wilderness, Octavian finds no signs of the missing magi. He concludes that he may have never even left the coven. Attempts to parlay or sneak into the missing Tremere’s sanctum meet with little success. +5 XP Hunt, +5 XP Stealth.
Summer: Tensions begin to rise between Tiberius and the Flambeau. The former begins to suspect something is amiss. He confides his suspicions to his filius in private. Octavian, borne mistrustful, concurs. Tiberius pens a letter to be delivered by his former apprentice to Terrace of Jerbiton to beseech the elder magus’ aid. The Jerbiton is skeptical, but eventually accedes to the request due to Octavian’s urging. Intrigue +5 XP, Etiquette +5 XP.
Autumn: Events of the 1207 Tribunal occur. Tiberius of Tremere dies assisting Terrace in escaping Jaferiya with evidence condemning the magi of the coven. Octavian is at the Tribunal proper as this occurs to not arouse suspicion upon his pater. While neither have obtained their sigil, Octavian is given instructions on how to act and what to say at Tribunal. Terrace vouches for the innocence of the young novice who does help the tribunal mages fight against Rasus and his followers. Parma Magica +5 XP, Code of Hermes +5 XP.

1208 – Apparent age 16 – 38 XP.
Winter: Now alone and without a covenant, Octavian spends the winter in Barcelona further expanding his knowledge of the Spanish language. He receives orders from House Tremere to join the March against Rasus and his followers. +8 XP Spanish.
Spring: Acting upon his orders, Octavian joins Karandos ex Flambeau’s March against his filius. Expecting a full fledged battle, Karandos organizes the magi as captains of grogs. The rag tag army spends most of the season training and readying itself for the fight ahead. +10 XP Leadership.
Summer: The battle on the plains of Toledo against the Shadow Flambeau ends poorly for the Order. Karandos experiences a debilitating twilight experience and the March is defeated. While no magi are among the casualties, many grogs and consortes perish. Octavian distinguishes himself with his illusion magics as his unit suffers the fewest deaths. The magi expect the fighting to continue and thus retreat into the wilderness to gather their strength. They spend most of the season living off the land as they make their way to Toledo. Penetration +5 XP, Survival +5 XP.
Autumn: The remaining members of the March wait for further instructions in Toledo. The elder magi take it upon themselves to improve the novices’ battle skills; partially blaming their weakness for the defeat. +10 XP Penetration.

1209 – Apparent age +1 (17) – 33 XP
Winter: With the onset of winter, Karandos returns to his coven effectively disbanding the March. By then many of the grogs and some of the magi had already deserted or left for greener pastures. Octavian spends another winter improving his Spanish. +8 XP Spanish.
Spring: Rumors from the countryside of Toledo speak of infant kidnappings by vile demons. The possibility of the Shadow Flambeau’s involvement leads Octavian to investigate. He eventually finds the culprits to be mischievous goblins through Second Sight. He is able to parlay them into ceasing for the time being. +5 XP Second Sight, +5 XP Etiquette.
Summer: A new March forms to combat the Shadow Flambeau after one of the magi claims to have an arcane connection to one of the renegades. Octavian joins the group. The arcane connection proves weak however and they must enact a ritual to power a strong enough spell to locate their quarry. The magi spend most of the season improving their philosophiae in preparation of the ritual. When they finally cast the spell, they are shown the location of a lone tower on the peaks of a nearby mountain. +5 XP Philosophiae.
Autumn: Further scrying spells are unsuccessful. The tower’s highly defensible position makes it a difficult target. It is decided some scouts will be sent on a reconnaissance mission. Due to his special talents, Octavian is chosen among the group. His eyesight proves pivotal in saving the lives of many of his sodales as the tower was a trap left to collapse upon intruders. The mechanism concealed under imaginem magic. +5 XP Second Sight, +5 XP Stealth.

1210 – Apparent age +1 (18 ) – 38 XP
Winter: The March disbands leaving Octavian once more to spend the winter in the city to continue to improve his Spanish. Spanish +8 XP.
Spring: A new Wizard’s March forms under the command of one of the Duresca Guernicus. Octavian is recruited for his unique abilities as they track one of the Shadow Flambeau that has taken refuge in the city of Castille. Octavian is able to coerce information from locals without the use of magic and potentially drawing the attention of the renegade magi. The ex-Flambeau has set up a cult in the roman sewers. +5 XP Entrancement, +5 XP Intrigue.
Summer: The magi venture into the sewers to combat the cult. They find stiff resistance but eventually overcome the preliminary defenses and traps. Cornered in his own summoning room, the shadow Flambeau broke the binding circle containing the demon he had summoned to deal with the intruders. The demon repaid his warden by killing him before attacking the magi of the Order. The demon proved too much and had killed or incapacitated most of the magi. Desperately, Octavian gathered a handful of vis from a fallen corpse and invoked a spontaneous perdo vim spell. Wounded, the demon fled into the bowels of the city. Penetration +5 XP, Brawl +5 XP.
Autumn: Maltus, Praeco of Iberia, is found dead in his sanctum. The local magi are convened by the investigating quaesitor for questioning. After ascertaining his innocence, Octavian is asked to help investigate the site of the death. He finds nothing incriminating through his skills to the disappointment of the Quaesitor. Code of Hermes +5 XP, Second Sight +5 XP.

1211 – Apparent Age 18 – 35 XP
Winter: After news of his recent exploits, Octavian is invited to meet Terrace of Jerbiton. The elder magus is likely to become the next praeco and hopes to bolster his political position. He wishes for the young Tremere to rise through the Order but also become indebted to him for his help. Terrace recomments Octavian to Andorra covenant as a potential new member. Archmagus Antonio Perez of Flambeau consents under the condition that the Tremere spends a Vigil on the night of Winter Solstice in the Caves of Entropy when the unseelie fae are at their strongest. Octavian’s faerie heritage allows him to escape the night relatively unscathed. +5 XP Second Sight, +5 XP Etiquette.
Spring: The Archmagus Antonio Perez further stipulates that Octavian must learn the history of the Knights of Seneca before being accepted into the coven. After careful study of the knightly order, he is fully accepted in the covenant of Andorra. +5 XP Order of Seneca Lore.
Summer: As the war with the Shadow Flambeau continues to worsen, Terrace convinces Baruch of Guernicus to recommend Octavian to join the quaesitors. The novice travels to Magvillus for his interview with the Prima of House Guernicus. Bilera sees many of her own qualities in the Tremere and accedes. Etiquette +5 XP.
Autumn: Octavian remains at Magvillus and studies Intellego for his coming duties. +15 XP intellego.

1212 – Apparent Age +1 (19) – 55 XP.
Winter: Octavian studies a summae on the Code of Hermes while at Magvillus. +15 XP Code of Hermes.
Spring: As the spring thaw begins, Octavian is sent back to Iberia to pursue his training under the supervision of Tacitus of Guernicus. The situation in the Tribunal has worsened with the Shadow Flambeau magi amassing victories against the Order. Octavian practices his fighting skills with the crewmen of the ship and at the armory at Duresca in preparation for another March. +10 XP Brawl.
Summer: The demon released in 1210 resurfaced at the head of a growing cult. It is feared Church authorities may link its appearance with the Order. Tacitus and Octavian are sent to track it down. The pair is able to find and defeat the demon. Penetration +5 XP, Vim +5 XP.
Autumn: Octavian returns to Andorra and spends the season studying the Key of Bonisagus. +20 XP Magic Theory.

1213 – Apparent Age +1 (20) – 36 XP
Winter: Octavian practices Pains of Perpetual Worry in order to master the spell. Pains of Perpetual Worry Mastery +5 XP.
Spring: Octavian studies Junola’s Thaumaturgica on Vim. +11 XP Vim.
Summer: Tacitus and Octavian spend the season traveling the Tribunal in search of any leads on the Shadow Flambeau. +10 XP Iberia Lore.
Autumn: Octavian studies Apparitions and Phantasms. +10 XP imaginem.

1214 – Apparent Age (20) – 39 XP
Winter: Octavian studies the King’s Mirror. Intrigue +9 XP.
Spring: Octavian and Tacitus are able to ascertain that the Shadow Flambeau have assisted the Christian forces in the battle of Las Navas de Tolosa after careful investigation and interrogation of participants. Folk Ken +5 XP, Entrancement +5 XP.
Summer: Pursuing their investigations, they uncover evidence that the Shadow Flambeau are in league with multiple Christian authorities throughout the region. Iberia Lore +5 XP, Intrigue +5 XP.
Autumn: Tacitus and Octavian revealed their findings at Tribunal causing a raucus. Terrace of Jerbiton is able to rally support under the threat of the renegade magi. It is eventually proposed in a landmark decision to erect Hermes’ Portals linking the covens of Iberia. Code of Hermes +5 XP, Intrigue +5 XP. Terrace appoints Tacitus and Octavian to lead a March next summer.

1215 – Apparent Age +1 (21) – 41 XP
Winter: Octavian spends the winter studying Sight from the Shroud’s Shadow. +8 XP Intellego.
Spring: Octavian studies Liberi de Creationé in the vineyards of Andorra. +15 XP creo.
Summer: Tacitus and Octavian gather their March in preparation for battle. News from other quaesitors reaches their ears about a new Christian offensive bolstered by Shadow Flambeau against the muslims. While Tacitus, a traditionalist is reluctant to act for fear of violating the Code on meddling in mundane affairs, Octavian is more pragmatic. He lets slip the information to their muslim sodales who tip off their muslim contacts. The Muslims score a sound victory on the Christians with the March rapidly swooping in to slay the Shadow Flambeau magi. Folk Ken +5 XP, Intrigue +1 XP, , Intellego +4 XP.
Autumn: Octavian pursues studying Sight from the Shroud’s Shadow. +8 XP Intellego.

1216 – Apparent Age +1 (22) – 34 XP
Winter: Octavian spends the winter studying Sight from the Shroud’s Shadow. +8 XP Intellego.
Spring: Octavian studies Liberi de Creationé in the vineyards of Andorra. +15 XP creo.
Summer: Octavian is given his first solo investigation. Rumors surface around one of the survivors of the failed Christian offensive of last year. Octavian tracks the survivor down and finds one of the Shadow Flambeau grogs. The man has little information to offer and is made to throw himself from a cliff. Entrancement +5 XP, Intrigue +5 XP.
Autumn: Octavian returns to Andorra and takes steps to personalize his laboratory. Magic Theory +1 XP

1217 – Apparent Age (22) – 55 XP
Winter: Octavian spends the winter studying Apparitions and Phantasms +10 XP Imaginem.
Spring: Octavian spends the Spring studying Apparitions and Phantasms +10 XP Imaginem.
Summer: Investigations turn up a bound demon in Barcelona much like the one found in the secret enclave within Jaferiya. After Octavian confirmed noticing links emanating from the demon akin to those of a familiar, the gathered quaesitors decide to use the demon as an arcane connection and enacted a ritual of slaying on both the demon and the connection. The activities of the Shadow Flambeau begin to peter out after this. Second Sight +5 XP, Philosophiae +5 XP.
Autumn: Tacitus teaches Octavian the following spells: Demon’s Eternal Oblivion (PeVi 10), Sight of the True Form (InCo 15).

1218 – Apparent Age +1 (23) – 30 (40) XP
Winter: Octavian is made to question several captured grogs formerly of Jaferiya. He uses the opportunity to experiment with his entrancement powers to break their wills. +10 XP Entrancement.
Spring: Octavian studies Liberi de Creationé in the vineyards of Andorra. +15 XP creo.
Summer: Octavian travels to Magvillus to be fully accepted as a quaesitor in good standing and allowed a chance to meet other members of House Guernicus briefly before traveling to Ceoris to attend House Tremere’s Decennial. While there, he is permitted to challenge his grand-parens for his sigil. He fails, but is nevertheless rewarded with a facsimile navaratna ring crafted for him by Tremere Artificers. +5 XP Order of Hermes Lore.
Autumn: Upon his return to Iberia, Octavian spends the season attuning the Navaratna ring as his talisman.

