The effects of Ragnarok and Theurgical Elementalist

According to Dies Irae in the box "Impact of Non-Hermetic Traditions" page 141, Theurgical elementalists are already connected to the Golden Chain. Doesn't the effects of Ragnarok pretty much negate almost all of a theurgical elementalists magical ability? (Summoning, Commanding, etc.)

Doesn't remaining Theurgical summoning, controlling etc. after Ragnarok just depend on the relative position of controller and controlled in the Golden Chain?

Noble's Parma, but I believe not.

IIRC (Theurgical) Summoning actually creates a new Elemental spirit by rarifying existing matter and as such they're not truly summoning anything. Between that and the mindless nature of elementals, I'm not sure if whether the Golden Chain could truly be said to apply.

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If this makes a difference, why didn't binding the familiar (see DI p.141f All Bonds Break) do so? I reckon, that this will be decided by the troupe after the specific kind of catastrophe has been played out.

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Hedge says that what happens but Cradle & Crescent contradicts that by saying it's compatible with sahir stuff because it summons spirits.

I think this is because Theurgical (Element) lets you deal with both elementals and beings of that element, and Summoning is supposed to let you summon the things that that type/element deal with. But the whole section on Theurgical Summoning only talks about elementals without mentioning the other things covered by any given Theurgical (Element).

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