teleportation requisites

In my saga, I am somewhat slack about enforcing requisites when releporting (Bonisagus' magic theory acknowledges Original Sin and people shoulbe clothed, et al)

However cargo should be a different matter.
Hypothetical - you are using Arcane connection destination "Seven League Stride" to escape a burning library with an irreplaceable volume, one that is 3 feet long and its intricately tooled leather cover is inlaid with siler and gold, and a couple of gems.

That book probably should require a teleportation requisite, but how much?

Animal for the leather cover, and the pages
Aquam and or/Herbam and Terram for the ink
Terram for the metal and gems.

So could be 3-4 requisites

See Transforming Mythic Europe p. 107. The short story is your saga may vary. If you're taking their approach - ask yourself if one summae is enough to generate an Encumbrance of 3 for the character carrying it, which will vary depending on strenght. If so, then the number of requisites used will vary based on weight distribution between the forms.


People have different views on this topics and in fact, it is left to the troupe to adjudicate specifically what is acceptable without requisit or enforce strict requisit application. If you do a little research just in 2023 on this topic, you will find plenty of discussion, including one about the validity of true teleportation within Mythic Europe paradigm, with quotations from miracles performed by saint if your troupe wants to investigate this possibility.

One option to consider is fast movement vs teleportation.
Fast movement allows a near-instant movement from one place to the other as long as there is no physical obstacle between the two places, whereas teleportation is disappearance from one place and reappearance at the destination. Both happen within one round, so for the untrained eye, they look identical.

Where they differs is in the details and here we enter the territory of personal preference and interpretation, so following is only my personal view.

Near-instant movement pro & con:

  • Everything the target carries move with her, no requisit needed. I personally add that it is valid until the target is heavily encumbered, otherwise casting requisit(s) are required
  • The transport is done more or less in a straight line (but in the mage does not need to see her final destination if he uses an AC), so any significant obstacle with interrupt the spell. Because magic "carries" the target, I do not consider river or chasm as significant obstacles, but anything that could disrupt the magic (divine aura from a city, Aegis, Infernal aura) will.
  • The destination must be "open" - magic won't open door or break wall, so any enclosed destination is of limit. If the caster is aware of that, the spell fail, if he is unaware of that, the spell drop the target as close as possible to the destination (personal touch). So it won't work to leave a prison or a cage.
  • Because the spell is designed as a mean of transportation, it cannot be used to push people against obstacle, but it can move them high in the air.
  • Finesse required for smooth transport.
  • Held item or person needs to break free first.


  • Beside supernatural wards, nothing can stop teleportation. TP in a city is possible, it is the aura where the caster stands while casting that matters. Obviously, a divine edict can stop teleportation (or any form of magic for that matter).
  • Each Form on the target must be included as casting requisit for the target to have everything with her. Correlation: if use only with Corpus and no casting requisit, the spell can leave somebody nacked/disarmed - quite useful.
  • Anything the target carries and is included as casting requisit is moved. Touching is not enough to be considered carried.
  • Finesse roll is required to avoid unpleasant landing.
  • Teleportation spell can be used effectively in combat by moving targets high in the air and let them fall to their death, or sending them directly into a jail.
  • TP inside solid object is not possible.
  • TP of item is possible, even if held (whereas near-instant movement need to break free from the hold).
  • Obviously, this variant is requisit-heavy, but has a bit more potential.

So, pick up your preference and discuss with your troupe.
Initially, I was skeptical of the near-instant movement, but after weighing pro and con, I found both variants have their merit and a place in my games.

I am all for a harsher intepretation of the teleportation rules, if nothing else because it encourages a "necromancer dressed entirely in human leather and bone" aesthetic.

The ink: it depends: the gallnut based one effectively burned the parchement over time thanks to the acid, with the charcoal/soot being used more to help the scribe visualise where they wrote. Of course, if there is gold leafing, or other colours then extra prerequsitites come up...

Talking about requisit, don't forget the Vim requisit unless the mage leaves his precious virtus behind him :wink:


@Red-Shadow-Claws you wrote

ReTe teleportation should be used for inanimate objects bc Terram is the main form for objects. If an item consists mostly other type of material that could be a requisite instead of Terram, but both ways the ReCo teleportation spell can carry items with the target what could be reasonably carried by the person.
A big book - as in the example - can totally be teleported with Terram OR Animal requisite.

