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Saragossa is the capital of Aragon :wink: There was quite some forced conversion going on at the time of conquest IIRC, but it has been a while since I read anything about it. As it is, right now probably Mark and Jarkman probably know more about the period in certain part of Catalonia and Aragon than myself.


Forced conversion is mainly ment for the poor who cant fight back and the rich who want to hold onto their lands. In fact, the majority of the Moslem lords in the South are descended from Christian Visgoth & Romano-Hispanic nobles that converted for fun and profit.

And, in the heart of Andalusia, Moslems are still a minority. Most people glance over this, but the fact of the matter is that "Moslem" Spain has many more Christians than rthe Northern kingdoms. Less than a dozen bishoprics in the North, almost twenty of them in the south.

But we are way far north. Okay, if it is in RoP-D, I will allow Grogs to take Outsider as a Minor Flaw to represent being Jewish or Moslem (not Almorovide or Almohade muslim though, as they are considered Heritics by mainstream Islam)

I still need Lab Text requests from everyone! I am behind on finishing that. If you sent it to me, send it again. I want at least 150 levels from everyone. More if you feel ambitious! These are requests mind you. I will filter them and separate them into grimoires, folios, manuals, tomes, and so forth.

Image from the Wizard torn (ReIm30)
Enslave the Mortal Mind (ReMe40)
Maintaining the Demanding Spell (ReVi35)

Banish the Fatal Blade (ReTe25)

Dream of the Mind that sits (InTe50) - ideally as casting table

Other than that: I love Intellego, Rego, Corpus, Imagonem and Mentem spells. But any Vis and terram spells are even better (see Flambeau HoH).

For the infirmary I suggest

  • a spell that heals light wounds (CrCo20), Medium Wounds (25) and heavy wounds (30)
  • an item that assists the nurses with a Stabilizing spell:
    Duration: Diameter (no warping), high bonus on recovery rolls


I demand an edition de luxe of the Tytalus book for apprentices (bound in gold or better; fluff) and another edition de luxe of The Analects of Tytalus (HoH:S 74), bound in human skin with adorned some diamonds or so). Be gaudy - it is Tytalean irony.

I will be adding some books. I just read about the great scholastic workd of the Spaniards in the middle ages, so I want to add some authentic titles and authors.

The Analects of Tytalus is acceptable, but not one bound in human skin. Yucky!

Okay, here are my hopefully final revisions to Inigo.

Flaws at Gauntlet:
-1 Optimistic, -1 Ambitious, -1 Deleterious Circumstances (when embarrassed, flustered, or extremely surprised), -1 Incompatible Arts (Intellego Mentem and Intellego Auram), -3 Restriction: True Feeling, -3 Dependent (Kesara, his eleven year-old daughter)

I got rid of Incomprehensible and changed Optimistic to a minor flaw. Then I gave him Restriction: True Feeling as suggested. In his first Initiation, instead of taking the old Restriction, I’ll take Weak Magic Resistance, but with the same caveat (when not in contact with a physical reminder of a loved one). Then, in order to snag Sanguine Humor’s Blessing, I took another year, which I chose not to integrate because I don’t have the time:

The Lost Year
Winter: Quest: Blessing of Passion. Exposure Cult Lore +2
Spring: Acquire “Sanguine Humor’s Blessing” and “Enemies” using Initiation mechanics, though not as part of his ongoing Mystery story
Summer: Teach Dimir Taar. Exposure Teaching +2
Autumn: Taught Single Weapon Q13

In exchange for teaching, he acquires:

Ring of the Wayward Daughter, a Lesser item.
Effect: InCo25+5
R: Arcane Connection D: Concentration T: Individual
This is a simple ring made of electrum, worn on Inigo’s hand. By touching the ring and concentrating for a moment, he can sense if one person to whom he has an Arcane Connection is alive, and gets a general sense of their physical state. 70-year item, expires Autumn of 1289. 24 uses/day

(hope you don’t mind that I made the suggested changes, Fixer – I know you’ve been busy of late. If there’s anything you object to, let me know.)

I’ve edited my character sheet to reflect these changes. I assume it’s all kosher since it’s been under discussion for a while now and no one has piped up.

I don't care much so long as you're happy, I'll just have to check if I can do it. Spirits are fickle and hard to bind so quickly. I'll tell you later.

EDIT: It's ok, I can do it. Hum... It is enchanted by bounding Weelim'th, an airy spirit that takes interest to people. The pact says it shall be released after 70 years of service or at my death, and can't be called upon more than 24 times per day.

Love the changes, Falls. My only comment on the lost year (and perhaps similar notations in other years, having not checked your full sheet to verify) would be that you have cheated yourself of xp slightly with regard to the "quest" which I take to mean "adventure". In such cases you don't just earn exposure xp but rather adventure xp (5-10 by discretion of the SG) which you can allocate to one or more skills.

Just to clarify, you earn one or the other, not both--but this means that if you have an adventure for a few days during a season you're doing labwork, it can still be a productive season XP-wise.


Yes, I didn't mean both. Poor wording on my part. My point was that adventure xp would be higher and could still be applied to more than skill, including the Cult Lore skill.

That was my basis for taking exposure rather than making it an adventure, although reading it again there may be more than one interpretation. If you guys think I’m OK to do it as an Adventure I will.

Oops, it was a mystery initiation? No, in that case, you do have to take Exposure and only Exposure. And yeah, the rule, as you quoted above, is pretty explicit (in doing Viola's advancement, I did it like you did--mind you, her familiar earned adventure XP's for those seasons).


I think we have been loose and generous enough. Whichever is the way you already have it though, go with that. We don't need to micro bean-count every little past detail. Chatacters all have different life circumstances. Just get the character in the main thread and lets work out all the difficulties in play. In play is the best way, because you may discover that many problems are irrelevant.

Make it 40XP + exposure per year on average and it will be kosher. if you do not want to get adventure XP for a season of initiation (and that cpuld be counted as an advengture all by itself IMO) you can have a BIGGER adventure in 2 other seasons (say, 15 XP instead of 10) and there you go: 40XP/year :slight_smile:

Only if you want though. That would be for totally crackin' characters getting maxed out XPs. If you want to steal some XPs from yourself, fele free to do so :slight_smile:



It was my impression that it's not the 40 exp/year that we're adhering to, but the average of Q10/season. So seasons not spent on fruitful study (Questing, getting Initiated, working on items) don't count. That is, you don't get to take extra exp another season just because you were working on items or questing in seasons past.

I'm basically set regardless. Thanks to Jarkman for the neat ideas.

I'll add that it feels right to me to get only Exposure XP's during a mystery quest--after all, there's supposed to be some sacrifice in order to gain power.


JeanMichelle is correct - I think Marko's ruling is reasonable.

The bonesetter is a colourful character, it's just a bit odd to find a Jewish character out in rural Catalonia. Let's remember that the covenant is allowed to have a collection of "odd fellows" as it were...

By explanation:

IIRC, there were reasonable sized Jewish populations within specific cities of NE "Christian" Iberia (Barcelona springs to mind) but they were tolerated as poorly as elsewhere in Mythic Europe. I'd have to check about other cities though - Zaragoza at this time has a sizeable Jewish community but is fairly far south. The northern Catalan counties are pretty homogenously Christian although there are Jewish populations in Occitania (Provencal).

Xavi is quite correct about the implications of being a Moslem in Catalonia at this time, but for a grog a Minor Flaw is worthwhile as otherwise there's no more than a caricature - eg. Hassan the Moorish porter rather than Hassan the Moorish porter with a lost love and visions etc etc...

As the Reconquest proceeds, most of the northern Iberian Muslims (who are theoretically orthodox Sunni Muslims with a more freewheeling attitude inherited from the Umayyad caliphate days rather than fundamentalist Almoravid or Almohad Berbers) flee to Andalusia.

Oddly, once the Crown of Aragon (Aragon and Catalonia ruled via the Counts of Barcelona) expands south of the Ebro towards Valencia etc, a large proportion of particularly poor rural Muslims choose to stay in the hinterlands and become known as "mudejar" (precursors of the later Moriscos). Most of the educated "Moors" flee south to Andalusia and the Maghreb however. In this case, Moorish grogs with the Minor Flaw: Outsider would actually be commonplace.

More common than either would be Mozarabs - Iberian Christians from Andalusia who have adopted much of Arabic Culture and speak both Arabic and the Latinus / Mozarab dialect of Spanish. Such characters could be represented by the "Judged Unfairly" Minor Flaw (Companions/Magi) rather than the Outsider Major Flaw.

Andorra is really far north however, so although a Muslim character may be an interesting idea for Companions and Magi (what happened to the Moorish Bonisagus BTW), Muslim grogs are a bit far fetched just yet - perhaps during play though?



Thanks. It was a pleasure.

BTW I have some ideas for Muslim magi if the Bonisgaus player is still interested.



I created a npc faerie companion for Scott/Viola, as per the Faerie Companion virtue. What do you guys think?

Ian MacNaught : This is not his real name, merely the name he uses when adopting a male human guise.
Faerie Might: 15 (3 pawns Muto)
Characteristics: Int +1, Per +5, Com +0, Pre +0, Str +0, Sta +0, Dex +0, Quik +0
Size: 0
Age: n/a
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues: +0 Faerie-Doppleganger (Doppleganger Heritage (+2 to Guile), Faerie Eyes (Second Sight), Immune to Age, Fatigueless, Compulsion-imitate and mock others), +6 Additional Powers (total of 75 levels), +2 Great Perception (twice), +1 Keen Vision, +1 Well Traveled, +1 Tough, +1 Arcane Lore
Flaws: -3 Indiscrete, -1 Curious, -1 Minor Malediction (he is always wearing a hat, no matter what form he takes, and it as if it was a part of his head because it can never come off), -1 Offensive to Animals
Personality Traits: Obsessed with Imitating people +4, Blabbermouth +3, Curiosity +2, Loyal +1, Brave -1
Reputations: 8)
Soak: +
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: All Languages 5, Athletics 2 (contortions), Art of Memory 2 (specific people he has seen), Awareness 2 (what people look and act like), Brawls 3 (in any form), Carouse 3 (party all night long), Charm 3 (schmooze), Faerie Lore 3 (faerie habits), Faerie Magic 1 (lab assistant), Finesse 3 (his changing power), Folk Ken 3 (rogues), Guile 2+2 (impersonation), Hunting 2 (tracking), Legerdemain 3 (sleight of hand), Magic Theory 1 (Faerie Magic Only), Order of Hermes Lore 1 (House Merinita) Second Sight 3 (illusions), Stealth 3 (hide), Survival 2 (foraging), Swim 2 (underwater)
Encumbrance: 0
Impersonation, Shapeshifting, & Transformation (Cost: Variable, Initiative +0)
This allows him to adopt the guise of any person he has seen or anyone he has touched. At higher levels it allows him to take the forms of animals, plants, and even inanimate objects. He can maintain each shape indefinitely, until he chooses to adopt another form. However, no matter what form he takes he is always wearing some kind of a hat or a cap that calls attention to himself. The cost to use this power depends on the degree of change. He can only adopt the forms of people and other things that he has seen and/or touched, but he can mutate that form if he desires. It costs nothing to merely adopt the appearance of someone with approximately the same physique (within one point of any of his physical characteristics). More extreme changes cost more might points as this chart indicates. He can be detected as a changed being by an appropriate Intellego spell.

Creation Notes : The Creation Rules I used are adapted from the Merfolk Rules I used in Novus Mane. This is not balanced, and I did not make precise calculations. When RoP-Magic and RoP-Faerie come out, those will totally supersede these ad-hoc rules. This is for NPC faeries only, not player characters. Jarkman has worked up some pretty clever temporary Mythic Faerie Companion rules if you want to create a Jinn companion.

All Faeries begin with the Free Virtue of Faerie; which includes a Faerie Might score (see below), the Virtue of Faerie Eyes (which included Second Sight), and Immunity to both Aging and Fatigue Loss. Also choose a Faerie Heritage, granting a specific bonus as described in the Faerie Blood Virtue. Also choose a Minor Personality Flaw specific to the quirky nature of their kind. For the Doppleganger, this includes +2 to all rolls involving Guile, as they are good at imitating others and fooling people. The Minor Personality Flaw is an Obsession with impersonating and mocking other people.

Faeries have a might score based upon Age Category, which is somewhat arbitrary, but uses the following rule of thumb: 5 to 10 for a youngling, 15 to 20 for young adults, 20 to 30 for mature adults, and 30+ for elders. This may be adjusted for factors such as status and so forth. They may begin with a number of levels of powers equal to their base Might score. As a Minor Virtue that may be taken multiple times, they may add +10 levels to the pool of available powers. Faeries may take twice as many Virtue points as Flaw points. Starting Experience points equals 45 + (Might x 20). They also begin with All Languages 5 and their own unique Faerie Language 5. In the case of

This seems unfair to other companions, as, combined with their powers, this essentially make them mythic companions.
With their high might, agelessness and fatigueless, they are maybe even more powerfull than nephilim or devil childs, although this is not a great bother since no one plays one.

The all language thingie bothers me here, as it is both powerfull (equivalent to the Gift of Tongues minor Heroic virtue - again a mythic companion thing in a "normal" companion- ) and especially as it overshadows I-can't-recall-whose-character, who took many languages at full cost in order to become a translator.

Other than this, no problem

By the way, the still-under-very-slow-construction Andorra wiki