The Lion and the Lily release?

Just a short question: Anyone know if Lion and the Lily is released yet, or if not, when it will be? The website says October. Really looking forward to it. :slight_smile:


It's my perception that Atlas has become less communicative over the last few months, particularly about Ars. It's a shame - I hope L&L arrives before Christmas.

John's been running for his local city council. He's won now.

I'm thousands of miles away, but if things went according to plan L&L should now be on its way to distributors. It might even be arriving with them as I type this, although given that it's still early morning in the US, probably not.


Unfortunately, things didn't go according to plan. There was a problem at the printers, so it hasn't reached Atlas yet. They're expecting it this week. Then it will ship to distributors, and from them to stores.

Better late than never.

It's now marked as available, which it wasn't yesterday. :smiling_imp:

Soon... Soon... :laughing:

I was told by my friendly local retailer that he expects his stock to be delivered tomorrow, Monday the 26th.


Finally! My girlfriend just ordered it for me, since my own internet connection was down at the time. Can't wait for this book. :slight_smile:


I just saw a copy at the Source here in St. Paul. (But, since my name was listed under playtesters, I refrained from purchasing it.)

Erik, in his offical role as "Guy who starts threads on new books" has seen a copy for sale, so that means that NDA falls away and the authors can talk about it.

Players of my PbP game, beware. Be very, very ware. :laughing:

UHH!!! Give it to us!! Our preciousssss (spoilers)! :smiling_imp:

Rego Supplementam! Circular Ward vs New Material, Level 30! Ach, it's not strong enough! Aieeee!!! :open_mouth:

Woops! Did you need that ash circle I just accidentally stumble across and smeared a tiny bit? :stuck_out_tongue:

/Hides in the corner eavesdropping on any spoilers... :wink:

As an author with a little bit of work on this one - there were six authors as I recall - if it really is in the shops - I will reveal some of the secrets.

  1. It's a book about the Normandy Tribunal
  2. That has both the French and Angevins in it.
  3. There are covenants in it.
  4. There are magicians in it.
  5. It's set in 1220

Seriously though, if we can speak I expect the authors will comment. I don't think I'm risking anything if I say the book deals with the Order in a very vis poor tribunal, with a high mundane population which forces magi to learn to co-exist - which is not to say as I saw speculated that it is all about urban covenants - far from it. It's similar in layout I guess to Guardians of the Forest, being a Tribunal book, so you can expect it to cover the Tribunal's History, and unique aspects of Hermetic Culture. Aspects of that are in fact already out there, in the Flambeau and Tytalus history sections of Societates as I recall. Have a look there and you might find out a bit more.

So in short i'm not saying much, I'll leave that till people have the book - but other authors might.

cj x

Spectacular!!! :laughing:

And CJ, cheers on the other stuff... but if you arent feeding our spoiler frenzy more at the moment, we'd all love some more "picturesque" spoilers from the Grand Tribunal :wink:

In terms of spoilers on the Normandy Tribunal, I've got a specific question - does it describe any liaisons to Stonehenge/England? I know there's the policy not to "force" anything on the authors of a possible future supplement, but since my saga is set in Stonehenge I'm still curious - especially what with the relative important Mundane relations between the two.

Being really obnoxious and incredibly specific - anyone recall if there's any mentioning of the Courtenay family in it...?

I'm afraid that all that I have is my second round playtest copy, which is still covered by the NDA. I just saw the new book. I didn't purchase it.

Anything such as stealth spoiling....?

I have a spoiler-question. In GotF, two covenants were lost to Divine/mundane power, due to the actions of the Bishop of Trier. Have similar events occured in Normandy?

And furthermore - if the covenant is vis-pooor, is this because vis sources were undermined by mundane/Divine encroachment? And if so, is their loss a substantive description of the various covenant's history (as it should be, since it's recent and it's a major loss) or are most covenant simply described in their reduced state?

Finally - when will the book make it to the online retailers, i.e. Amazon or Warehouse 23? Don't you people want me to buy it?! :sobs: