The Infernal: Diablerie and Incantation

For soemone who won't be seeing roP:tI for a long time - any details on the non-Ars Goetia Infernal Methods and Powers?



Maleficia offer two methods (Debauchery and Incantation, quite straightforward), and six powers. Both methods works with all six powers; a much better deal than the one that guy upstairs offers. The principle is as in The Divine: each Method/Power is a Major Virtue with an associated Ability. The mechanics are similar, but it feels rather different: the Devil is in the details. Failure can be costly, requiring you to secure a soul for Hell on pain of sudden death. But hey, what are the odds that it would happen to you. You're not like those other losers, right?

Consumption gets as close to creation as Infernal powers can get, healing yourself at somebody elses expense. Lost a leg? Steal your neighbour's. Feeling tired? Exchange your fatigue with someone else. Sick? Poisoned? Nope, that wasn't you. Pity your kid wasn't more robust, eh? And if that's not enough, you can always move your soul to an object, becoming immortal. Disclaimer: Satan, Inc bears no responsibility for accidents destroying the vessel that contains your soul.

Diablerie is concerned with the supernatural. Creating arcane connections, releasing imprisoned demons, creating infernal regios -- all in a day's work. Not satisfied yet? Command supernatural beings, taint vis, grant yourself virtues or even the Gift.

Effusion is power over elemental matter, Auram/Ignem on one hand, Aquam/Terram on the other. It is restricted in that it still can't create anything, but you can burn something down without directly creating flames. Weather control and Rego-movement are both available.

Malediction probably doesn't need much explanation. Fatigue, wounds, penalties (e.g. to aging rolls), acquired flaws and lost virtues are there for the taking.

Phantasm let you create illusions on par with faerie glamours or to turn other things into phantasms as a fair approximation of Muto. Punish your maid by turning her into a statue, create a phantasmal steed, grant yourself a fiery breath or even Infernal Might. You can also sense things at a distance or even receive visions of the future. Disclaimer: Satan, Inc makes no representation regarding the accuracy of such visions. Caveat emptor.

Finally, Psychomachia let you control someone's emotions, force them to give in to their impulses, give them Warping points, force them to lie, or just plain control them.

Obviously, within each power, some of the described effects are available via Debauchery and others via Incantation. Your mileage may vary.

They are really scary. Thank Bonisagus for Parma.

As correlation to Divine powers - Does Incantation = Invocation, Debauchery = Purity?

Similarly, are there Infernal Curses in the RoP:tD Cursing Power sense? - I'm having trouble working out which Power this would seem to come under.



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They are the closest approximation, although there are actual mechanical differences, beyond the "flavor" of the method.

Malediction means "curse". :unamused: Infernalists have a Cursed duration available to them. The book also describes the Hex supernatural ability for old-fashioned cursing.