The council chamber

We should draw as much Animal vis as we may, our stores seem absurdly low.

Wait, I thought we had a source and had obtained plenty of individual pawns through adventure, all I see are 10 Faerie Animal pawns, be back to search.

Yes, we have two Animal vis sources. Is this just an IRL oversight, has someone used them (can’t recall anyone asking at all), or is there in-game theft afoot (perhaps one of the Familiars!)? :laughing:

Mistake in the spreadsheet, I have edited the sheet and the stores accordingly. You have 70 pawns magic animal and 10 pawns faerie animal

economics report for 1141:
Beginning inventory: 87 1/7 tonnes silver
Income: 8 5/9 tonnes silver
expenses: 1/6 tonnes silver
donations: 1/4 tonne silver
final inventory: 95 tonnes silver

in 1142 Evangalos potter has an aging crisis at age 73, requiring a CrCo ritual at 40+ to survive.

How much could Danaë withdraw with the 1:1 ? She has plenty of vis of account.

As I wrote here, Gloriana is facing her own aging crisis, and I am guessing she can neither help herself or Evangalos. Hope the medics are up to the challenge!

unless someone else can step up, it would seem Evangalos is deceased...

Oliverius doesn't know the ritual, and I think Neleos never can.

Also Aurthor and Arduino don't know such high level ritual, they can't help help him.

1142 accounting
beginning inventory: 94 5/6 tonnes of silver
income: 9 tonnes of silver
expenses: 2/5 tonnes of silver
donations: 1/4 tonne of silver
final inventory: 102 7/8 tonnes silver

News of 1142: The news has been blessedly slow this year- Pope Innocent II has raised his brother to the position of cardinal, and peace has been achieved in the Holy Roman Empire where a treaty has been signed confirming Conrad III as undisputed ruler and Holy Roman Emperor.
The Augustinian brotherhood is seething with plots, but the leadership is currently uncertain so it seems that for each plot a faction has another faction has a plot running counter to it. The Virgilians support the idea of making Roger II the center of a new Roman Empire, the Learneds feel this should center on Conrad III and the Ecumenical support making the church the center for a secular empire.

Vis deals for 1143: Aurum and Muto may be withdrawn at 1:1 from vis of account

Arduino withdraws 30 vis of account for 20 Mu and 10 Au.

The Praesidium has almost no Auram vis, Andros proposes withdrawing as much as possible. Some of the Magi were concerned about the interest -earning, this is a way of mitigating some interest accrual. (Looks pointedly ar Anna).

Danaë will withdraw 30 pawns or so of Auram from her vis of account.

Andros has no vis of account. Can he buy himself an account? I guess he could trade with the Magi who do have it, what are the Mercere’s terms? And the resident Verditius?

Anna approves getting as much Au vis as possible.

Oliverius is also interested in those - he would trade 40 if allowed - 20 and 20.
He also would vote approval for getting more for the Covenant.

Hmm, Ignes.Festivus, Oliverius is interested in getting his hands on a lab text for a Ring/Circle version of Maintaining the Demanding Spell for the purposes of research and experimentation of effects. Would the esteemed maga Gloriana be willing to help him acquire a lab text for such a spell for a small fee?

all of the above trades will go through, plus the covenant can obtain 330 aurum vis at this rate.

Hi raccoomask! Not quite sure what Oliverius is proposing here? Is he looking for Gloriana to lend him vis (he has far more vis of account than she does!), is he looking for her to invent the spell and then translate it for the Covenant/Oliverius (not sure she has seasons nor inclination to do so in the next few years, and since she can milk a lot of vis in one season, it wouldn't be that inexpensive! This would require 2 seasons work), is he looking to gather her support to propose to the Council?

Aurthor has Circle that Maintains the Demanding Spell in his repertoire that I think is what Oliverius is looking for. Writing translated lab texts of his original creations for the library will be one of the tasks entrusted to his future apprentice.

Yep, this is the spell that Oliverius was hoping for. Aurthor comes through and saves everyone time!