The Future of Hermes


The future of the Order of Hermes is unwritten... or is it?

I was wondering if there are any official (like in something made by Atlas Games... not another company :wink: ) future events already written for this illustrious Order & the fate of the supernatural/mythic in/or/and Mythic Europe.


IIRC the 4th Ed Novgorod tribunal book spends a lot of time talking about the Mongols and what effect they will have in the next few decades. The book itself got a mixed reception, though, so read it under your covers with a flashlight. Or maybe that's just how I remember it.

I imagine the authors and editors have specifically avoided a canonical timeline of future events, that way people are free to run their sagas as they like without worrying about external events. Reading through the Lion and the Lily there are quite a number of story seeds and general saga ideas along with how they may progress but there are no concrete decisions made on what will happen. Indeed the timeline at the back includes some Order history along with general French history but the short list of future events is strictly historical.

There are a number of story hooks prefaced with "If your saga follows history, X will occur in Y", but that's about the extent of things. I belive it's a deliberate policy to prevent players from feeling constrained by timelines...

It is.

Still, the wealth of information pretty much ends in 1228 with the grand tribunal. The development of the OoH or the mundane world is only sketched out. This has ended up causing us to play our serious sagas in the XIth or XII century instead of the XIIth, just to have a clear outline of what is going to happen IF we do not do something to change it. We change it all the time, but it is good to have a clear benchmark of what is happening out there :slight_smile:


I don't think that's a big problem :smiley: My preferred setting for ArM5 is probably the Rhine at 12th century, with pagans still ruling in the north-east.