1219 – Apparent Age +1 (24) – 30 XP (40)
Winter: Octavian is bid by the magi of Duresca to monitor the Knights of Seneca for any signs of corruption. After the scare of the Shadow Flambeau, the quaesitors are concerned about further corruption within the Tribunal. Acting upon his orders, Octavian approached Archmagus Antonio Perez and spoke of a desire to join the Order of Seneca. Skeptical of the Tremere’s intentions, he reluctantly accepts to initiate him seeing as he did manage to escape the Cave of Entropy relatively unscathed. The initiation is scheduled for the Spring. +5 XP Guile, +5 XP Intrigue.
Spring: It is decided to initiate Octavian into the mystery of the Great Talisman as it isn’t the most secretive of mysteries and would serve as a test of his sincerity.
Summer: Through the Great Talisman virtue*, Octavian opens his talisman to an attunement. Octavian studies On the Wizard’s Sidestep mastery tractatus. Wizard’s Sidestep Mastery +10 XP
Autumn: Through the Great Talisman virtue*, Octavian opens his talisman to an attunement. Octavian trains Entrancement. Entrancement +10 XP.


Octavian’s Talisman was crafted by Tremere artificers inspired by their observations of a gypsy astrologer. They had observed the gems used held some astrological relevance seeing as the configuration was different for each individual. In some cases they had to substitute gems due to cost or unavailability. The Tremeres’ limited understanding of Hindu astrology not withstanding.

The brass ring contains nine gems encased in an electrum setting. Eight gems are aligned in a circle surrounding an opal (replacing the blue sapphire) and are in no particular order: Topaz (replacing the yellow sapphire), Ruby, Pearl, Jade (cheaper than Emerald), Coral, Cat’s Eye and Diamond and Amber (replacing hessonite that can only be found in Sri Lanka).

So far Octavian has attuned the following shape and material bonuses:

Electrum – Deception +3 – HoH: MC p137
Opal – Images +2 – HoH: TL p139

Just one question that springs to mind upon a brief scan of Octavian (since Im too tired from driving all day to read the whole thing in detail atm), namely why have you noted aging before he has reached age 35? No character needs to make a single roll before age 35 (so until then apparent age and actual age should remain the same.

In regards to the age, strong faerie blood gives a modifier to the aging roll of -3. As per the guidelines for aging in ArM5 pg168-169 you have to roll for pre-35 (or in octavian's case 50) if under the effect of a longevity ritual or other source that "slows" aging.

hmm, longevity potion before age 35 I can understand but I don't see that citation referring to Strong Fairy Blood. In fact, in any saga I have ever played, Strong Fairy Blood has always been understand to hold off any aging roll until age 50 (rather than 35 for normal characters), so unless Octavian has taken an early longevity potion, I would say drop the aging notations and just keep apparent age whatever you wish until you reach 50 and are forced to start rolling.

Up to the SG ultimately, though, I guess.

I wonder about two things concerning Octavian:

1.) Why doesn't he get warping for his longevity potion (Why does he take it so early, anyway? Age usually equals status in the order and looking old is positive, isn't it? I'd give him a personality of vain+3 rather than pragmatic...)

2.) Why does his armor not burdon him?

Apart from that: atmospheric guy!

Good Morning Andorra

Totally disconnected from the net all weekend, I wrote a bunch of stuff and I am dropping it on you all at once! Hahaha!

Magical Wilderness
Okay, how about this. The Exceptional Library Major Boon is just something I made up because I didn’t want to count up resource points for the library. But I figure we are in the 2500+ range anyway, so, whatever. Lets drop that. Then for the Aura, lets roll back to the base of +3. Then reduce it to +2 (don’t worry, it will go back up). That’s 6 Boon Points we need in order to balance.

We spend 1 on Vast Aura, so that you guys can have your magical wilderness. We have a magic mountain. Well, part of the mountain is magical. The village has a Dominion Aura, but the plateau overlooking it and the rest of the mountain from that point up to the peak along that side of the mountain, there is a magic aura of +2. That fits within the described area allowed, right? Then, to bring us back up to a magic aura of +5 at the covenant, we spend nine points (9) to increase the aura of just that part back up to +5. That is harsh, and a region would be easier, but I don’t want a region here :slight_smile:, sorry.

So that was ten points, which puts us four points over.

