The eagle-men of the Alps

Dolasilla dies in the myth to defend her people, as per the Death Prophecy given her by the dwarves (she'd die if she joined battle when her silver amour turned black). But her twin sister Lujanta, who was adopted by the marmots, survives to this day! You can see her once a year, somewhere along the Braies lake -- it's the lake in the picture on the wikipedia page I linked. The main mountain you see in the picture is the entrance into the secret Regio Network of the marmots, through which Lujanta led the last survivors of the Fanes to await for the proper time of their return, obviously protected by some Stasis power. Indeed, the mountain is called Sass dla porta -- literally, the GateStone (the Germans who don't know better call it Seekopfel, i.e. Lake Peak).