Teleportation requisites for belongings?

Somehow I felt that Rego Corpus teleport spells required animal/terram/herbam requisites to avoid being teleported naked... But I can't find references to this issue in the books... Am I misremembering something from an earlier edition?
If some personal items can be brought without requisites, how do you rule how far that extends? Is anything carried in hands or in a bag fair game?

If you enchant a Seven League Stride in an item, to a fixed place via arcane connexion, do you require a finesse 9+ roll when triggered (potentially by a non mage with low intelligence and no finesse score)?

While there is support to casting requisites under the RAW[1], I think this is a YSMV issue. If you want your magi to easily transport themselves about, then waive the requisites. If you want to make it difficult, include them. I like each interpretation for different kinds of sagas. Even if you end up requiring requisites, a few magi will pursue the spell and deal with the consequences, such as creating clothing...

[1] Nothing is clear, but by definition ReCo can't directly affect Animal, Herbam and Terram (also Aquam and Vim if they are carrying water/wine or vis). I was thinking that the ReTe transport guideline on page 92 of Magi of Hermes mentioned requisites, but it does not. I'm still inclined to think it necessary.

IMS we waive the requisites for strictly personal items, and arcane connections. Everything else adds a req at cast time.

Eg clothes are ok, a backpack is not. A dagger might be ok, but a lance would not. It's messy, but the idea is to enable the magus without breaking the guideline or the intent of the spell.

If you use other Rego Corpus spells, those that hurl a person about, or lift them gently in the air, or even hold them still, none of those require requisites regardless of whether if the person is wearing armor, holding a bag of gold, dangling a dog by the neck, or holding a wood mallet, or not.

So extend that to the "teleportation" effects of the Re/Co spells and I think the argument could be made that anything the person is carrying or holding, that is reasonably portable, should go with them. Because I do not see the spells as actually teleporting people, but rather translating them quickly, instantaneously if you must, from one point to another.

If a person is able to be affected, no matter what they are wearing or holding, by a Re/Co spell normally without the requisites, but then when the time comes to translate yourself a vast distance, suddenly those objects are a hinderance then I feel that would give rise to requisites for many other spells.

If I remember I think the argument comes down to is the spell translating a person so fast that it seems instantaneous, or is it actually teleporting someone. For me the idea of teleporting seems to not be fathomable by the minds and science of the times, however moving so swiftly that a person cannot count a measure seems plausible.

At best I would limit it to carrying 50 lbs as the RotFB spell, because the way I see it, yes the spell is ONLY targeting the Corpus and as such anything that target is carrying or wearing is just that, being carried and being worn.

Why not?
There´s plenty of it in mythology. And they´re not restricted by feeling a need for a "scientific" explanation.
You go from A to Z without passing anything in between.

Except all that stuff being carried is worn by the body as the body is magically affected. It isn't that the spell acts on the clothes it's that the clothes are worn and carried along by the body. If the person drops the sword or removes clothes they will fall.

Now if the spell makes the target disappear at point A and reappear at point B, without actual physical movement, as the spells Leap of Homecoming and The Seven League Stride and Wizard's Leap suggest, then it is pretty reasonable to assume that it acts on the body only (Corpus) and items which are worn/carried down't come along for the trip without requisites.

I have to admit, the idea that the person undergoes massive acceleration is dramatically interesting, justifies the difference between clothes and large items, and does make me understand the point of the finesse roll... But also implies that obstacles like being chained to a wall, or having the target in a closed room, would block the spell.
Given the difference in difficulty and vis cost between enchanting a Seven League Stride and casting annually a Hermes Portal, I like those limitations.

ANybody has an idea about the finesse roll for a Seven League Stride enchanted in an item? Does the enchanter roll it once at enchantment or the user everytime?

My previous saga ignored casting requisites.
My current saga uses casting requisites - but that's less of an issue since no-one can teleport yet.

One saga I played in shortly used casting requisites for teleportation - causing the magi to make most of their clothes from human skin :unamused:

I believe the user of the device makes the finesse roll and the user possesses the AC.

A couple answers, only one of them RAW.

Regarding casting requisites, I can't remember if it's stated anywhere else but Societates clearly states that only a Talisman is considered part of a caster.

Societates p36

I remembered the above because I used the same theory in crafting a "Summon My Staff" enchantment.

As for my feelings about them, I don't like the idea of multiple requisites. I'm toying with either increasing the Mag by +1 and allowing personal items or simply allowing personal items/clothing to travel within reason. For example, Leaping a knight would require a Te requisite but an archer wouldn't require an He req. Sheer mass being the issue.

As for enchantments, in my interpretation, the Leap of Homecoming requires a specific spot so no Finesse roll is needed. It's in the enchantment and specific to one location. As for Seven-League Stride, I would think that the user needs to make a Finesse roll each time it is used since each use is different.