The Day's Blank Slate: Hope (1220.1)

[color=brown]"I would be willing to do so. I've been a maga for going on 80 years, and honestly, I would be surprised if any of you knew half of what I do about putting together a proper laboratory.

"You have a point about building the lab for a specific purpose, but I think having it be best for scribe-work would be wasting the extra magical power that's on Eilean Chon. It's just my opinion, but perhaps inventing spells or enchanting items.

"Perhaps some time after the Spring meeting, once everyone's officially joined, everyone who wishes to have a hand in deciding how to rebuild the lab, and presumably would be using it when it's done, can get together to decide all this."

Eilid moves to look out the window when Hope mentions how nice the spot on the lake is. [color=brown]"Yes, it is. I think it's one of the reasons that Faileas put the covenant here, and what drew most, if not all, of us here when we founded Insula Canaria."

She thinks for a couple of minutes after Hope mentions a possible spell to make islands. [color=brown]"Unless the islands float, or are just a little bit off shore, that would have to be a very powerful spell. The bed of the loch falls off pretty steeply; the pilings under the Long Pier go down almost 250 feet."

Hope thinks, counting off on her fingers. Well a fourth magnitude ritual to create stone would create a lot of stone. Easily enough for a lab while still reaching the bottom. I would have some concerns about stability though, so I'd think we'd need a couple more magnitudes to solve those concerns. Of course, we also would need to be careful about not screwing up the lake. Plus we'd need a way to get to it, then come up with something for the surface. I think we'd need to file under ideas for future projects. I can certainly agree with the enchanting items idea. We could set up a forage, cooling systems, bellows, some magical tricks. If everyone pitches in it could be a big benefit.

Eilid grins. [color=brown]"It does my heart proud to see you thinking long term. I was worried that people wouldn't want to stay for more than a few years, if that."

Changing covenants is hard. If their isn't an extra lab that needs to get set up. You'll be without a decent library or lab during the transition. My house especially can use support from covenfolk, and when you have people to do that.

[color=brown]"Agreed. Luckily, we have a decent library; what kind of lab you have will be decided at your first meeting. And we should have enough covenfolk that can be properlly trained to be of use to you."

That will be nice. Might be a good test pool for any education schemes. Maybe I can contribute to the Library too. A good library is one of the most important things and I bet it would make mother happy too.

[color=brown]"Prouder that you've contributed to a library, or that you belong to a covenant with a good library?" Eilid asks.

Contributing to a library. Putting my name on a book. Of course she would probably insist I make copies and distribute them and blah, blah, blah. Although we might make vis selling newly written books if they're judged to be of merit.

Eilid smiles. [color=brown]"I hope we get first pick when you start putting your knowledge to paper."

Well, I was thinking of copies. Another advantage of well trained covenfolk is copies can easily become plentiful. I'd prefer to keep the originals either myself or in the covenant library depending on scribal resources truth be told.

Go ahead and take 4xp, as well as the Confidence Point I mentioned in Hogsmeade.

Huzzah! Two points in teaching and two points in magic theory? Hope seemed like she did a lot of explaining.

Sounds good.