the Aegis - comment

I reread the Aegis of the hearth ritual yesterday.
I realized that even if he was invited, A Verditius' items are still hampered.

I reread it again and it gets worse and more confusing:

  • Can a magus walk into an area covered by an Aegis (walk - not teleport)?
  • Can a magus whose invitation was withdrawn and who has left return?

Care to elaborate as to why you think this is the case?

A strict reading of the spell would suggest that effects from magic items possessed by an invited person that they themselves didn't create are resisted. I think most troupes ignore that.

A magus isn't (normally) a creature with a Might score, so they can walk in and out of an Aegis all they want.



Earlier in that paragraph magi are clearly included:

Since a magus doesn't have a might score - unless he's Quendalon - they seem to be unable to enter.

That's not how I've played it though.

You need to reread that section. You are confusing two things. Creatures with a Might score potentially can't enter. Magical (note the intentional lower case, not upper case) things with or without Might (which now includes magi) experience the tingle. Those are two different things. One is feeling the boundary, the other is being blocked by the boundary.

Familiars, on the other hand, are frequently blocked.


Since they don't have a Might score, they're not prevented from entering, either.

As an aside, something's been niggling at the back of my mind for a while. What's the size of an Aegis' area of effect in 5e? Is it the base 100 paces in diameter? I know it says "The entire covenant usually participates in the Aegis ritual, which often ends with the participants’ walking around the perimeter of the protected area in order to define it." but is the size limited by the base Boundary, or can it be bigger?

I ask, because, IMS, the magi's tower is separated from the covenfolk village by several hundred yards. The tower is atop a mountain, where the aura is strongest (and defensibility is greatest), while the village is situated in a saddle between two peaks, some 700 yards away; there simply isn't room for the village up on the mountaintop. Could the magi include the village in the Aegis simply by walking around it at the end of the casting? If so, would there need to be Concentration rolls involved? I'd like to know how other people would handle the situation, in their Sagas.

Aegis is one of those spells that don't entirely fit into normal hermetic theory (and not just because it's a legacy spell either!)
Most troupes I've played with, have been a bit fast-and-loose about the potential size of the boundary encompased by the Aegis spell. however, it still has to live up to the definition of a Boundary!
"This tower we live in, and that village over there that happens to be ours" isn't really good enough, because it's a political boundary, which magic is bad at. Several hundred yards sounds like they are too far apart to be within the same boundary, unless there's some other defining characteristic they have in common, like being sited on the same plateau or sitting in the same valley.

An aegis is a boundary spell. So the area of a regular boundary :slight_smile:

In our pen and paper saga we are using that limit. We're in a huge Aura of 1 with a moving (with the seasons) Aura of 4 within it. We have four covenant building sites and a separate town. We decided we need to work together to invent a very high level Aegis with a bigger boundary (a few km across).


Effects from magical devices that were neither created within the Aegis, nor present inside when it was cast, are resisted, so yes, your invited Verditius is much reduced in power until the next time the Aegis is cast.

The text is not very well written, but since an Aegis does not prevent an uninvited magus from walking around inside it (it justs makes it harder to cast spells) it won't prevent him from doing so even if the magus is invited and the invitation revoked. The bit about the person being prevented to re-enter (and in the sentence it just says person, not Magical creature, which is why it is less then clearly written) is meant for person prevented from entering in the first place.

As for size, an Aegis can certainly be invented for a larger boundary (+1 magnitude will make it 1 km across, quite large), but I for one would be lenient about this. The boundary also does not need to be a perfect circle (cannot be in fact, since it must be a well-defined man-made or natural boundary, and how many of those are perfect circles ?), so as long as the magi are willing to build a fence or something to define it, it could be quite convoluted, and as long as the covered area stays reasonable, I would accept it without extra magnitude.

Say, since we are talking about the Aegis: suppose the covenant, at least the important parts, are in a Regio, where would you put your Aegis ? Outside, to bar access to the regio entrance ? Inside, doing your best to cover the whole Regio ?

No, that's not quite right. It starts at 100 yards (meters are a fine substitute) across, and the area gets multiplied by ten for each magnitude. To get ten times the diameter (almost 1 km) you would need 100 times the area. That's +2 magnitudes.