The council chamber

Aurthor says I am in agreement with the motion to request the Roots of the Arts. If we are to raise apprentices worthy of this covenant we are devoting our lives to, we should have appropriate learning materials for them so we can spend less time on teaching the basics. Not everyone was as fortunate as me when it came to receiving a good all-round education.

I thank the scribes for making the copies of my work and the redcaps for arranging sales. I created for the purpose of increasing our covenant's skill in this Art, rather than for vanity or material gain. Rest assured, any proceeds from the sale of these will be used to fund my longevity ritual and items for this covenant."

OOC: Hey, we have sales! I was writing so I had something to bribe Evandros or another mage to do my longevity ritual. Any Hermetic fame or vis is a bonus!

"I too support purchasing the roots and allowing apprentices to study in the library. It should free me up to teach my apprentice important things, instead of giving her the basics in arts.

(snort) "Are we to allow the young pups free rein in our Library? Better, I think, to assign them readings and have them study where they won't be always underfoot. At least until they know enough where they don't require a good scruff-shaking every other day." (harumph) "The roots are a good idea." Taurus wags his head a bit. "And make sure they're not practicing spells in the halls."

Andros interjects: Noble Sodales, I too support obtaining the Roots, so that the rascals can keep their noses out of trouble and out of our hair if we so will it. I am dismayed, however, that we have no notable text on that most noble of lessons, maintaining Concentration! A good thing to teach the young, for they have the attention span of a mayfly! And for the experienced Magus too, distractions are deadly in combat. Heed my words!
And where is Aristotle! Our small library must grow! We aim to be superlative teachers, such gaps verge on the inexcusable!

OOC- These books are 1 pound of silver each, and readily available:
Topics - Aristotle:Philosophae Level 8 SQ 12
On Interpretation - Aristotle:Philosophae Level 5 SQ:21
Categories - Aristotle: Philosophae Level 3 SQ:27

I suggest a Summa on Teaching, and also a good summae on Concentration, see what can be obtained (did not see any in the Tribunal Library).

In 1104 we had one workman apprentice transition to craftsman status, and will need to expand the covenant appropriately next year. Our carpenters produced a carved piece for the covenant, and more Tractatus were copied by my apprentice to continue the same vis of account income as last year. On the outgoing side of vis we paid for one season of copying at Harco, which produced the remaining work of Arte of Manipulation, and began work on Workings of the Human Body. We also paid 18 vis for the roots. Harco has offered 50 vis of account for exclusive rights to copy and sell Platonic Ideals. I have decided to alter the rule regarding grog production of academic works, ruling that anyone over the age of 30 may write tractatus, and anyone over 40 may write summae, but that they have no guarantee of having the work improved by the covenant scribe or illuminator. Financially our cotton income has improved again, with a total income this year of 774 2/3 pounds of silver. Expenses are outlined below:
buildings : 0
consumables : 0
labratories : 2 5/7
provisions : 0
wages : 39
weapons and armor : 1 1/5
writing materials : 0
taxes : 106 ¼
in addition to expenses of paying for artwork and expansion of the covenant to allow more room for refugees in case of an attack, leaving the treasury with 2697 ¼ pounds of silver.
I have located another work on Order of Hermes Lore, Rumors of the Order, which has been added to the library along with the requested works of Aristotle and the Roots.

Redcap news (1104)
The Holy Roman Empire has entered a period of civil war as Henry V has risen up against his excommunicated father, Henry IV.
Bohemond of Antioch is in Italy trying to raise troops to secure his reign in Antioch against the Byzantine Empire.
Renier, Marquess of Montferrat and Soldais has wedded Gisela, Daughter of William, Count of Burghandy. (Harco is within the Margravate of Montferrat)
Simon of Sicily is set to assume the throne next year upon attaining the age of 12 from his mother’s -Adelaide del Vasto – regency.

Evan has a proposal: That the vis needed to create a familiar bond be made available to magi when they wish to, and are able to bind a familiar, as that is a major milestone for a magus.

