The Realm of Magic

So we have our four Realms of Power, and I understand three of them quite well. But the realm of Magic is a bit hard to understand in the game. I mean what is it? How would a magical regio be? What kind of entities would dwell there? Any examples?
A description of the Realm of Magic would be great. I've read the core book, and I know the next Realm-book is Magic, but how about sharing some thoughts?


Well, the standard DnD type Elementals ("living flame or earth" etc) would be "Magical Realm", and Regios to them could be similar to the Elemental Planes in that game.

Dragons could be Magical, and Regios dealing with them could be lots of things. Just for an example, lets say the mundane level of one could be a cloud, the next level up the cloud might be solid and take on the look of a white mountain, and at the top level it could look like a mountain floating in the sky, complete with dragon den. When the dragon hunts perhaps the cloud turns dark and begins a deadly lightning storm. On the mundane level, it's a lightning storm, but on the upper level of the regio it is the dragon itself which kills, not the lightning.

Wizards could create or live in Magical Regios, the lower levels looking like an abandoned hut, and the upper levels leading to the actual covenant. I think Cad Gadu in England is like this.

Any kind of magical creature could live in a regio that represents it, like a troll under a bridge, in the upper layers of the regio it could be studded with troll warrens, perhaps that "one bridge" leads to all bridges in the mundane world.

I'm sure there are lots of other examples, but I hope these help.

As an aside, Hermetic magic can only create regiones by accident, usually by botching unbelievingly bad some ritual, or a lab experiment. Through various mysteries, they can alter them, but they can't create one deliberately.



(Go house Bonisagus!)

There have been hints that one of the Criamon paths that got cut (the Path of Beacons) dealt with regiones, presumably up to and including creating your own (to ride out the descent of the rest of the world into Strife?)

For our game, the magic realm is like the fae realm in that there are a number of different regions to the Realm...

One part is Rome-that-never-was, a Roman Empire that never fell, but conquered all of Mythic Europe to Mythic India and Cathay, and never allowed Christianity to spread. Another place was a Realm of the Dead-- with Greek Elysium Fields, an Egyptian City of the Dead, a Norse valhalla battlefield and mead halls.

Those have been our two brushes with the Magic Realm, they were interesting takes on the Magic Realm, but I think the Elemental one mentioned before is just as cool to investigate.


The Path of Beacons didn't get cut. The only cut path was the Path of the Circle, which allowed time travel, kind of, if you accept that the weird places you go are other times and not just a weird alam. I still have that somewhere.

The Path of Beacons is deliberately vague. Maybe some future author will pick it up...maybe not. I thought it was a good idea. I breaks up the pattern of clutches. I thought of it as being able to build a haven from the world, or a lifeboat, or a stairway to Heaven, much as Criamon is doing with his spirit. Or, you know, whatever other people want it to be when they write it.

And its a reference to Nick Kershaw, which suprisingly, no-one picked up on, or at least mentioned to me if they did.

My bad. I thought you just summarized it for want of space. I appreciate the correction. :slight_smile:

Noah of Criamon? :smiley: I thought it was a damn good idea. I always come back to it...

I fear my culture doesn't include such references.