The Plutonium

Anyone who has a yahoo account has seen this at the top of their "Latest Stories" list for 2 days now.
The location of "The Gate to Hell" as described by Strabo has been discovered in Turkey.

Nice story seed and/or vis source here: ... 18901.html

Yup. Saw that, too. Had the same thoughts.


Or just anyone who browses reddit :stuck_out_tongue:

I´ll just add that talking about "underworld"/Pluto and "hell" as if interchangeable and the same is... not a good idea considering the modern, common definition of hell.

For example it becomes very strange, when the Greek underworld includes: ... he_Blessed
[i]Isles of the Blessed

The Isles of the Blessed were islands in the realm of Elysium. When a soul achieved Elysium they had a choice to either stay in Elysium, or to be re-born. If a soul was re-born three times and achieved Elysium all three times, then they were sent to the Isles of the Blessed and achieved eternal paradise.[/i]

As well as the Elysian fields...

The common definition of hell is strongly influenced by the Tartarus, part of Hades.