The Hermetic Joust

So, I worked this out on the fly the last time I ran the Normandy Tribunal. However, it looms again...

So, that said, how would people go about running it?

The object is not to kill the opponent but to unseat them.
That said, jousts seem to become pretty deadly fairly often.

Looking in Lion and the Lily, you've got folks with spells to keep them in their seats, spells to keep their lances moving forward on an immovable line, and spells to create bone lances.

Simple contested combat rolls? I'm guessing a lot of the spells will need to be adjudicated on the fly - what happens if you hit with a lance enchanted to strike with the force of ten lances against a target enchanted to stay in the saddle?

Go for scuffling damage except on botches?
Anyone have any experience?

more likely you pass run the lance through him, or you send him ANSD the saddle (and maybe the horse) flying towards the crowd.

What if your target is just invisible. Or incorporeal?

Usual answer is "perdo vim is great for removing defenses". Kill the mount, the guy is down.


Delivering some spells is difficult, as the rules note spells may be cast on yourself, your arms and armor, and your mount. PeVi, perhaps could be linked to a weapon's strike.

Clarify - is this a non-lethal event, or "Good luck, Chauncie"? You say "the object", but you don't say whether it is accepted as a possibility. (And if the latter, why haven't the Quasitores clamped down on it?) Or is it some ritualized version of a Wiz war?

Sorry for the confusion. This is taken from The Lion and the Lily. It's a traditional part of the contests to win vis and so on at the Tribunal meetings. It is popular, but has been known to become dangerous and at times fatal, though that is generally not the goal (much like a mundane joust).

I've got a magus who wants to cast a spell upon his lance to make it repel metal as well as fly straight in the lists.
His goal is for the lance to push a person off their saddle. Of course, many of the competitors have spells to keep them in the saddle, so adjudicating this becomes a bit hairy.

No, it's on me for not being familiar with L&L.

In HoH:Societatus the "tournaments" of House Flambeau, with forceless casting, are described as the object of criticism from the Quaesitores, worried about over-competitiveness and accidents even at that level, so I'm not sure how this "full contact" version would be any different, except to be under more criticism.

Given the magical nature of the event, the contest's stated goals, it seems, are to provide an irresistible force with an immovable object - or a matched pair, one on either side - and see which is standing (sitting) when the smoke clears after the collision - and no one can possibly expect that to be healthy for anyone participating, nor the population of the Tribunal. :confused:

This is just abother one of those areas which sounds great but would escalate into the ridicolous in a matter of seconds. If I had to have such a thing IMS it would be heavilty regulated and would be done through intermediaries ratehr than wizards themselves. The first session I would expect to end in a bloodbath and never be repeated. Whatever rules you impose someone is going to get round them and then pople start dying. The tilting yard kills enough people without magical interference as it is.