That's a heck of a roll....

This last weekend I made the roll of a lifetime:

Our characters were sent by Perun, a Slavic god, into an area of Faerie to investigate why his powers no longer prevailed there. We discovered a valley, which was devoted to a different god, had been systematically ruined by violence and corruption. It now obviously had an infernal aura.

After retrieving the object of our quest, we got out of there. Toward the end of the journey, we began to hear eerie sounds of pursuit, and fled for the end of the valley. We made it back into the faerie grassland and kept fleeing... but shortly thereafter 20 mongol horsemen emerged from the gloom and charged toward us, raising their black bows.

My archer knelt and aimed. When they were in far range, he released his first arrow. I rolled a 1.
And another 1.
and another 1.
and another 1.
and ANOTHER 1.
and finally, an 8.

The storyteller simply smiled, took a moment, and replied, "Your arrow flies through the air, and grazes the neck of the lead rider. Blood fountains as the arrow buries itself deep into the eye of the rider behind him. This rider releases his own arrow, which strikes the rider next to him in the chest, causing him to topple off his horse. The body causes the two riders behind him to crash into each other, and break the formation of the other riders."

We faced the rest of the riders, and fought bravely. Some handy "Crystal Darts" and "Entrapping Vines" helped out, but all of us were wounded pretty bad. In the end, the remaining riders fled.


Roll of a lifetime, though, I tell ya....

And seems to have come at a very good time as well. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sounds like a nice little saga evolving.

... the capper on the evening though was afterward, when our talkative mage accidentally said "we are in your debt" to the god. And the god took advantage of it, basically forcing the mage to swear to serve him or the character would never leave Arcadia.

As the mage is (was) christian, we entered into a long psycho-spiritual discussion afterward, with the player avidly feeling his character's guilt. Pretty awesome.



:laughing: Nice story firth! Sounds like a fun session


Lack of Faith, Lack of Hope! Grevious sins indeed!

Dammit, why is everyone playing a saga in Medieval Novgorod except me? :angry:

At least that roll was in combat...we had such a roll, but it was on a Perception roll. (This was for the Rabenstein saga, set in Styria, Austria.) The roll was 608, I think. What do you do with a Perception roll of 608?

The answer: "You see every sparrow in its nest, every leaf on its tree, and notice that some farm worker in the south of France forgot his hat."


Livonia for me. :wink:

sigh Close enough. And I wouldn't mind playing there either, after my visit to Riga last year.


we're Loch Legan as it has a large amount of great story, lots of hsitory and its the nearest tribunal to where we actually play the sage (which is NE England) but Scotland is better.... MacBeth loves a bit of haggis on Burns night ....

Sits back and waits for the Button police


Just depends on how many sagas you are in.

I have 4 online and 1 off with the following tribunals:

Stonehenge, Rhine, Novgorod, Provencal/Iberia border, Fantasy world with orcs and such.