talisman question re: shape material bonuses

towards the end of talisman creation (pg98) it says "...and only the highest bonus applies"

to clarify, does this mean that if you have

Ruby, courage +2 The Mysteries Revised Edition p33
Lion's blood, courage +3 The Mysteries Revised Edition p33
Topaz, courage +4 Ars Magica fifth edition p110
Lion's mane, courage +5 Ars Magica fifth edition p110

then you would only get the +5?

What kind of an answer do you expect? The rules are clear.

Weep, munchkins!

That's exactly how I read it; furthermore, if there are two different attunements that both apply to the spell (like Corpus and "affect things at a distance"), only the highest attunement applies.

Obviously, the rules are not clear on all counts. Agnar has demonstrated in the past that he is not an idiot, therefore his question bears asking. I would further put forth that if the rules were CLEAR, then MOST of the posts on this forum would not have been posted.

As for the part about 'kind of answer', I would expect he would like an answer that is polite and informative...

Such as this:

If we offend, it is but with good will.


Atunements don't stack.

They bonuses stack when computing an applicable laboratory total for instilling an effect into the talisman (the total is still capped at magic theory) so having redundant shape and material bonuses in a talisman isn't totally redundant.