Take Curse - can it affect Flaws?

Can the Gruagach magic of Take Curse remove General and Supernatural (other than Divine, Faerie or Infernal) Flaws?
I as unclear, since the Gruagach magic of Give Blessing or Give Curse can clearly affect General and Supernatural Virtues.

Hmmm that's an interesting question. I'd probably rule "No" (assuming that the Flaw in question is of natural origin and not the result of hostile magic). This is because the Take/Curse guidelines in general seems very much tailored on removing malicious magical effects rather than otherwise improving the target.

That said, I do think Give/Blessing should probably be capable of temporarily nullifying the effects of some flaws. If you decide to take this approach, just allow a flaw to be nullified using a Grant Virtue guideline of equal type and value.

By the wording of the rules, no. It can only remove curses as described in the box text.

Thematically -assuming your players don't immediately try to abuse this for all its worth, I'd probably allow it to be used as an inverse of take blessing, because all these spells have a duration, and having someone's flaw-removing spell fail at an inconvenient moment allows for dramatic possibilities.