Takeing on animal qualities

Okay, so what level MuCo would it be to take on animal qualities? I've been looking over it and Eyes of the Cat MuCo 5 seems to be the president. So would taking on bear claws be the same level? The other option is to do something like Shape of the Woodland Prowler and make it Part. Any thoughs?

Second, how would makeing a spell like edge of the razor work on claws and what level would be base. I was thinking (base 3 change the limb of an animal)

I have a player with such a spell. IIRC, I went with a base level 2 for small claws (which still let you use your hands) and level 3 for large claws (which do not). Or maybe I left them both at level 2 because of that trade-off. I can't quite remember.

Sounds fine.

What confuses us is why this doesn't require an Animal Requisite.

Eye of the cat does, IIRC. A free requisite, of course. So these should, too.