Tales of Power Intro now live!

Hey all,

I thought those of you eagerly awaiting the release of Tales of Power might appreciate a look at the Introduction for the book. This is a relatively spoiler-free preview of what to expect, illustrated by Christian St. Pierre who is also responsible for the cover art. Check it out here!

Nice! Looks like a really cool book!


Each of these stories looks like something I'll really enjoy playing. Can't wait !

This is eagerly awaited. Amazon.com says may 27th

Quick, someone do some science. What's the average duration from announcement that the book is off to the printer to someone posting "I have it"?

However long it takes Erik?

Depends how long it takes to be delivered to the lucky buggers who playtested it.

I assume the geographical vicinity to the Nephews affects delivery [strike]speed[/strike]time.

I was on top of this a few years ago but I'd have to go through the announcements and "I got it" posts to figure an answer out now the same as you.

I'm sure that is somewhat true but in the past I know they've shipped their international orders first and saved the order for my local game store that shares warehouse space with them for last. As with printing times, my children and my PhD program have conspired to keep me from paying close attention to the speed of new book arrival for the last few years .

The Atlas blog confirms that this is now on its way to distributors, which is nice.