The one thing missing from LunchMoney/BeerMoney is...

...a quick-reference card, AKA a cheat-sheet.

The biggest problem I have with these games is introducing it to new people. You end up with everyone always living in the rule sheet and if you have several new people playing then everyone has to take turns. It doesn't help that the card "color" which is supposed to help people identify card types ranges from misleading to non-existant. All of this results in a a lot of frustrating "downtime", slows the action, and eliminates the friendly banter that can make the game a real winner.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and unfortunately I've had a fair share of people who then pass on the game the next time I try to drag it out.

I pulled out a deck of playing cards the other day, and right on top was a Poker quick-reference card. This is exactly what is needed. If every player had in front of them a card-sized (possibly double-sided) quick-reference guide then it would reduce a lot of the problems I mentioned earlier.

Anyone have an opinion on this?


I can understand that. I've been playing Lunch Money for over a year and have introduced most of my friends to it, most of whom, even after playing for several months, still have to come to me in the middle of the game with questions as to what certain cards do (it's ridiculous how many times I've been asked if you can block a grab by the same person more than once in a single game).

The only problem is that, because of the intricacy of some of the cards, it would be pretty difficult to have a reference sheet on anything smaller than the rules sheet. It would take some serious paraphrasing.

Oh I don't know, I bet you can get a decent summary on a small sheet. You don't need to describe everything...just differentiating basic from special attacks and which ones require a grab would be a great start.

Maybe I'll give it a shot and post it here for some back and forth critique and editting. I suppose one could always print something up on card stock.


There a half-page reference sheet for Lunch Money here:

Is this the kind of thing you're looking for?

We haven't done anything similar for Beer Money, but there's no reason we couldn't (or someone else couldn't, attention Special Ops people :slight_smile: ), if it would be useful to folks.

Hey that's great, I've never seen that before. I'd LOVE to see something like this for Beer Money.

I still haven't given up on making a card-sized quick-refernce card, but you definately can't be complete on sucha small surface.

As an aside, is there any kind of card template out there that would have the bounds of a Lunch/Beer money card on it?


Here's some general content:

I still have a lot to do graphically, I was focusing on getting the information down in as small a footprint as possible.

Any feedback appreciated! (I already know that "Grab" needs to be moved up to the "Specialty Attack Cards" section).


I do hope you finish the cheat card it would be usefull to those of us that cant create these kind of thing


I like your start on the Beer Money reference card.

Getting it down to one card-size piece of paper is probably pushing it, but if you aim for a two-card-size (side by side), it will still fit nicely into the game's tuckbox.

Here there is a half page cheat sheet, just like the one for Lunch Money.

Well how about that, I didn't know we had one of those. I'll have to ask the webmistress to add a link to this on the Beer Money product page.

Your wish is my command! It has been posted. Thanks for finding that guys.

-Wendy the webmistress

To everyone at Atlas, thank you for your friendly and timely support of your customers and gamers. You guys rock!