The Speed of Magic?

While it was not originally true, the revised ruling on "constant" means that an environmental trigger can now simultaneously trigger multiple effects in one item. That doesn't mean other triggers necessarily can, but certainly some can.

"This seems to indicate that first, the triggering effect is resolved, and only then does it activate the Linked effect." - That's not really how it works. It can work that way. But it can also fire off the linked one first, as is necessary for MuVi. This shows up repeatedly in canon.

Separately, I really like silveroak's superposition version if used in a modern game.

Except that it literally states on p.100 that it cannot trigger two effects at once.

keep in mind however that sunrise or sunset is an "event" that lasts for a full diameter, and thus could, in theory, trigger 20 different effects.

No, it doesn't literally say that. It says "you." It doesn't say the item or the environment cannot.

There are also canonical items that require simultaneous linked effects because we have "constant" effect without flicker (no loss of a round) that also use a MuVi effect linked to them. So the MuVi must go off at the end of the prior and yet fast enough that the new version that happens immediately can be affected.

The fact is that there are a lot of things in ars magic which both cannot and must happen, because the authors and editing are sloppy. I tend to go with what is explicitly written over what is implied.

The effect ends at sunset, the effect begins at sunset, and sunset is a 2 minute long phenomenon, and magic isn't computer programing. For all we know it starts an effective que of activate spells then deactivating the expired spells during those 20 actions. Or a sunrise/sunset trigger is a "leading edge" effect while the expiry is a "falling edge" effect in sequence depending on how many effects are triggered or expired.

Yes. But remember that in this case this is a situation where the original rules were overruled and changed later. So if you say the two cannot work together, then the core rules being overruled would make this part of the core rules now incorrect.

Constant effect is part of the core rules, so where has this been "overruled" especially since it is my practice and understanding that core rules take precedent over rules from supplements, which may grant exceptions but do not redefine the general rules.

On the forums here David Chart specifically overruled core-book constant effect stuff. It is no longer constant. Now it is actually 2/day.

If you want to say this isn't official, consider that Atlas considered the ruling official enough that it went back and issued official errata for previously valid MuVi on constant-effect stuff to reflect this change in the rules.

This raises some odd questions, because if multiple effects can be triggered by a single event/condition but cannot happen simultaneously then they must happen in an order, what determines that order?

Or what happens if I take something like "entering a magic aura" as the trigger, link a bunch of effects to it in one item, step into an aura with an action then step back out? Does only one effect trigger because the trigger was only present for one action's worth of time? Or do the other effects keep triggering at set intervals even though the trigger condition is no longer true? This gets messy and unintuitive in my personal opinion.

It could be simpler to just say that linking multiple effects to one trigger is impossible, a minor limitation of hermetic enchantment, but that's quite restrictive and contradicts some published material.

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So where are the new rules published? Or is this no longer a game system but a cult of personality?

The old version was that the effect is truly constant. Now it is actually 2/day, restarting seamlessly at sunrise/sunset. If you think this changes the written rules in the core book about constant effects, you need to reread them to get them right. But how this works is vitally important in a number of ways. One of them is about being able to put a constant effect on something and just ditch the item, which now works better. Another of them is how the MuVi interaction works, which was the reason for errata on it.

Honestly I'm not even sure what your argument is at this point- the core rules indicate a constant efect is 2x/day with a flicker, you are talking about rules from p.99 and p.100 in the core book not applying because of things that require a constant effect then tell me that Atlas has changed the rules from teh core book, and not once do you refer to any actual rule that you are siting- so what is your actual argument here "the rules are changed, appeal to authority, nyah nyah nya nyah"?

Seriously??? Go back and reread them if you think this is what they say.

the rules I have been referring to this entire time are the 2x/day rules. So I still don't understand what your argument is

the core rules in the edition I have do say it is 2x/day triggered at sunrise and sunset. What exactly are you saying that is different? Furthermore, how does any of this impact my arguments about sunrise/sunset being a diameter duration event capable of triggering multiple effects in 1 effect per action?

Or did you just ignore the fact I was already discussing the rules you claim I was ignoring?

aside of course from my personal rule which is that anything callen argues is 90% ego and 10% horseshit.

Your misunderstanding about the flicker is where you're missing it.

Current rules: One ends and the other starts so immediately afterward that there is no flicker whatsoever. Meanwhile, the MuVi that triggers at the same time must happen when the old one ends (the same as the trigger) and no later than when the new one fires off (required for MuVi rules). So one trigger and its linked effect must fire off both effects from the same item in essentially zero time, though you could call this the one thing for the round. But it is absolutely essential this doesn't happen over two rounds or the interpretation that requires such violates the rules on constant items or MuVi or both.

What you call "ego" or "horseshit" others call being able to read properly (my emphases):

Last time you said similar you were claiming lightning couldn't do what I showed in a video for you that it can do. Don't blame your misconceptions and misreadings on my ego or on me presenting bs, please.

what you described and what you showed were more than a country mile apart in that video, and here I can still make neither head nor tails of what your argument is. Once again you seem to be more intent on being able to claim you were right all along than in trying to come to an understanding or making a coherent argument. Whether or not there is a flicker can still be resolved in what I have described if you actually read my points, so once again what exactly are you trying to argue here aside from that you were right all along and we should all bow before you self proclaimed font of wisdom? Sunrise or sunset last a diameter (actually slightly longer) as the sun crosses the horizon, a diameter is defined as 20 actions so something which expires or is triggered by sunrise/sunset has 20+ actions in which for that to occur. You can easily have no flicker if effects expire at the end of sunset and are begun at the triggered at the start of sunset so that the new casting begins before the old one expires- voila there is overlap and thus no flicker. So what are you trying to argue since I presented this argument several posts ago?