While ReTe is used to teleport such a book, Terram doesn't even cover the requisites in such a case. Even that ReTe effect would need an Animal requisite for the type of book described. If Terram is insufficient to handle the requisite normally, I would not think Terram could handle the Animal requisite when teleporting with such a book.

This is the exact guildeline about ReAn teleportation:
"ReAn 10: Transport an animal instantly up to 5 paces. Non living Animal products use ReTe"
Non-living Animal products - such as a big book :smiley:

Nobody has mentioned extra magnitudes for gold and gems.
Doesn't apply?

The troupe appears to be leaning towards the Teleportation interpretation.

Yes, I know. But now look at the ReTe guideline and you'll see it's just what I said:

Transport a non-living object instantly up to 5 paces. For objects larger than something that can be comfortably held in two hands, size modifiers are necessary. Casting requisites may be needed if the item is primarily not under the Form of Terram. [MoH p.92 and TME p.107]

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If it is just a requisit (= a minor component of a larger item), no need to add additional modifiers (the system does not handle Terram requisit combined with difficulty for metal/gem). But to teleport a live-size statue made of gold, the mage is better to have a customized spell.

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There was a huge thread about what is personal range, and teleporting was mentioned there.

RAW, I have to imagine your personal effects come with you when teleporting. One reason for this thought is in the description of 7 league stride.
"Praefactus of Bonisagus’s version of this spell always allows him to appear in a safe, unembarrassing place (assuming he doesn’t fail his Finesse roll)."

The lack of the further words "therefore Praefactus has an animal herbam and terram requisite in his 7 league stride spell, so all his clothes come with him" or, "Praefactus leather suit, if ones looks closely, they will notice it is cured human skin, not cow skin." seem compelling, as arriving naked would be embarrassing.

I'd consider anything large enough that can't reasonably fit in an acceptable pack, isn't personal. An acceptable pack is something one could reasonably haul for a decent march. Bag over shoulder, backpack fine. I would consider an item needs to be "stowed" to be in personal range. Carrying the book in one's hand, not good enough.

Requisites are interesting. To be able to teleport everything the magi is carrying if we say requisites are required, a 7 league stride would need to be level 45, 3 lots of +5 for herbam, terram and animal. If one wants to bump up the difficulty because it's gems not sand, that seems a brutally high spell level already, and no need to get higher.

If it is just casting requisites added, they won't bump up the spell level.

Casting requisites change neither the Form nor the level of a spell. No bump up for each casting requisite, and no bump ups for gems.

As for RAW, RAW is extremely explicit on this:

Ars Magica Fifth Edition does not specify whether casting requisites are needed for instant transportation, and this may be left to the interpretation of the troupe. (TME p.107)

But very-fast movement using the same guideline (e.g. Gift of the Frog's Legs) or flight guidelines generally does not require requisites:

Spells to levitate or fly do not require casting requisites, neither, apparently, does Gift of the Frog’s Legs which uses a guideline for instant transportation. (TME p.107)

It goes on to discuss significant burden carried.


Page 115 core rule book.

+0 magnitudes
+1 magnitude or more
No requisite"

It enhances the spell effect. The spell still works without requisites, the caster teleports, just naked. if it's determined requisites are required, I'd say level 45.

As ErikT said: p 115, middle column "Some requisits are not listed... they only apply when the spell is being used in a certain way...".

So there are two main TP spells: ReCo for human being, ReTe for items. Requisits relevant for the target.
Obviously, if a mage TP his horse, then ReAn is another specific TP spell to have, etc...

Thus, the Herbam and Terram requi-
sites that allow a spell to change a clothed man
into a bird do not add any levels, because they do
not significantly increase the power of the spell.
Core book p114

By the same reasoning, I'd say the requisites needed (if needed at all) to teleport a clothed man would not add any levels.

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You're not looking at casting requisites!!! You're quoting rules for non-casting requisites while talking about casting requisites.