The Alpine Apprentice Saga

Last night we had our 6th session; the apprentices explored the catacombs beneath the covenant of Sinews of Knowledge, some foreign apprentices were abducted by goblins, and the PCs had to rescue them. This involved being led into Goblin Town under armed guard, confronting the Goblin King, and persuading him to release the prisoners through a combination of flattery, bribes, and oaths.

The Alpine Apprentice saga continues with "Peregrinatio," a two-part story in which the apprentices find themselves embroiled in events historic, Hermetic, and momentous.

Starring: The Children's Crusade! Saint Nerius! Our First Twilight (tm)! Demonic attacks! And introducing the Saga's first Companion PC, Iovar the Faerie Huntsman!

The Alpine Apprentices completed their Peregrinatio last night.

Watch as the PCs cause the failure of the Children's Crusade!
Shudder as they come under attack by an insidious force that steals their most precious secrets!
Marvel as they protect King Frederick of Sicily on his journey with destiny!

Years have passed for the Alpine Apprentices and they have had many adventures.

A Criamon archmagus decided he wanted an Arcane Connection to God...
(My thanks to my player Jeremiah who ran this adventure for us all as a Beta SG)

Their beloved covenfolk Alys the Washer-Woman announced her marriage and then called it off just as swiftly. Apprentices to the rescue!
(And another grateful tip of the hat to John Post, who ran this game for us as a Beta SG)

And when Hugh of Flambeau never returned after an expedition against Infernalists, the apprentices were sent on a deniable rescue... to the Novgorod Tribunal!

It is now 1215 and the apprentices are nearing the end of their time in the Alps. But Grigori and the Shadow Magi are still out there, Ilsa and Martin are still among them, and their Gauntlets loom.

Heh, crazed Criamon indeed.

But yes, an arcane connection to God can be trivially acquired by stealing some flesh or blood from your local mass. Why you would want such a thing is beyond me.

That's exactly what Gustov discipulus Kentigern ex Miscellanea said!

The resulting debate on Magic Theory gave time for the rest of us to get the kidnapped nun out of the covenant.

cough Breandan. cough

Breandan can handle his own publicity. But Gustov's player does not live on these forums like you and I do, so I gotta speak up for him.

In all seriousness, I am so, so grateful for all my Beta Storyguides on this game. I've run Ars many times in the past and never had much success with getting players to GM. But this campaign has just been so wonderful. With three other people willing to tell stories, I have the luxury to sometimes spend a month developing big, exciting, complex adventures. I don't have to do that every time. Sometimes a simple adventure is a great and necessary change of pace. But if I DO want to plan a milestone adventure, I am never rushed.

So my thanks to Jeremiah, James and John for everything they have done. It has made all the difference in the world.

Oh, yeah, Gustov was doing a much better job of selling it. I just brought it up. The guy was clearly nutters, though. :smiley:

One of our Beta SGs ran a follow up to his Krampus adventure of a few sessions ago.

The Alpine Apprentices are currently in the year 1217 and their Gauntlets are looming. I'm in furious wrap-up-all-plot-threads mode, or at least all plots which require the PCs to be in the Greater Alps. ... aga-1/1216

Our first season of game play is nearing its climax.

Tonight's episode, "Caterpillars," showcases the fierce ardor of Mircalla, the Ghost of the Motherhouse. Along the way, we ritually murder the Criamon Prima.

All the salacious details: ... TOC-Autumn

HBO Ars Magica had its Season Finale last night, the second part of a two-session cliffhanger. ... aga-1/1218

In the first session, the apprentices traveled to the Covenant of Terragon Vale, where they met the Terragon Heirs, investigated the Vanishing Away, and fought a dragon. When they realized that the magi of Terragon Vale had discovered the location of the Cave of Bonisagus, the apprentices began to vanish one by one. In the end, all were claimed by the Vanishing Away ... and the Terragon Heirs were revealed to, in fact, be the Shadow Magi, infamous diabolists.

In the second session, the apprentices woke up singly or in pairs and confronted the Shadow Magi. Some of the diabolists were killed, some escaped, and some were allowed to leave in peace. The Cave of Bonisagus was explored and, in the climactic moment, one of their fellow apprentices who had been turned to diabolism was hurled into the Twilight Void.

After finding their way home, the apprentices completed their training and claimed their Hermetic names as the newest magi in the Order. They were given gifts by their parens and traveled to Hibernia on a magical flying ghost ship.

Much fun was had by all. Competing this 15 episode story arc has been a huge milestone for me personally and I've learned a lot not just about Ars Magica but about running games. I am deeply in debt to all my amazing players and their characters, now known as:

  • Cernunnos filius Kentigern ex Miscellanea
  • Victor filius Diana of Tremere
  • Samson filius Hugh of Flambeau
  • Polumeta filia Balbina of Verditius
  • Myrna filia Kynthia of Merinita
  • Innocentius filius Caterina, magus of House Tytalus

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