The Church in the sagas

I was reading about the church and saw that they would probably know the order of hermes, but how widespread and how much they know is up to the troupe to decide. Our troupe will probably have a very present and well informed church in our saga and we will have to deal with it. I wonder if you guys played sagas where the church had extensive knowledge of the Order or would directly interfere with it? And what about the experiences and consequences that you had in the sagas you played, both for your characters and for the Order of Hermes?

I've had games with flambeau chapters of the knights Templar, does that count?

Certainly yes, if it caused problems within the order for your character or your covenant by interfering with the affairs of the mundane? and which ones?

actually since the characters were sworn to God rather than secular authorities it did not (so long as they didn't have mundanes at a rank they had to swear to follow, but the oath of fealty for a knight Templar was at the local level). It did cause problems but only because those flambeau happened to be the villains and bout half of them were unwitting infernal agents under the mallus Infidenlis. There were however people "above" them administratively that did have knowledge of the order as a result. Plus the infernal agents who had planned the whole 4th crusade and had agents within the church, so...

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