The Church: Q&A

Ok , i have not started reading it yet , but hopefully those of us who have copies can answer.

Tithes (page 38):

Church Auras (Insert page 39):
Divine auras radiate from the church altar for as far as the church bells can be heard ,
or to the edge of the parish boundary , whichever is closer.
A small parish might be entirely covered by a Divine aura.
The strength of the aura depends upon the distance from the altar and the size of the church.

Large church/cathedral 05 (aura level)
Typical parish church 04
Chapel 03
Within city walls 03
Within town walls 02
Fields of a rural parish 01

Spells in Church (insert page 39):
A typical rural church has a floor area of about 500 square feet , but urban churches can be much larger.
For Hermetic magic , the nave and each floor of the tower count as separate Rooms.
Aisles and the transepts are a part of the nave.
If it is partitioned off , the chancel is a separate Room , otherwise it is also part of the nave.
The entire church may be targeted as a Structure ,
and unless the church is unusually large no size modifier is required.

Sorry, what's the question?

I meant that if anyone had questions i would try to answer , hence the Q&A bit.
So far only one other person has the book (that i know of).
I just posted a couple of bits of possible interest , though my keyboard skills are not up to lengthy quotes.

Oh, sorry, that makes perfect sense. :blush:

Thanks, yes makes sense. I posted in the ROP The Divine versus The Church thread some notes on saints for those without ROP The Divine as its OOP, which hopefully may prove useful, and a little background on East Anglian (Stonehenge Tribunal saints). As I have the book I shall not ask any questions, but I may be able to help answer few if they concern my bits of it!

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