The Council of Archmagi

Good afternoon, folks.

Was wondering if anyone would be willing to join me in a little project.

I'm fleshing out the setting for a saga and I need to come up with some of the power players. I started fiddling with making a couple Archmagi using the 30 points-per-year rule and I've come to the following conclusion:

That's a lot of freakin' work!

Then, I posited, it may actually be a worthwhile resource for a lot of SGs that wanted more than one or two pre-generated heavyweights and players (particularly new players) who wanted to set a goal.

I'm testing the waters to determine if there are any folks out there who would be willing to join me on this project. The constraints would be as follows:

  1. Use the RAW as much as possible including any or all 5th edition supplements. If you feel you must deviate from the RAW, please indicate how, when, and why so that other folks that use the character will know what mods they need to apply so that it is usable in their setting.

  2. Agree that this character is "free" to others. That is, no one is constrained in how they use the character in any way, shape, or form provided that they do not try to profit by it.

  3. If you must use "extremely complex character development" rules (something that will be quite time consuming I assure you), please also publish the library drawn from and activities done so that they are available to others and, again, so that another user can make appropriate adjustments.

Anyone care to join me?


I'd be in for that.


I have some stuff posted in my "Light of Andorra" pbp here on Atlas. Archmagus Antonio (sans spells and items). I also have a long list of the names of the Archmagi (I made it for an older saga). I would be glad to freely share my work with others.

Generating one or two Archmagi is not that daunting a task for me (though I am poor and have no TV, so I really have nothing better to do :laughing:).

One issue. 30xp per year is waaaay to limited, and does not work. Trust my experience on this. I use a HR of 40/year because I think it is much more realistic. However, since I already have a publically posted covenant library, I could use that. However, it generates more than 40xp per year (if all you do is hang out in the library that is).

Would this work?

I think so. We would just note the xp and the house rule so that those that wish to follow the RAW would simply multiply each xp value by 0.75 to bring it withing the power level of their game.

As for the library, I think posting the link on the wiki would be just fine.


P.S. Looking forward to seeing you at the convention!

Looking forward to it :wink:

I have the convention covered, room taken care off, money set aside, all I am worried about is transportation. I am thinking of hopping a boxcar :smiling_imp:

Go Greyhound. Seats are more comfortable.

Does anyone out there have a good view of free wiki space?


I've been happy with the free wikis I've created at

I'd note that there are several ArM wikis already available, so if you want to set this up on a wiki I'd personally would appreciate having stuff at the same place. These include...

HermesWeb, an Ars Magica wiki focusing on providing a wiki-platform for Project Redcap (links to all ArM sites on the internet) and on constructing an ArM encyclopedia, but it would definitely appreciate original content too.

The Net Wizard's Grimoire, containing mainly spells but also magic items, virtues and flaws, and even a laboratory - and its mandate from Atlas is basically anything fan-made.

Mythic Europe, an Ars Magica wiki seemingly focused on supporting a certain saga.

I'd also mention Sanctum Hermeticum Revised as another place to place the characters (although it's not a wiki) - I've heared geocities is soon to be demolished, however. But I believe the maintainers will move the content elsewhere.

Of course, if you want to start yet another wiki, no one will stop you...

I'm afraid I'm not up to the task of creating an archmagus. Too much work for me, especially as I'm not planning on using a RAW archmagus anytime soon... Have fun :slight_smile:


OK, I'll the different moderators and see what we can do.