The Glare of Helios


I need a new spell that controls the course of the shafts of sunlight ("The Glare of Helios"). The spell should be able to enhance the strategical position of an army in the bad situation of fighting with the sun in the eyes. By deflecting the shafts of sunlight it shifts the handicap away from the warriors to their opponents.

An example for the spell could be the spell "Light Shaft of the Night" (ReIg20). I´m unsure how to adjust two differences: The spell should be working at day with sunbeams and the affected area shuold be much larger than "15 paces across" (I need an entire battlefield).

How would you adjust the spell level?


For one thing I wouldn't use light shaft of the night as a basis, it includes group (for multiple light sources) and really has an entirely different affect than what you want, which is not so much to concentrate light as to change the angle it seems to emanate from. I would think this would be a base 4 (slightly unnatural, as the light does not seem to come from it's source), range can be reduced to touch but the target would be boundary. Depending on what you want for a duration, that could be either level 30 for concentration or diameter, or 35 for the day.

Well, this is my least successful thread, I think. Thank you, silveroak, for your opinion. I think, I can consider your thoughts in my planning. I´m not sure about your "touch range"... (what does the magus have to touch?), but all your other ideas were useful for me. Your "target: boundary"-proposal makes a ritual out of my spell. That´s o.k. - many battles last a day or something like that: Enough time to work a ritual.

Maybe it is interesting for someone, why I tried to develop the spell - that could be a story seed:

1227 AD the danish king Waldemar II. is defeated at the battle of Bornhöved (in Schleswig). Subsequently nothern germany returns to the roman empire. Waldemar II. is the same danish ruler, that causes some trouble for the domus magnus of house Bjornaer (Crintera) by the occupation of Rügen. In a written record (Hermann Korner: Chronica novella, written ca. 1416) the victory of the german army was caused by the epiphany of the virgin Mary, that deflected the shafts of sunlight away from the german to the danish warriors.

My idea was to let the cause for the miracle be a member of the order of hermes, a Bjornaer magus, who tried to conceal his involvement by creating an illusion of the virgin Mary. In effect it was him, who deflected the shafts of sunlight. As a consequence I needed a spell, that could do this. Maybe my players will want to find out, who is responsible for this break of the codex.


If it is a Bjoerner you might want to have a look at the way Sensory magic can be integrated to the story.
CrIg 35 (Base 5, Per, +2 Day, +4 Spectacle) Whoever sees the Bjoerner (False virgin Mary) looks directly to the sun and if you combine it with a PeIg base 2 effect to protect the army from sunlight. With a +2 group and a +2 size the Bjoerner can protect 1000 men from sunburn or from the blinding sun.