The Hermetic Training of a Hedge Wizard

So, I may not have read the appropriate books, but I was curious...

When a Hoplite or other "enforcer" gives a Hedgewizard "The Offer" (i.e., "Join or Die"), and they join... who then trains them?

I care less whether a full 15 year apprenticeship may or may not be necessary - clearly the mage has ~some~ power and sense of magic, even if it does not mesh with Hermetic theory.

But who is their "Parens", and is that even the right title (rather than, say, "Parole Officer")? Who is responsible for their actions, and their passing of a gauntlet? Who would want to be responsible, on the not-unreasonable assumption that a grown hedgemage is not the most prized student nor rewarding prospect?

I could see this being meted out as sentence to a Bonisagus or other mage who has transgressed in the eyes of a Tribunal - poetic justice, after a fashion. But that would hardly make for a strong Teacher/Student relationship.

Or a Tribunal "paying" for such teaching, in vis and other considerations, perhaps even to a group or series of "Parens pro tem". Any other thoughts?

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My assumption would be House Ex Miscellenea, and the best tradition would be Pralix's lineage. They're the best equipped for it, they have a special power as Ex Miscellenea to help align foreign abilities Hermetically.

Barring that House Guernicus and Bonisagus would be logical choices. While the hedge wizard might certainly chafe at it, they might not be in much of a position to gripe too much. They will likely have to call their sponsor (that might be the best word) 'Master' at least for a time.

A powerful Hedge wizard though, a highly prized convert, would probably be handled with more care and given to a more diplomatic wizard. For example, the head of a powerful tradition would be a valuable prize, it wouldn't make sense to have their sponsor be a hamfisted dogmatic. It would probably be decided by a council if needed and given to a likely magus who won't mess it up. They certainly wouldn't want a magus with a 'join or die' attitude.

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I have always been under the impression that in most cases they were not trained in hermetic magic at all. Ex Miscellanea contains quite a few dudes totally unable to cast a single hermetic spell IMS. I thought that was BAW (background as written), but I can be totally wrong here.



Well, the day they're "inducted" (for lack of a better term) they certainly fit that bill! But I had the impression that from there, they are "encouraged to join the Hermetic Society" (one way or another), and that means, among other things, learning Hermetic Theory and adapting their magic to "the party line".

Otoh, I suppose that a mage is a mage is a mage - a wizard with a truly alien foundation to their magic is still as powerful, and so long as they adhere to The Code, they're good by the letter of the law. Nothing in The Code that says "I will study the ways of Bonisagus" or "I will not study non-Hermetic Magic". For any powerful non-Hermetic sorcerer, the social incentives to relearn everything from the ground up hardly outweigh the power they already wield.

Flambeau might laugh publicly at Tim the Wizard, but privately you know they're all just as impressed.

Might even be able to train apprentices outside Hermetic Theory, tho' that may be pushing it.

But my question was inspired by characters built with the Core rules - Hermetic theory, 15 Arts - and with the Hedge Wizard flaw. Them.

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No, you are right. Although not common, there is a portion of members of House Ex Misc that do not use Hermetic magic at all. IMS, this includes some gruagachan (our saga is set in Loch Leglean). Opening the Arts of such a wizard is too difficult using Hermetic magic. HoH:S indicates that common options are for a Hermetic magus and a Hermetic wizard to train an apprentice together, giving them a full measure of each tradition. This would involve Opening The Gift and then Opening the Arts immediately afterwards, without training in any hedge Arts or Abilities in between. A member of the Pralician lineage of Ex Misc is often involved here, since they get bonuses under such circumstances.


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According to Societates, members of other magical wishing to learn Hermetic Magic are instructed to seek out members of the Lineage of Pralix who offer training in the form of a shortened apprenticeship in return for the usual seasons of Lab service (which is usually spent translating the converts supernatural powers into Hermetic equivalents). The wizard responsible for teaching the Hedgie is considered to be his/her parens with all the rights and obligations that go with it.

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Anyway, cool, that does make sense.

But who/what decides what mage adopts what student? Normally, an apprentice is chosen when a mage is eager and searching for one - not the other way around, when an apprentice needs to be thrust upon a mentor, the sooner the better.

Brings up some interesting plot complications, and ones that would not be too uncommon, I'd think.

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Oh - outright bribery. That makes sense.)

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