The nature of lightning

I've been thinking about a spell:
MuCo(Au) base30
Range: personal Duration: momentary target: individual
Transforms the target into a bolt of lightning.

It seems obvious to me that you should be able to transport yourself to a location within sight using this spell (or a version of it), probably blocked by large intervening objects even if you can see through them. also, passing through intervening small objects?

I dunno, not very developed sorry, any thoughts?

The spell you're thinking of actually is already in one of the books, Transforming Mythic Europe Page 112

The Chariot of Zeus
MuCo(Au) 30
R: Per, D: Mom, T: Ind
Transforms the caster into a thun-
derbolt (equivalent to an insubstantial
object). In this form he can move lit-
erally at the speed of lightning to any
location he can see. There must be an
unobstructed path between the caster
and his destination. Upon arrival the
caster transforms back into his normal
shape with a mighty crack of thunder.
Anyone within 2 paces of his desti-
nation must make a Size stress roll
against an Ease Factor of 6 to remain
standing. The caster can choose the
location of another person as his des-
tination, in which case he inflicts +30
damage to that individual and arrives
standing next to her. If he strikes a
building he arrives on the roof, and
the building must make a stress check
(City & Guild, page 77) or take six dam-
age levels; wooden buildings catch
fire even if they survive.
The Duration of this spell can-
not be extended beyond Momentary,
since bolts of lightning exist only for
a moment; furthermore it can only be
used outside. Note also that, no mat-
ter what your ruling on casting req-
uisites for Rego spells, Muto spells
definitely require them.
(Base 30)

And I have to say it is one of the coolest ways to travel.


Oh totally I thought for sure I'd looked

It is the coolest dumbest way to travel. It is all the way into twist-a-wish genie territory:

You get to teleport BUT you blow up your destination and set it on fire whenever you do teleport.


What's more wizardly than that?


Now if only that thunder Inner Heartbeast would work...


Talk to your Troupe about a thunder/lightning Inner Heartbeast. Also, you can initiate it as a Major Power with an Refinement...


the weather witch in our Theban saga used to travel by Chariot of Zeus, zapping themselves high into the sky for a good view, and then the next round zapping back down to the ground while falling. They had a pretty good concentration score to cast spells while plummeting.