The Ignore Option ?

Is there an Ignore Feature that can be used for posts on the new Fora?

For an individual or folder? I know that I still haven't read any Ars threads yet.


Well , Individual , read the Ars Fora to find out why.

I've got to admit that I found the "ignore person X" function useful on the delphi forums.

I'll second that!

Well, I can ban someone if it gets bad enough. I've seen mention of a mod that ignores users, but it doesn't look like something that's accessible to other users. I'll look into it more and let you know if I find anything!

Well, I found a mod that seems to implement an ignore feature pretty well. Check it out and tell me if it does the job. You should see a button to the right of individual posts that will let you mark that person as ignored, and take you to the ignore page. I can't seem to find a permanent link to the ignore page anywhere, though. Let me know if you have any problems with it.

It seems to work rather well.

Ed C

Indeed , it works most excellently! :slight_smile:

The ignore button is gone? I'd swear I saw it the other day, but it's not here anymore. :cry:

I still see it, on the top right of each message.

Turning off the ad blocker it works... :smiley: