The sticky spells/items threads /spells wiki/ SHR

When I saw that someone had put up a spells wiki I was very pleased.

When I was reminded that sanctum hermeticum revised was still doing spells I was pleased but frustrated that there won't be a single site for people to collect all of their spells on.

Now we've got a sticky thread here. This thread seems to be the easiest tool to work with but the spells won't be vetted like they might be at SHR and they won't be open to public comment as they would be on a wiki without making the thread a big mess or putting a good bit of work on the shoulders of a moderator. Also they won't be organized

I think that the Ars Magica comunity would be better served if these three things were combined into one.

Certainly it would be easy to have each of these three resources point to the other two. But I'd like to see the three owners get together and create a single location with all of the information.

Where is this Spells Wiki?

Much obliged! Thanks!

I agree. I have no problem folding or joining up with someone, no ego issues or whatever. I want to offer the best resource to ArM fans. But there is a problem.
The problem as I see it is that each site offers something the others don't. My spells wiki offers a place where everyone can waltz in and post or comment, while providing a fairly good categorization and organization of the spells. SHR provides peer-reviewed spells. And the forum provides an official outlet that is more easy to post to than the wiki.

I don't quite see how to do gain the benefits of all three sites. Here are my thoughts (as the wiki's owner, I naturally speak in terms of the wiki).

If Project Redcap will be rebuilt as a wiki, it may be possible to tack on a spells wiki as an add-on to it, giving it semi-official status.
It is technically possible to copy the spells in the Grimoire thread to the spells wiki, but I won't do that on my own - presumably, if the writers posted there they want it there, not in the wiki. Perhaps I ought to email writers to thread, asking them if they mind if I'll add their contributions to the wiki. (Another advantage of the forum thread format is use of posting; a wiki can't compete with that.)
SHR can set up an SHR page on the wiki, if they want to list their spells seperately, or can just pile it on to the collection. Again, I can't post their spells. Lacking their support, the wiki will be deprived of their spells.

At any rate, linking to other spell sources is something my wiki sorely lacks. I added links to SHR, the grimoire thread, and project redcap.

I cross posted my three spells to the wiki.

Ed C

Salve Sodales,

At SHR we try to give a degree of peer-review, which I see as being the major difference between us and the other sites posting spells. That said, posting a spell at the forum is also a good way to get peer review in large quantities, as is clear from the various threads on spells, so I will freely admit that we're not that special in that regard. However, spells posted in this way at fora will eventually get buried under the large quantities of other posts, comments and the like, something that can be avoided by also posting a spell to SHR. We don't promise the immediate gratification of a spell appearing immediately on a site, like at the Wiki Grimoire (indeed, with my work schedule being such as it is, I do tend to update SHR very slowly), but we do give peer review.

So as I see it, each site is serving a different purpose:

At this forum, you can post a spell and get lots of instant responses, opinions, comments etc, but the spell may eventually get buried.

At the Wiki Grimoire, you have the joy of seeing your spell appear instantly on the site, but I'm not sure how far you can then get comments on it.

At SHR, your spell will be both peer reviewed and easy to access on a long-term basis. The downside is that it will take a while before it appears on the site.

So since each site serves a different purpose, surely the appropriate thing to do is to post to all three! Maybe post to the Forum first, get lots of feedback, then post your revised version to both the Wiki grimoire and SHR? Copyright for articles posted at SHR remains with the authors, so there is no reason for an author not to do this.

I would also remind you that spells are but a small part of the submissions we accept at SHR...

Webmaster, SHR