the badger & the magic theorist

One of our mages wants his familiar to be taught magic theory by another magus.

The familiar cannot speak, so is unable to ask questions, clarify points, ask for something to be repeated etc.

As magic theory is pretty much entirely theory based, I'm interested to hear what kind of penalties you would give to a badger trying to learn it from a monologue?

From a game perspective or a teacherly one? :slight_smile:

The tougher, Realism Storyguide in me says, "If the badger has some Artes Libreales (is literate), halve the quality, minimum 4. If it doesn't, award exposure in the first season, and practice thereafter."

Technically, I don't think there is a penalty, and the Kind Storyguide in me says, "who cares--it's Ars Magica not Ars Classroom."

The Teacher in me says that the game's education system is fairly wacky in general and the teacher in me doesn't much mind whatever the result. :slight_smile:

The simple way: unless the teaching magus has some way of understanding the badger, the badger is considered multiple students (just as a teacher with several students cannot take time to adress spesific conserns of each student, the teacher of a student who cannot make himself understood wouldn't be able to figure out what the spesific conserns are...)

However; I wouldn't be giving any penalties, as I wouldn't be giving any for a mute student...

Hmmm, I thought that most familiars could speak in some limited fashion, at least with the magus they're bound to. Yes, Daggin's (to use an easy example from downstairs) familiar may squeak, chirp, whistle, and growl (at least to others), but Daggin has no problem clearly understanding what it's saying (Book says : The familiar gains a score equal to the Magus' in languages the magus can comprehend, and can speak if it has the proper vocal equipment.)

Oh well, if an uncommunicative student is a problem, empower the bond with the Speech(Familiar) power in the book. Takes a season, but the Badger can now take full advantage of being taught, one on one.