The Roman Tribunal rewrite

My Name is Ray Cochener, I have written one book The Unabsolved which I botched promoting when it came out and has not consequently done well. I'm also an engineer and tend to get very detail oriented and crunchy on the numbers. I have also submitted an article for sub rosa which I am told will be in the next edition.

Very good.

I'm currently unemployed and so have a fair amount of spare time. I do have occasional health problems, which means I will get bouts of "Can't brain today, have a fever", but they pass fairly quickly.
I have a degree (Cand Scient, roughly equal to a master's degree) in physics, and so tend to be fairly structured, but my interests range widely.
I am a part of the current playtesting core, meaning that I think Timothy has seen my comments before - I know cj has.
I own the original Rome book and have used it in play, meaning I'm aware of at least some of the problems with it.
I am not Jerome Darmont.

Would someone like any clarifications?

I also have the 3rd edition Rome book and a plethora of free time. I'm not sure the first is relevant, given the degree of rewriting we are talking about.

Just realized: Before I can join you in writing, I'll have to find my copy of the book, which is esier said than done.

$10 pdf in various places...

That's still the plan from my end. I'll have to start sending out some notes around that actually. Well prompted.

Since you have ample experience as an author, I'm really interested in knowing what model you think would work best for this. :slight_smile:

Before I start throwing ideas out here on what I'd like to see in the new book (or whatever container the rewrite ends up being in), I'd like to ask a question about what may or may not be included in the original book. See, I don't have the original book, so I don't know what is/is not in there. And I'm wondering on a very specific topic/place that might have some bearing on things...or might not, depending on how people perceive it in the 13th century.


Yes, that volcano. Which last erupted (per the Ars historical timeline) in 1036, which was the first recorded instance of lava flows from the volcano. It then became dormant, and near the end of the 13th century became covered in gardens and vineyards until its next eruption in 1631.

Granted, that's a 600 year period of dormancy for the volcano. But could it have served as a regio to enter the faerie or infernal realm during that time? What about serving as a source of Vis due to the extremely fertile volcanic soil that caused the vineyards to grow? Perhaps the home of a dormant/sleeping/trapped infernal spirit that was responsible for the previous eruptions, and it needs to be kept in check out of fear of this happening again? Not to mention that I've read part of Hermetic Projects, and the lab inside a volcano is a project in the book.

Again, I don't know what was in the previous book. And I don't know if this was thought about back in 3rd edition, or even in the time since. But I thought I'd ask in the event it's something that should be included?

My real name is also my user name, but I used to be Ultraviolet.
I've been a playtester at least 6 years, along with Tellus.
I've contributed to a handful of published books by now. No other serious writing experience, no relevant degrees.
And I'd like to contribute if I can. Don't have an awful lot of free time, but since I'm not writing anything new for the line I should be able to find a few hours here and there.

Whichever way is decided upon to manage this writing project, rest assure that I should not in any way be managing. I try hard to avoid that in my day job as an engineer. As project manager I'd have to manage people like myself, and I don't think role players are any easier to work with than engineers. :wink:

Regarding Vesuvius: I couldn't see it being infernal- what happened was a tragedy, but not one caused by evil actions. A Faerie regio to Vulcan perhaps, or a magic regio in which the town has continued on as if the eruption never occurred. The mountain is probably large enough to support both, which could be interesting, but in terms of the book I would expect maybe a sidebar about rumors of either, or a note within the covenant which claims it that they harvest vis from there and are not forthcoming with whatever other secrets it may hold.

For me, this feels more like a Magic elemental than an Infernal being...

Not a question of money - more a huge dislike for pdf (Me like book old way).

Nevertheless I checked and saw that warehouse23 stíll seems to be selling the pdf version. This can only mean that this text still belongs to someone. Which leads to two questions:
1.) Is rewriting this book legal?
2.) How much quoting of the old text is possible?

Go ahead and write what you like. Just don't use any of the text from a published work you don't have the rights to.

No matter how you slice it it comes down to Atlas games- if they want to kaibash a rewrite they have the authority to do so, if we have their blessing we can continue. So far all we have is some discussion, on their board, where their staff does read and contribute. So we have at best a presumption that they are at least not opposed to us doing this until we hear otherwise (another reason to not just dive in and start writing- make sure we have a chance to hear any comments they have before we start), even if someone else has the rights still for 3rd edition, I would expect that when Atlas games purchased the system that included the rights to update any previously published material to the new edition, provided there isn't simply copying large sections of text and it is in fact an authentic rewrite. A few things which might otherwise be protected by copyright (the Harco covenant, for example) should not be given the fact that 1) Atlas games now holds the rights to the system, and 2)the name has appeared in other supplements as being an existing covenant. It's not like it is Mistridge which had to disappear for whatever reason. (I do not know whether or not that was copyright or contract related or something else entirely)

I'm not a lawyer and the old stuff is White Wolf. I am not worried about Atlas Games.

Should be covered if anyone wants to write about it - which really is how I would define what goes in the new "book", since it'll certainly be a purely digital creation and so not limited by page-count.

And it looks like you've just volunteered. :smiley:

My name is Mark Faulkner. I have written some minor material for the game, and I have much admiration for the original work.
I do not think a project leader is a great idea, since this is a volunteer fan-based unofficial project. But if the group insists on one, I will offer my services.
My vision is actually to keep as much of the original material as possible. Advance the timeline, reinterpret some things, and expand upon it. Reinterpretation can lead to some exciting story hooks. Such as "Infernal cult X from the original is actually a cabal of hedge wizards that get a bad rep because they all have the Gift".

Well, I suppose I need to learn the system anyhow, right? Guess I'm about to do some serious digging on the volcano and what it could possibly be. Before I do that, I need know what covenant, if any, already claims domain over it?

It's not like we're going to be selling the 'final' version. It'll be alternate setting material, that is all. WW wasn't exactly a dictator about that sort of thing, the Exalted community on their own forum wrote up a couple new splats there. Plus White Wolf is now gone.

Also, while I agree that an official editor/manger would be a great idea can we agree on what the expectations and responsibilities of the role are first? It might also be a good idea to see who wants to write which pieces. I know that I'd like to handle Literatus, Bologna & Sansaron. (I intend to turn Sansaron into a missing expedition that holds 'Covenant' status but nobody has heard from in ages.)

Finally in answer to Egon's query, there isn't anything in the Rome book about Vesuvius. Hermetic Projects does talk a bit about volcanoes. Beyond that, we get to make it up. I'd be interested in finding out what the locals of the time thought.

I've never played in the Rome Tribunal, so this sort of stuff has never come up for me, but whereabouts are you actually reading this? Where are the canon mentions of Venice?