That book on Egypt... the upcoming one :)

Yes, so I've asked this question before, but that was a year ago. I believe a very kind author replied with "it's in the works" or "planned" or so. Any rough guideline as to what is coming up next after the Transylvania Tribunal book? Perhaps maybe a sneak indication as to like "Q2 2013" or so? :slight_smile:



Our Saga is actually set in Egypt. I am sort of afraid about what awesome ideas they would throw out there that woudl totally contradict what we have established.

Yes yes, I need news. I demand instant gratification

After the excitement of apprentices and grogs I am dying to see what clever ideas Atlas comes up with next

Well, the problem with this is that anyone working on a so-called Egypt book except the Line Editor will have signed a NDA and so will not be able to confirm or deny it's existence...

People can say they are not working on something but they can't admit that they are working on something.

It's like one of those logic puzzles where one villager always tells the truth and the other villager always lies.

So, if you post a thread like this and nobody amongst the author pool that has expressed interest in writing an Egypt book answers... draw your own conclusions. :slight_smile:



True, but the only reason he found out about the book in the first place was because, when he asked whether such a book was in the works Michelle Nephew confirmed that it was and David Chart further expounded upon it. So he's not entirely without hope of a reply...

Didn't David say "Not for literal years" or something like that? I should check the thread.

Added later: yes, Michelle said they have three years worth of books in development and David said (in January) that Egypt would be years, so I think your saga is safe from Official overwrite. 8) It's all in the Ask Atlas Forum.

I am sure anything atlas puts out will great.

I am just curious as what is coming up.

So am I! I didn't know about Apprentices until it was about to come out, and it had been in the pipeline for seven years! 8)

Isn't that almost as long as Sanctuary of Ice?

Oh, almost...

So... we shouldn't hold our collective breath?

There's a limit to how long you can hold your breath, so I'd say anticipate the next couple of years worth of releases; there's some exciting stuff coming up. I'm hoping that soon after the Grand Tribunal season we'll get some official word on what's coming out and in what order.

Speaking of what's coming up ...

What's happening with the Sub Rosa?

We have the art requests out for Issue 11and we have just a couple of articles pending. There's a scenario from an Ars Magica newcomer and Mark Shirley has given us some great material that complements Grogs brilliantly. So I think issue 11 should be out early September.