The Prometheus Covenant- long term planning

Where Prometheus plots to create an unofficial covenant of a single magus.

The Haunted Manor Covenant (working name)

Vis Sources

Rego source, two pawns in spring

Vis Stock

Rego: 2 pawns

Reserved for seasonal business planning

We should start by picking a city and rolling for a season of trying to find a lacunae...

As much as Syracuse would be home for Prometheus, Palermo - as a much bigger city - seems to be the better place to start this.

Rolling for the Lacuna, really? Might take multiple seasons to find one... What's the roll then, Int+AL:Sicily? Ease Factor?

ease factor 9. If you want you can put the practice xp into area lore:Palermo for a more focused ability... (and potentially locate multiple lacunae this way).
It is worth noting that while Palermo is a bigger city, and a bigger market, it is also further from Malta. Of course if you wind up using Leap of the Homecoming and an AC to your ship this could work in your favor as you wouldn't have to be on board for travel time...

Are you suggesting to take Syracuse? I'll take story reasons or free use of common sense if there is something wrong with Palermo. I really have no strong preference, just thought the larger city would be a better fit.

just pointing out the geography as well as the socio-economic cost/benefits.

+ bigger city/bigger market

+ better chance to find a Lacuna
+ shorter distance to Malta

Is that what you are saying?

With Area Lore: Sicily (Syracuse) 2 and Intelligence 2, we are still talking about probably two seasons of searching, if I am unlucky even more, while the covenant on Malta is reading books bought with Vis literally lying on the floor. Where is the narrative benefit?

I am not trying to convince you of a course of action, just pointing out information you character would be readily aware of.

Since you were not rolling I went ahead and rolled for you- you are able to find a lacunae in a single season either way, just pick a city.

I think I am just not sure what exactly you are pointing out Prometheus is knowing, hence the list of points...

Palermo is on the opposite end of Sicilly from Malta, and the voyage by sea would be roughly 255 miles, while the journey from Syracuse to Malta would be about 95 miles. It is 75 miles from Messina to Syracuse, which is where merchants tend to dock coming from Italy, and roughly 120 miles from Palermo to Messina. Time wise Palermo is not a good choice, though it is a major trade center because it is the capitol of the kingdom of Sicily, and there are also routes through small northern islands that are shorter going to parts of Italy which are further north than going through Messina. If your primary goal is to exert influence on the Maltese covenant then being closer might be of greater benefit...

Thanks. Going to pick Syracuse.

Within a season you manage to locate a "haunted" manor which has an aura that extends from its singular spiritual inhabitant. Within the walls it has a level 5 aura, though outside the front door is a level 3 divine aura. You do not share a language with the specter, though it sounds like he is speaking Greek, but you do manage to locate in fairly short order 2 pawns of naturally occurring Rego vis within the house.

That is going to get interesting. Would thoughts within Babble work on a specter? Did it appear to be friendly? At least not hostile?

Aura 5 and a Rego source... Sounds great. Better keep the specter around if the aura is linked...

How big is the mason? Is it known to be haunted?

It has a reputation for being haunted. Thoughts within babble should work on a specter, if it penetrates...

Mmh, I suppose it could be seen as hostile no matter if it penetrates or not and that might be unwise. Not to speak of this particular specter being the only apparent cause of a +5 aura...

@silveroak did I get it correctly, I have got 2 pawns already at the end of the first season and could sell one or two in order to invest into the business or covenant or both?

And is it two separate sources of Rego or a single source that gave two pawns in short order?

Are we now at the end of winter or end of spring?

P.S. Sorry I keep forgetting to use the forum for questions like this...

end of spring, one source, 2 pawns, and yes, you could sell one or both to the redcaps and invest in your business (and pay off the loan)