Andros heartily agrees with his sodales. Of course some people have such huge lab totals that familiars can be quite costly. :wink:


Hi all! Andros has committed to writing a lot of tractati (3 Co, 2 Teaching, 3 Terram, 3 Rego, 2 Muto), 1 per year from 1111-1123, as well as Questing for resonant materials hopefully enough for each one. Andros's base Quality for these is 11, with materials and other embellishments, I hope they can get to 14. And if somebody points out how to get to 15- with what's available, no chance of a +1 to Comm in the near future- so much the better. I know some of the other magi are busy teaching their apprentices, but Tractati on Teaching (and everything else), and Lab texts for common spells would be much appreciated, much easier for Andros to learn, and for spell mastery texts to be found.

We probably can order Teaching tractati as well, and make sales from the tractati Andros will write.

Do we have enough craftsmen that if two magi decide to write each year, they can handle it? Do we need more scribes to copy from the library at Harco?

Andros is likely to bind a familiar around Autumn 1114, I estimate I will petition the Council for 9 pawns of vis for this purpose.


Taurus scowls at the suggestion. "You want the covenant to pay for the enslavement of animals? Pay for your own vices, I say, and use the covenant vis to pay for covenant projects." He wags his head, taking in everyone around the council chamber.

A couple of points- so far the covenant has been paying for longevity potions. Aside from this the only guideline regarding expenditure of vis is that vis of account from the sale of copied tractatus will be credited half to the covenant and half to the original author, thus far totaling 4 vis each for the covenant and Aurthor...

"Sodales, some of us have raised the issue at various times of expanding our library with tractatus written by our members. I propose that each of us undertake to write one tractatus within the next three years on a topic beneficial to the rest of the members." Taurus wags his head, looking at the assemblage. He clears his throat with a deep harrumph and continues, "Further, I propose that we dedicate ourselves to tractatus on teaching, that we, and our apprentices, may benefit from the experiences of the others. What say you?" With Aurthor indicating that he plans to scribe such a document in the Winter, Taurus nods once and settles back in his chair. The issue, in his mind at least, has been settled.

((OOC Silveroak, I see the Hermagoras is already working on two tractatus this year. If Taurus spends a season this year on a tractatus, will it go into a queue for the scribe, or should I wait until next year (1107) to scribe the work?))

Andros speaks- Fellow Sodales: The noble Taurus has spoken. And yet the Founders Bonisagus, Phoenix of Invention, and Merinita, Gentle as Summer Rain, spoke too, long ago. They taught us a precious secret of alliance, of bonds between magus and familiar. These bonds do not go one way, Master Taurus. In our esteemed Order of Hermes this is a much honored thing, nearly sacred.

Certainly House Bjornaer blazes its own path, who among us can fathom the depths of Fauna half as well as they? And yet, for the rest of us, it is the mark of a magus in the fulness of his wisdom to forge powerful ties to a being of magic. It brings honors to us at Praesidium Orae, in Hermetic eyes, to be seen to do so, as a covenant. And I wager the extra pair of eyes, ears, and nose, so much keener than our own, will be of great utility to all. We are, after all, tasked with guardianship.

Master Taurus, you speak of vices, and malign us most unfairly. Let me ask you if there's something near and dear to your heart that you would name and would like the Council to pay for, that would ease your mind in this matter?

OOC Andros just read and Order of Hermes Lore book, so he just had to name drop Legends of the Order. :slight_smile:

What do Ouragan and Aurthor think?

Aurthor ponders the pile of vis received from book sales, then speaks up "I am not of an urgent need of a familiar, and am slowly accumulating enough vis that I shouldn't need to dip into covenant resources. Our colleague Taurus does point out the potential lack of fairness in subsidising an activity our Bjornaer colleague and any apprentices he may have will never do, but our Merinita friends could abuse if they take Faerie familiars and need to rebind the cords.

