Teaching Rooms

In one of the last sessions with my group, we finaly started to use the new laboratory rules from Covenants. Because the covenant of the players is rich (up to 500 pounds per year income) every magus now gets ~10 points bonus to his highest combination of spezialisations and general quality. One of the magi that plans to get an apprentice very soon used the rules to make a lab with a general quality of +3 and a teaching speziaisatzion of 5 so his apprentice will get 8 points additionaly if he is taught in the room.
After this we discussed why this could only happen in hermetic laboratories, and not in schools, universitys or special rooms for teaching.

Let us assume that the university of Oxford is very rich, big, well-known in the middle ages and it have the money to create good learning methods. Why shouldnt such a big player (or a covenant outside a lab, or a special room in a monastery ect) use rules likle the laboratory rules to build a room with things like Greater/Lesser features/Foci, a Gallery, Greater/Lesser Expansion, Palatial, Opulent, Superior Equipment/Tools, Highly Organized and the proper Flaws lik the Focus or the issing Equipments/Tools ect.

For building such a room a skill in Teaching and not in Magic Theory is required, but you can set up it in one season instead of two.

That's a houserule if I've ever seen one.

If you want to equate skill in Teaching to Magic Theory, and suggest that Teaching allows a Teacher to achieve parallel feats that a Mage with Magic Theory can achieve, knock yourself out.


I dont understand you? Or did I forget to say that of course these teaching rooms can only be used for teaching someone?
Why should a hermetic lab without magical assistance be better to teach someone than a romm only made for this purpose and with a simular upkeep?

Edit: a damn me: I should read the rules properly... the maximum bonus is 3... ok then forget it :wink:
But I think this bonus will be available for everyone that sets up aromm for teaching.

From the description of General Quality on page 110 of Covenants:

Well I'm not following either of you. If a lab is set up with all sorts of virtues that give bonuses to the teaching specialization (greater feature for +3, gallery for +1, A few killer magic items for for additional boni, etc.) why shold the total teaching bonus be limited to +3? Is there some rule that I've missed ?

As for a teacher using the lab specialization rules to develop the ultimate classroom, I had previously considered the some idea for scribes. You could add the greater focus flaw and balance it with the greater Feature virtue for seven points in the specialization.

The rules clearly weren't designed to be used for non magi, yet it doesn't make sense that a laboratory would be a better place to learn Ancient Greek than a classroom and a better place to transcribe tractati on fencing than a scriptorum. I prefer to just ignore that bit of wierdness and hope that none of my players bring it up (so far so good).

Yeah it is writen under the description of the Teaching specialisation... but this is a very important restriction, because otherwise there could be teachers out there that grant you more than 30 exp per season...

But a bonus of +3 for teachers and even more for scribes and for smiths, woodworkers, glasblowers ect for flawless tools, a servant, magical items or something like this should be good and fit into the setting.

So it is. thanks!

Three cheers for playtesters and/or authors with foresight.

Don't forget that teachers in universities would teach to whole classes more often than individual students. A teaching specialization would mostly only offset the loss of that bonus.

But even with this, a teacher that works on an university or a famous private teacher should have the good teacher virtue and a teaching skill of at least 5 and a Com of at least 2 (probably the big ones have Affinity and Puissant Teaching and a legendary Commuication...)... with a +3 bonus for a "teaching room" everyone in the class would get 21 exp even if there were 50 pupils. If there is no limit for the teaching bonus from a lab/teaching room they could get 30 per season... that would mean 120 exp per year.