The diaries of Erinn [character development]

Hello all,

Since the house rules thread seems to be more active than what I originally thought, I am moving the character concept to a new thread.


I have more or less settled on a character concept.

Since this will be a solo narration, what better to settle for a storyteller? :slight_smile: He will be writing/telling about the developments of a certain magus he met.... once? :wink: I am unsure if I will be writing in 1st or 3rd person, so it might be his cat familiar that tells the story.

Now, what would a storyteller require?

For some reason I decided that I wanted him having big, black (or green) eyes and black hair, and be a cat skinchanger. He will be acompaigned by a cat himself. That settled the first V&F

  • Skinchanger (cat)
  • Piercing Gaze (optional, might be included in Prs)
  • Magical animal companion (cat)
    Now, he needs to be a storyteller, so several V&F tied to his craft seem appropriate:
  • Performance Magic: storytelling
  • Subtle Magic
  • Special circumstances: narrating

I do not want it to attact THAT much attention and want it to be able to ride a horse around, even if I will not be taking the gentle gift.

+ Inoffensive to Animals

I imagine him being unable to cast unless he was narrating, or at least speaking, so here comes a necessary condition:

- Necessary condition: speak

Not as hard as narrating, but he will need to do just that if he wants to get the bonuses there.

More on this tomorrow.