Table Talk: (Out of Character)

I'd still like to play a Redcap companion of some sort, as I keep coming back to it as something I've not played. I'll rewrite the concept so it's more "black-sheep" than the version I posted.
If I make him a right scoundrel then there is a reason for him to be sent away to live with the other drop-outs.(?)
Edit: anyone like an association to a redcap?

I'm always happy for interesting connections.

Everyone likes an association with a Redcap. :slight_smile:

I've been thinking of a companion character to make up and have been looking for a kind of misfit that might work well with this covenant of misfit toys. Three ideas have come up that I wanted to send up the flagpole.

My first idea is a man who was exchanged for a changeling and was then raised in Faerie (Raised by Faerie Flaw). Now he's back and finds that he doesn't really fit in with much of the rest of the world.

My second idea is a fallen monk. Basically a headstrong former monk who never really got in line with the whole 'obedience' part of being a monk and ultimately got booted out. Now he makes a living tutoring the children of the wealthy in reading and writing. But he'd be glad for something more.

My third idea is someone who could really fit into any upbringing. It's someone who lived his life normally until he encountered magic. From that point he was hooked (Magical Fascination Flaw). Now he's offered his services to the covenant just so that he can be around people who do mafic. This is the least developed idea, since he could be just about anything before he got hooked on magic.

What do the rest of you think?

Hmm, Koschei hasn't been on the site since April 1st.

Paging Koschei!

Did you send him a private message? If he hasn't been on these boards, it is unlikely that he will see this until he returns, whereas a PM will pop up in his emails.

I hope he's all right. :neutral_face:

Good idea.

I agree that I hope nothing has happened. We all think that's unlikely, but once on another forum I game on we had someone disappear for three months with no word. When he came back he said that he'd been in an auto accident and was in a coma for a couple of months. So you never know.

FYI, I sent a PM a week ago and it's still in my outbox.

Fingers crossed you get a ping back soon. A few months away from pbp game isn't a sin, and I'm hoping we all get to continue. The characters here are great.

Me too!

FWIW, my message to Koschei is still in my outbox, unread. Not looking promising.

Three months without any news, my guess is that the saga will not be starting. :frowning:

Guess I'll keep my character concepts and reuse them in the next saga. I really liked my magus, and the smuggler's concept held a spark I hadn't felt for a long time regarding companions.

Three months and my message to him is still in my outbox. I fear you're right and this saga will never see the light of day.

Consiedring that it's been over 9 months without news from Koschei, should we ask Atlas to archive this saga?

I think so. My message to Koschei is still in my outbox. He hasn't even been on to read his messages.