The kindness of Atlas Games - from my post

I just posted this over on, but I really think it deserves a mention here as well ---

I just think I ought to publicly acknowledge the many kindnesses of Atlas Games. I always like to say the good about folks - we have so many opportunities to say the bad on this forum. I do love those threads though!

Still, here's to Atlas! They have always paid me on time (a rarity in my experience as a writer) and on one occasion well in advance to help with a move, have been invariably kind and friendly, and this morning have made my day.

I'm running a small Ars Magica/Atlas Games convention here in Cheltenham, UK August 15th -16th (Erik's running the uS version in California). See my signature if interested.

Anyway Atlas don't do con support outside the USA normally, and we are way too small to be worthwhile, and all hard core fans anyway. Yet this morning a box arrived from John Nephew filled with rarities - t shirts, posters, 3 copies of Mythic Perspectives (long OOP), etc, etc. Furthermore there were not one but six Atlas board and card games I think in there too! Now that is a LOT of stock, and a lot of potential sales on ebay.

Given the Nephews have also granted us a one off right to do a t-shirt for the event, and refused all proceeds, they are being beyond generous really. They are a very small operation, who look after their staff well, and if even WW treated m like this I would be impressed - but for a tiny company to do it is outstanding.

All the stuff donated will be raffled at the event, along with contributions from everyone attending, original artworks, and Line Editor David Chart (guest of honour UK event) if we can subdue him using only the 4th ed combat rules, and as last year all proceeds go to charity.

So here is to Atlas Games, the good guys of the rpg business - to John & Michelle, and to David as well, and to all the authors who in real life are quite tame - such a change form the Bezerklist. Next time you have a moment and a few quid, think about supporting Atlas.

I'm off to drool over the Feng Shui T shirt! :slight_smile:

(and look forward to seeing many of you in a week at Grand Tribunal!)
cj x

Good show.

I have a feeling I'm going to have to take more money for the raffle this year!


Which reminds me I still owe them to finish reformatting the old Delphi forum data to try and fit it in the boards here... plain XML didn't seem to cut it, IIRC. I've really dropped the ball on that. :blush:

Three cheers! A toast! And thank you!

He's up for grabs, too? :smiling_imp: