The Great Verdi Gathering

Greetings all,
Has any Verditius in your sagas entered an item at the Great Gathering? It would be nice if we could have the magi from different covenants competing against each other.

We could set a deadline of a certain time (here) and have the items posted for discussion by the groups, then the results filtered back to the individual magi.

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Hiya all,
has anyone had any ideas for the gathering yet? Are your Verditius magi toiling away in dark labs aiming to win this time - for sure?

Or have they crafted an item that is so good that they don't want to put it into the gathering. They would rather keep it for themselves.

Maybe you need to propose some themes or categories.

The Balneum-Mariae of Alchemical Germination

The Balneum-Mariae is an unusual piece of Alchemical equipment which generally consists of a large tub filled with water into which are immersed six stills of various chemicals. In the center of the tub is a copper flue jutting up from a fire beneith, which heats the water. A cauldron is suspended in the middle of the water in order to be heated gently. Into this cauldron is placed treated earths from which the Balneum-Mariae germinates valuable metals.

The Balneum-Mariae is expensive to make, around 20 Mythic pounds, and operate, about 2 Mythic pounds a season. It can create about 5 Mythic pounds worth of various metals per season, exactly what is determined by how the earth is treated. It is useful in many alchemical transformations, and will add +2 to any lab total dealing with the arts Muto or Terram (as long as the 2 Mythic pounds are paid to operate it).

Opifexus spent several seasons investigating the process of germination, which is causing rock to transmute into metal using the art of Rego instead of Muto, thus making the change permanent. The process is an expansion of Hermetic Theory, thus cannot be duplicated with a mere least yet.

Balneum-Mariae (the cauldron is actually the enchanted part) base metal, large (5x4=20 pawns)
Alchemical Germination (ReTeIg 29)Base ReTeIg5, Range: Touch (+1), Duration: Sun (+2), Target: Part (+1), 2 Uses/day (+1 level), Enviromental Trigger (Sun, +3 levels).

I like it! Only that I would make the earth germinate at a rate of 3 poubnds at most to prevent abuse. otherwise you can create several duplicates of it and become rich rather fast.



Images from Greek alchemical manuscripts

Thanks, and cool illos. I was thinking that the Vis cost was high enough to make it unattractive as an actual money making project, however perhaps adding the requirement of having it needing to be constantly monitored, adding the expense of an assistant, would fit your concern. In our saga, our Verditious has spent so many seasons on this I don't mind rewarding him with cash output. It's also big enough that that could be a limit in how many you could physically have in a covenant.

As for "Themes and Categories", from what I read in the books, there are only 3 main categories - journeyman, master and grandmaster (or something like that) which translates as Newly gauntled magi, fairly mature magi and Archmagi. For the purpose of the gathering, this will be defined as:
Newly gauntleted is upto 15 years past gauntlet
Mature is 16 to 50 years past gauntlet
Archmagi is 51+ years past gauntlet.
No-matter the age, any Archmagi are in the last class.

In each category there will be two sub-categories - Lesser Enchanted Devices and Greater Enchanted Devices.

The item can use any combinations of arts, and contain as much vis as you like, though obvious botches and wasted vis will count against the item. Points will be awarded for functionality as well as craftsmanship. The items effects must be able to be invoked by any of our house.

But remember, any item you enter will forever be the property of the house (*). If you win, you may pick one item in your category from the previous year, as well as a +3 hermetic reputation in House Verditius.

  • I cannot remember if it is just the winners who lose their item, or everyone who enters one.

Can anyone else think of anything I have missed?

All magi entering the contest lose their items, the winners get to pick something to keep though.