Now, let us reconsider the Caverns of Entropy hook; which combines Regio, Fallen Temple, and the fact that it is a Faerie region. Now, this is around the other side of our mountain, and it is vast as well, butting up against our magical wilderness. We can take the Major version of the Regio Hook, which means that things come out of the Caverns of Chaos sometimes and menace our magical wilderness, which is something you Wilderness Lore types will have to worry about from time to time. Harvesting vis will yield two pawns a season, but this will always result in an adventure that also occupies or spoils your entire season.

Major Regio combined with Fallen Temple and the fact that it is Faerie and not magic yields 5 Hook points. That puts us one over. Crap. Um, Vivid Environment. We have stunning natural beauty on this mountain of ours. Just incredible. Combined with our Vast Aura and magical wilderness, then we indeed have a castle where Ken’s character (I forget your name man, pin a rough character sheep up so I can copy and paste it for home use :smiley: ), anyway, she can literally open the shutters of her window in the morning, sunlight and rainbows stream in, birds flutter in, squirrels climb over the castle wall and up the tower to say hello, and so on.

How about that for a balancing act? I like to combine hooks, it makes them more relevant. I especially like to combine them with the Story and Personality Flaws of the Players. For example, the Caverns of Entropy may have something to do with the restoration of Marie’s hands, or the disappearance of Rodrigo of Mercere (and thus maybe is of interest to Max), or maybe Octavian needs to go there for his Study Requirement, causing him to have terrible Visions, and he realizes that the secret riddle is that, um, okay I just had a cool idea I don’t want to spoil :smiley:.

If anyone asks Antonio, he recommends to stay out of there. He has never gone there. In fact, this while thing just recently blew up from weird cave some Bonisagus magus went crazy in many-many years ago into a major imminent concern. Maybe this has something to do with the faerie nature of the covenants current members? Fixer, Dimir Taar has Strong Sidhe Blood. You portray him as a somewhat darker sort of fae, mayhaps dark elf instead of the lighter variety. You still have the +1 Presence and all, just spooky. Maybe you were from the village of Arans down below, a changeling resulting from the meddling of the dark faeries around the other side of our mountain. Scott, maybe Antonio deliberately recruited you, hoping a Merinita maga would be of help with this new problem. Ken, what house is Buttercup from (is that right?)? Maybe she is from here. Or nearby anyway. We are on the East side of the mountain. The Caverns are on the west. Across that valley, on the east side of the mountain just to the west of us, maybe you are from there. Thus this is your native wilderness (Animals of the Pyrenees). Your home was destroyed by those dark faeries and now you live with us. Maybe you are of a lone Ex-Miscellanea or Merinita lineage. Or maybe you are Bonisagus! It doesn’t matter, these are just suggestions for you guys, and I am sure your creativity will be more effective than mine (yours is focused, mine is scattered all over the place :laughing: ).

Okay, I just realized I need to clarify mechanics for you. This area qualifies for Mountain Wilderness Lore, Animal Wilderness Lore (for the local critters), and Weather Wilderness Lore (for the local weather), and that’s about it (no forests here, sorry).

To Study Wilderness Lore here, no adventures result if you stick close by the covenant. The Source Quality is 2, the aura of the supernatural wilderness.

Gathering vis occupied or spoils the whole season. Don’t ask me why, it just does. At least for now. Anyway, this is indeed a profitable endeavor because this results in a Minor or Moderate Adventure (no Major yet, save that for in play). A Moderate Adventure yields up to 2 pawns of vis, and as an adventure is worth a source quality of 5 – (pawns of vis gained, just to be fair). Moderate Adventures can yield up to 4 pawns of vis, and as an adventure is worth a source quality of 10 – (pawns of vis gained). The maximum vis gain in either circumstance is your score in Wilderness Lore.

This is just for post gauntlet pre game development only. In play, things will work totally differently, more in accord with what you actually do.

Oh, this also means that, in post gauntlet development and in play, characters can learn Pyrenees Mountain Wilderness Lore without taking a special Virtue. Just so that you are aware.

Character Suggestions
I have meditated upon all of your characters all weekend. As I go through the list, I hope I have remembered everyone. If I forgot, shout at me and make an impression!

Everything Jarkman says has the authority of Markoko’s Silver Hammer. His language work is spot on as far as ArM5 precedent is concerned. He has also inspired me to research better history, and I know better each day because I have been studying the same summa for two seasons in a row now and I am almost on my third!