While our covenant is wealthy enough we can afford to give vis out for all sorts of schemes, I do not wish to set a poor example for my apprentice Anna and let her think we will hand over resources for any scheme without either a clear case for it being argued, or the magus in question offering extra service in return.

I suggest a compromise - we could subsidise binding familiars but to a strict limit, say a mere six pawns, so encouraging those who want stronger bonds to use their own stocks. Alternatively, we could offer the full amount needed on condition the magus in question takes up the most hazardous activity plaguing the covenant the following year.

texts above his ability to transcribe will get in line for future work.

Autocrat report 1105:
This was a good year for our income, with 367 1/5 pounds of silver from salt and 555 1/5 from cotton, with expenses of 153 7/8 as detailed below:
buildings : 0
consumables : 0
labratories : 4 1/8
provisions : 0
wages : 38 4/5
weapons and armor : 1 1/5
writing materials : 1/2
taxes : 106 ¼
our scribe is nearly done with Workings of the Human Body, and has asked that Marcus provide instruction in scribal arts for one season next year. Additionally many of the covenfolk have expressed interest in being able to improve their own writings through superior penmanship.

Reports from the Mercere house:
Simon of Sicily has died of illness, allowing his mother, Adelaide del Vasto, to remain regent of Sicily and continue to share effective power in Calabria. Roger the II has been named count of Sicily but at the age of 10 remains too young to rule.
Beohmund I of Antioch has announced an engagement to Constance, Daughter of King Phillip of France.

William, the ex Count of Monte Sant'Angelo has reportedly died within a year of his expullsion from Monte Sant’Angelo by Roger Borsa.
Richard of Salerno has been appointed governer of Odessa, a new crusader state ast year, the news having suffered some delay.
Henry V has overthrown his father, Henry IV. Henry V’s coronation as King of Italy is scheduled for 1106.

Both Cotton and Salt saw an increase in yield this year, though this resulted in taxes being reassessed at 276 5/7 pounds of silver per year, though the refund of 60 pound from previous payments has helped to ease this increased expense.
The introduction of a canner and fisherman from Siderno has allowed us to decrease our unskilled labor force, and we should hopefully be able to get some covenfolk trained in these skills. The mercere house has suggested a cooperative dock building venture which will support our fishing and their transportation network.
Our total income for 1106 was 1173 7/8 pounds of silver, including our recovered taxes and income from building materials sold to the Mercere attachment, with expenses totaling 324 ¾ pounds of silver, leaving our treasury reserve at the end of 1106 at 3546 3/8 pounds of silver. Expenses are broken down as follows:

buildings : 0
consumables : 0
labratories : 4 1/2
provisions : 0
wages : 37 4/5
weapons and armor : 1 1/5
writing materials : 1 1/2
taxes : 276 5/7
laboratory upgrade: 3

Werner II troops have withdrawn from Rome, taking the proclaimed Pope Syvester IV with him to Osimo while Pope Paschelle has returned to Rome.
John of Lodi, Bishop of Gubbio, died
Richard II, prince of Capua and Count of Aversa has passed on as well, and is succeeded by his brother Robert in both titles
The meeting of 12 years will occur in the Summer of 1107, invitation was delivered to Taurus.

Sounds like a good project for Taurus, with his Terram mastery. Is this doable without breaking some obscure /not so obscure pact with Roger Borsa?

Another 1 or 2 Teachers with Great Communication (4 or 5) would be desirable, who can perhaps teach 1 season/year and 1/year also gloss over books he/she reads with commentary, to increase Q. Perhaps not so easy to find/coordinate, though. Hey, Anna and Aurthor with their 5 Comm, can do this with many of the books they read, right, no extra time, just need their Comm.> than author's Comm, and have at least ½ the book's level?

Do we need a dedicated librarian, and library security? Or is this an element that happens in the background? Also, how large is the space in the library? In the next 20 years we could easily produce 50 tomes or more. As well as acquire more tomes.

How do we go about acquiring books/lab texts not in the Tribunal archives? We declare a two year trip to Durenmar after studying Profession Scribe to the max?