Teleportation of Inanimate Objects

Does anybody know the guidelines for teleporting inanimate objects?

I've got a Bjornaer who wants to be able to teleport clothing so he can alternate human and animal clothing while travelling.

HoH: TL uses the Base 1 for ReAn(Manipulate Animal product objects at a distance) with R: Arcane to teleport a hankerchief to an AC destination.

My SG says that another guideline applies. I believe him, but I have no idea what it might be. Surely it won't be as tough as the ReCo guidelines? After all, warding against or controlling animals is way, way easier than the same with human bodies!

(Base 2 for warding live animals, Base 1 for animal products like leather.)

Does anybody have the guidelines?

I was certain I posted this morning.

In short, LoH or MoH brings us terram general guideline for teleporting inanimate matter (as the telekinesis spell in the core rule book).
The guideline is the same scale as corpus for "+2 metal". Thus for normal dirt 25 is teleporting to arcane. Just retro engineer that.

I highly recommend going to the Atlas website and downloading the pdf of spell guidelines. All those guidelines are in there so your questions will be answered very quickly. I need to update the pdf after getting a few of the more recent books, but the pdf is certainly up to date through those. While there I also recommend picking up a few of the other pdfs. I really love the one about real books, and I find the virtues and flaws one immensely helpful.


OK, I've seen spell guidelines, but the different forms don't line up on different levels.

For example, Warding against live animals is base 2

Warding against live humans (corpus) is base 15 !!!
At least according to the index. I've seen versions of the spell at ReCo30 (in the guidelines) and ReCo10 (in HoH: Societas).


Given that in neither case does Corpus and Animal add up, how can someone figure out the teleport options for one from the other?

HoH:S says level 30, not level 10, when you include an extra 3 magnitudes (+1 Touch, +2 Ring). It's confusing that ward guidelines are listed in different ways, but these are consistent.


Assume that Animal is the same level as Corpus or Mentem unless the guidelines explicitly say otherwise (in which case go with the guidelines). As an example, check out the power (in the section about Familiars) that allows the mage to find his familiar -- the base level used is 3, exactly the same InCo guideline that allows one to find humans, but InAn instead of InCo.

The HoH:TL "teleport the silk handkerchief" spell is simply incorrect (for multiple reasons). The whole HoH:TL, in fact, is infested with spells that do not follow the guidelines and should be erratad.

Send the specific spells to David. I did this with The Ambulatory Laboratory. He put it in the errata very quickly. You can check the errata thread at the top to see how to send stuff to him.