The Next Four Books

So, we know that the next book for Ars is Realms of Power: Faerie, which has been sent to press. I may have missed news of future books.

We've also seen most of the other core areas covered. We've got Hedge Magic, Realms of Power: Magic, two tribunal books, Arts and Academe and Covenants...

What's next?

My preferences for following books are:

Mythic Europe/ Mythic Regions -- something that gives the history of mythic europe (or a particular locale(s), such as Mythic Athens/Constantinople, Mythic Rome, Mythic Glastonbury. A seemless mix of history and legend, with side-bars containing information on how to add more history or more legend. Also information on society and culture in Mythic Europe and how to reconcile this mundane society with present, real and active supernatural thingies.

The Cathar Crusade -- an Ars Magica treatment of the Albigensian Crusade, complete with an answer to The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, gnostic miracles, the severed head of John the Baptist, heretical gospels, links to the Manichees and Bogomils, powerful popes and lots of chivalry, a sample saga, a thorough detailing of the south of France, the magi and mundanes who live there, the rise of the Domincans and the Inquisition etc. Note: I don't want a "meta plot", but rather meaty background info on this area and historical period,
with a timeline and examples of the historical development of the Albigensian Crusade.

The Fifth Crusade -- a mythic treatment of the Fifth Crusade, allowing for Flambeau and other Hermetic crusaders to go toe-to-toe with sahirs and other Muslim wizards, as well as bishops and emirs with holy powers, and the great lords of Europe and Egypt. Loads of soldiers, sieges, espionage, conflict, dissent and more.

The Wizard's Grimoir Revised -- A compendium of spells, magic devices, lab activities, virtues/flaws, familiars, magi stats, relics from the Schism War, and a single location for all of the extra spell guidelines, mastery abilities, ranges/durations/targets, etc. Aimed at players.

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