Table Talk: Resolutions and Rulings of Charter

The F2F saga I'm running is in its 10th year, but since it's the only saga I've run, it may be an oddity.

I've seen two. One in a ftf saga years ago that actually made it 35 years in-game before I left, and one here that made it eight years before the GM burned out.

That is exactly why we have to break the habit of stacking events on top of each other and let some time loose :wink:

Perfect by me.

Andorra is almost ready enough to have the first 5 years gone already. It could already be over if we didn't kept wanting to have things happen now! :wink:

Yet, what's the problem? Things seem pretty similar between journeymen and masters anyway.
I remember the old times when autumn and winter covenants had lots of different ranks piled on each other... :blush: