The Book of The Dead - Breacktrough Fount

An idea for my new setting (a Covenatn that is a school for redcaps and any that could pay for it), it is that thhey have a version in Papires and very good reproductions of a book of the dead form an ancient tomb.
The complete thing if can be read is a Summa Level 5 and Quality 9 for Magic Lore and Pagan Teology, if you are not Gifted.
To one Gifted, the Book and wall paints are a Enchanmtment, ajust like investigate a personal lab text of other and a Invested Effct that have propieties for Hermetic Magi and learned Magician alike, remembering the "Defixio Magic" similarly.
The effects are all to protect the dead owner the book and help him in the process of the Outher world journey, protect him for others sobrenatural creatures and effects and similar things.
The Hermetic Breacktrough are all for the effects about ghosts, similar to Defixio Magic and Canaanite Necromancy.
For the Learned Magicians are the effects tath permit creat tru enchanted items and work better with the ghosts.
Any Opinion or quest more?

I forgot add one Breacktrough to the Leraned Magician, the way to take Magic resistance , seeing the first function of the book is protect the dead in their journey.

Thats a great idea!

Only I have no clue what your talking about...... - Here more info.