Target: Group and stacking

Consider a Target: Ind spell whose effects "stack" -- e.g. being hit by two Incantations of Lightning is more damaging then being hit by only one. If that spell is re-invented with Target: Group (at +2 magnitudes) creating 10 instances of the base spell, could one "stack" two or more instances just as if the base spell had been multicast?

Do I get you right?

CrAu45 Chain-lightning
The target is struck by 10 bolts of lightning (doing the usual damage each).

CrAu45 Chainlightning: Mastery 3
-->40 bolts of lightning!

Hmmm ... yes, and so?
It seems you are implying it would be unbalancing, but the specific example you give seems ok to me.
2 extra magnitudes not only means the spell is harder to research, but also that you have -10 to your penetration total.
And getting struck by 4 lightning bolts or 40 often makes little difference.

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that.

The only downside to this stacking is that each individual bolt has to deal with soak.

There is even the option of adding +2 group; +1 big group.

That would mean CrAu50 the target is struck by 100 bolts of lightning (and gains a warping point because it's a high magnitude effect).
I wonder if the same can be done with CrVi
The target gets
2 warping points, but 10 times!

This just hit me....
Would that mean that a multicast BOAF at the target would send it into twilight?


Hm, really depends on what you consider an event.

Anyway, if there is twilight from multiple casting, then only the first two spells would hit the target, because after that, she's gone... . Group effects on the other side can make sure that your target is dead, deadder, grand-dead.

I think, for the creo spells, seeing as the object created (ie, lightning bolt or BoAF) is the capital T target that I wouldn't warp the recipient.

On the other hand it now occurs to me that if a character fast casts a range personal CrVi spell that gives the target 2 warping points, they have a possible defense against nearly anything as characters in twilight cannot be harmed. They'll have to deal with the twilight but they won't have to deal with whatever is targeting them.

I don't believe that the target of the lightning storm would gain any Warping Points, as they're not the Target of the spell. I want to say it's similar to the "having a flight cast upon you" vs. the "being in a flying castle" distinction on p. 168 of the main rulebook, but I'm not remembering if there are any more distinct examples off the top of my head, although I seem to remember discussions about whether BoAF causes Warping (and, iirc, the consensus was that it doesn't).

Haven't we had this damage vs. group discussion before somewhere in this forum?
As far as I recall the above wasn't possible (maybe that was a house rule call though, I'm not sure);

1 spell deals damage once, period (... unless for obvious reasons its a spell with a prolonged effect).

For reasons of game mechanics, game balance etc. we have decided that an extra two magnitudes for Group, just increases damage by two magnitudes (often +10).

Even if the twilight is zero-time?