The Sanctum

SO, does only the door of a santum need the sanctum marker?

What if... for example... you placed your sanctum marker on the mouth of a cave complex. You do not know, for example, that an underground river deep in the complex leads into a different part of this cave complex.

Would a wizard who wanted access to the caves, but not necessarily your sanctum, be in trouble if he entered the caves via the river?

I guess my question is - if not every entrance to a sanctum is marked, where is the sanctum assumed to begin?

Good question. The assumption is, I believe, that the sanctum will have a well-defined entrance. As a cave system might not, what would you do to safeguard yourself?

I think you're right in that you'd locate all the possible entrances and make sure they were marked.

and the magus who ends up in your sanctum by mistake, because you hadn't marked out the river entrance, would feel quite hard done by to have you loose a few fireballs at him. He'd probably explain that he was there in good faith.

A Magus should be expected to be very familiar with his sanctum and all its nooks. One could not plead ignorance to an overlooked entrance to justify roasting an intruder.
Or rather the other way around, if the intruder survives the roasting and can prove that there is an unmarked entrance, he has grounds to prosecute the sanctum owner.

Both very big ifs. :slight_smile:

Well, really it's the dragon that lives by the underground river that prevented the mage from marking it... but that's another story from an old thread... :wink:

Then he should mark a boundary to the underground river...