Viola (Scott)
I just went over old notes. I am dense. I did indeed approve Potent Spontaneous Magic.

First of our many faerie blooded magi :smiley:. Go with the elf blood if you wish, but I am trying to find a candidate to take Mythic Blood instead. There is the Magic Focus issue, but I will let you swap that out for a different virtue. Your call. But, as an incentive, I will let you package another minor virtue and flaw into it. I just am trying to dilute the faerie blood :smiley:

Dragan Talamh (Boxer)
Based upon my expanded Wilderness Lore meditations, the opinions of others, and etceteras, you have the green-light (Yes, in addition to a Silver Hammer, I have a Green Lantern). I want to see him as a developed character though. I included him in my narrative because I forgot him in my dialogue. Does that fit with what we talked about? If not, post comments to clarify your views.

Buttercup (Ken)
I really hope that is a working title. I need to see some stats from you, at least the bare bones. If you did this over the weekend and I am behind, then never mind :slight_smile:. So far though, I have little to go on except Disney Princess with Animal Lore. I can dig this, as long as she is like one of those hot Disney princesses like Arial. Or Jasmine! Oh yeah! Forget my earlier idea. How would you like to be an Umayyad princess that fled Andalusia because of the invasion of the Almorovides and/or Almohades, and Andorra has granted you asylum! That opens up possibilities. What house are you? Merinita? Jerbiton? Ex-Miscellanea? An Islamic Flambeau Sahir maga? Hmmm??
Oh, I recommend the Gentle Gift or Inoffensive to Animals, combined with Alluring to Animals. That will give you your animal helper powers with domestic creatures as well.

We don’t have anything from you yet! Unless (weekend, I have no net at home, yadda-yadda). Anyway, look, I know my names for authors is a bit silly some times. I still crack a smile at Namoricus of Jerbiton and his Aquam text. I was a Marvel comics junky as a kid. I read all kinds of commix, but it starts with Stan the Man Lee, one of the greatest literary geniuses produced by twentieth century America.
I Digress :smiley:. Anyway, if you are still open, I am still looking for more classic Flambeau magi. Looking over the Peter Henteges and Andrew Gronosky versions of Flambeau lore, there are a large number of female Flambeau; Elaine, Rulia, Iarna, Iniretle, and so on. We have our share; Marcella, Carmen, and female sorceresses being played by the majority of players so far. We have male wizards, and we have Inigo, the classic tragic hero. But I am looking for the hard-as-nails eats-dragon-steaks Flambeau magus! Like a Frank Miller version of a Flambeau magus. Hmmmm…, or maybe more like a professional soldier, like Roberto over in Novus Mane? Maybe you can be Santiago! (maybe Santiago is your middle name?). Or something, I dunno. Call on me if you need ideas.

You are on the right path :smiley:

Dimir Taar (Fixer)
You pretty much have the approval of the troupe I suppose. I still want to see the character all together, and I al already thinking of interesting angles for you :wink: I expanded the Magical Wilderness for you and Buttercup :smiley:

I like the glove! You should make it a Talisman someday :smiley:

Marcella (Xavi)
Marcella the Wolf Rider! Pick the Mythic Blood! Or something cool.

I am designing a special lab for you :smiling_imp: . It is not your lab, it belongs to the Mercere House that is here. They would much rather take over Rodrigo’s lab, but this one is nice for now.


Scrap that whole Ritual Ward nonsense. Here is my new ruling…

Personal/non-circle Wards: If the Realm and Form of the Ward matches the subject, then they suffer from the effects of Weak Magic Resistance (do not subtract level from casting total). Blanket Wards must penetrate using normal rules. Personally & Physically Engaging with the subject (e.g. wrestling with the magic bear) breaks this kind of Ward

Circle Wards operate differently. No Penetration needs to be calculated. They are simply good for their specified level, and if the material of the ring is durable, they can last indefinitely. If the Ward matches the Subjects Form and Realm, the Ward strength equals the level of the spell. For Blanket Wards, the strength equals Half the Level. Strength equals the highest Might of a creature that they can keep at bay.

