The Immunity Challenge

Ok , has anyone used these Virtues in their Games?
Just wondering what sort of hazards people have chosen.

If you took G.I. to iron weapons ,
does that mean you get hurt if someone hits you with a cast iron skillet?
It's iron but not primarily a weapon.
Or would the immunity be Iron used as a weapon?

Can the Immunity be affected by Hermetic Magic ,
or is it part of your Essential Nature?

My character's apprentice was had been turned into a rock for many years before the players rescued her, so she has a lot of rock-based virtues... affinity with terram, a focus on stone, and a lesser immunity to rocks or stones.

We decided it was a lesser affinity because even though there's plenty of rocks around, in game we've rarely been attacked with them. (Although I am waiting for the adventure in which she's stoned for being a witch.)

One of my player has a Verditius smith with dwarf blood.
He is immune (greater) to fire and flames (he is the nightmare of House Flambeu if they know...)
Immagine Volcano the deities....

May the vis will be with you


We've had a few with Greater Immunity Fire

One with Greater Immunity Water...


Here's one the munchkin in me has to ask:

Could you have a greater immunity to hermetic magic in total?

Or would this be, a lesser immunity? It's not all that common, you know...

(Runs and Hides)


no, certainly not -- it's far too wide ranging.

(Serf's Parma) but I thought XX Immunity applied to normal sources of damage, not Magical ones...

The Lesser Immunity refers back to the Greater.
You are protected from Mundane and Magical versions of the Hazard.

The Gift , or Hermetic Magic ,
not having a mundane counterpart would not be applicable.
Game Balance notwithstanding.
The difference is in whether it is Common or Rare , etc.

As it is a Supernatural Virtue , it could be tied in with a Realm.
Muto Vim could alter it , Perdo Vim could destroy it.
That is , if Hermetic Magic affects Supernatural Virtues and Flaws.