Blanket Wards means a Ward that only covers one aspect, either Realm or Form. All magi can create Wards that Blanket a whole realm using Vim. The Colombae can create Circle Wards that can blanket a whole Form by specifying the exact type of bean to be warded (e.g. a Circle ward against Serpents can keep out all mundane or supernatural snakes, dragons, or other reptiles with a might of any Realm equal to the strength of the Ward or lower (strength equals half level because it is a Blanket Ward).

Also, there is a new Minor Breakthrough that not everyone is aware of. Resistance Wards can be placed on yourself and others. Ward against Heat & Flames is a Resistance Ward, Granting +5 Soak against fire at a Base Level of 4, and increasing by an additional +5 per Magnitude. The Breakthrough is in applying this principle to other Forms. Applications have mixed results, and it is often important to clarify a specific subset of a Form. Much in the same way, WaH&F does not protect against the cold.

In any case, a distinction is to be made between Wards and Bindings (not to be confused with Familiar or spirit Binding). Wards work one way, to keep things out or away. Bindings also work one way, to keep things in. You can make magical traps even.
The Aegis of the Hearth works just fine.

:laughing: All my material I wrote over the weekend. I see some of it may be eclipsed by stuff you guys did, so let be catch up and get up to speed :smiley:

Florenzo of Jerbiton
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Com +2, Pre +1, Str -1, Sta +0, Dex +1, Quik -1
Size: 0
Age: 50 (b. 1170, ap. 1185 (15) gt. 1200 (30)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues: +0 Hermetic Magus, +3 Gentle Gift, +1 Educated, +1 Good Teacher, +1 Privileged Upbringing, +1 Puissant Profession-Scribe, +1 Skilled Parens, +1 Social Contacts-Hermetic Librarians, +1 Well Traveled
Flaws: -3 Ambitious, -3 Weak Spontaneous Magic, -1 Busybody, -1 Heir (of Carlus of Jerbiton), -1 Mentor (old Carlus of Barcelona), -1 Obsessed (with books),
Personality Traits: Brave +1, Nosy +1, Loyal +2, Bibliophile +2, Ambitious +3
Reputations: Strong Writer 2 (Hermetic), Respected Scholar 1 (local-Spanish scholars)
Soak: +
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Linguistics Summary: N Langue D'Oc 5 (Catalonia), Arabic 4 (Andalusia), Greek 4 (classical), Latin 5 (academic); Artes Liberales 4 (rhetoric), Latin, Greek, & Arabic Alphabets
Abilities: Arabic 4 (Andalusia), Artes Liberales 4 (rhetoric), Charm 3 (being witty), Civil & Cannon Law 2 (usages of Barcelona), Concentration 3 (study), Etiquette 4 (Hermetic), Finesse 5 (grace), Folk Ken 3 (scholars), Code of Hermes 2 (Barcelona), Guile 3 (clever trickery), Iberia Area Lore 3 (Aragon/Catalonia), Intrigue 4 (gossip), Latin 5 (academic), Leadership 2 (inspiration), Magic Lore 3 (regiones), Magic Theory 6 (inventing spells), Medicine 2 (apothecary), Order of Hermes Lore 4 (activities of Jerbiton magi), Parma Magica 5 (Mentem), Penetration 2 (Intellego), Philosophiae 3 (natural philosophy), Profession-Scribe 4+2 (composition), Greek 4 (classical), Spanish* 5 (Catalonia), Teaching 3 (academic abilities)
Arts: 11+
Cr 9, In 10, Mu 5, Pe 5, Re 9,
An 5, Aq 5, Au 5, Co 10, He 5,
Ig 5, Im 5, Me 10, Te 5, Vi 5
Twilight: 2 (15), from 15 years of Longevity
Magic Sigil: Letters
Symbolic Sigil: A quill
Equipment: stuff
Encumbrance: 0
Spells Known:
ReAn5 Binding the Mundane Codex
ReAn10 Sooth the Ferocious Bear
ReAn10 Hide To Parchment
InAq5 Test of Fastness and Fading
InAq5 Touch of the Pearls
MuAn15 The Plunder of Twenty Geese
PeAn3 The Scribe’s Touch
InCo5 The Physician’s Eye
MuCo15 Disguise of the New Visage
PeCo5 Touch of the Goose Feather
MuHe5 Pass of the Unyielding Portal
ReHe10 Repel the Wooden Shafts
CrIg3 Moonbeam
CrIg15 The Welcome Addition of False Sunlight
MuIm5 Taste of the Spices and Herbs
CrMe10 Words of Unbroken Silence
ImMe15 Perception of the Conflicting Motive
MuMe4 Recollection of Memories Never Quite Lives
ReTe5 Unseen Arm

Lab texts (other than spells):
CrCo20 Longevity Ritual

Background: Florenzo is the youngest of the three sons of Rodrigo, and the only one to inherit his Gentle Gift. His parens was an elder member of the covenant named Louis (now passed). Florenzo has studied at Cordoba, Bologna, and other universities. He began his academic education first, and did not begin his Hermetic studies until he was 15. He was gauntleted at 30. He has studied in Cordova, Barcelona, and Bologna. His obsession with books has been a great boon to the covenant of Andorra. He is a new member of Barcelona Covenant now and is also a member of the Quill of the Eye League based there, a Jerbiton league dedicated to the literary arts.

For this character, I am demonstrating how to cheep out. I am just taking the easy way and developing him 40 xp’s per year, minus a number of seasons for Lab activities and etceteras. I am spending xp’s first, and doing lab work last. So, for 20 years development, taking a season out at year 5 to make a longevity potion, and then taking out 19 more seasons at the end to do stuff, that makes 15 years x 40xp for a total of 600. Plus 45 for early childhood, 10 years x 15xps (=150) for age until apprenticeship, +240 for base apprenticeship, +210 for his various Virtues; equals a Grand Total of 1245 experience points. For starting Arts and Spells, I made sure I could take any combination at 15, and CrCo at 20 so I could do a longevity potion. My first 150 levels of spells were all level 15 or less (Int +2, Aura 3+, Magic theory 4, All Techniques 5, All Forms 1, Corpus 6). I then spent the rest of the experience, then applied nineteen seasons in the lab as follows (I took 2xp per season exposure in Magic Theory or an appropriate Art each season)

ReAn5 Disguise of the Putrid Aroma
ReAn20 Binding the Hermetic Codex

InAu15 Whispering Winds

InAu20 Sailor’s Foretaste for Morrow

CrCo10 Bind Wound
CrCo20r The Chirurgeon’s Gentle Touch

The Severed Limb Made Whole

InCo10 Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh
InCo20 The Inexorable Search

InCo30 The Eyes of the Sage

ReCo5 Curse of the Unruly Tongue
ReCo5 Spasm of the Uncontrolled Hand
ReCo20 Incantation of Paralyzation

ReCo30 Seven League Stride

CrHe20 The Apple That Etches

CrHe25 Red Ribbons of Restriction

CrIg20 Pilium of Fire

InIm5 Prying Eyes
InIm20 Ear for the Distant Voice

CrMe20 Memory of the Distant Dream

InMe10 Sight of the Transparent Motive
InMe20 Posing the Silent Question

InMe5 Sense the State of Mind
InMe25 Thoughts Within Babble

InMe30 Peering Into the Mortal Mind

[i]MuTe20 Ink of the Noblest Metals[i]

InVi5 Scales of the Magical Weight
InVi5 Sense the Nature of Vis
InVi15 The Invisible Eye Revealed

I am going for a Winter (ice) mage with links to shapeshifting, mark, not as a wolf rider amazon :laughing: The magical wolf is a friend of mine, not my magical pet. :wink:

I will try to flesh Marcellus (yeah, he is back to be a man) this week and post a version 1.0 of him online.



:laughing: Transvestite works two ways, he can be a she that wants to be a he :smiley:

People have been asking me about vis. Some say it is too much to have on hand, and others say it isn't enough to have made their stuff. My new idea is this. Everyone has the vis needed for their seasonal projects (items, familiars, etc). Then, once game play begins, your on-hand amount equals 5 + (# of years short of 20 you developed). I still want an incentive to encourage people to not use the full 20.

I was thinking more along 12-15 years past apprenticeship, so that suits me. A rock of vis on hand (probably mixed arts) sounds good :slight_smile:


I was thinking more along 12-15 years past apprenticeship, so that suits me. A rock of vis on hand (probably mixed arts) sounds good :slight_smile: